Bah! Too bad that the Kings told Artest that they wouldn’t trade him plus he wants to retire as a King. Nevertheless, we as Laker fans can always dream for a Kobe and Artest combo. From

I heard it this morning on Fred Roggin and Simers Square. Near the end of the show, Fred told TJ Simers that Phil Jackson wants Artest. Fred said that Jeanie Buss had told him so. He went on to say that Phil Jackson is the only coach who can control such a player. Whether he can control Artest or not, that is not the issue, it’s weather we can acquire him. Do we really need another Rodman or Isiaiah Rider. Can we come up with a decent package. I think he would be a better fit and a better defender than Kwame.

  • fred0s

    I want Artest too. I think his defense (and part his offense, which is better that any Lakers not named Odom or Bryant) that would just bring us up to elite status. Heck, if we can get Artest, I am real ok with not getting any other player (i.e. KG, JO, Pau etc.)

  • LA-KB24

    The team will be fine with guys like Kobe and Fish and Artest brings passion every night.. what a defensive team with KOBE FISH ARTEST two first team all defenders prob

  • shortdiezel


  • gugy

    I love PJ because he loves challenge. Artest is a nut-case like Rodman, so it will be easy for PJ to control him. I think the Lakers can acquire him for not too much.
    We need KG, I am so tired of waiting!!!!!!!!

  • LAKobe4Life

    I think these sports writers are getting it all wrong here. Ron Artest doesn’t want to get traded to the Knicks, he wants to get traded, but not to the Knicks, I mean who in the hell wants to go to the Knicks??? Ron Artest wants out of Sacramento, the only way he’ll leave is if he gets traded to a better team and I hear that Ron Artest would like to come to the Lakers to play with Kobe and Phil Jackson. The Lakers just need to make a proposition and trust me, Ron Artest will definately agree to the trade to the Lakers.

  • KBisDarthVader

    we would have to move kwame’s expiring K to the kings, which would make it impossible for us to trade for KG. we might still be able to pull off odom and bynum to indy for JO…
    a line up with kobe, fisher, artest, and oneal would look pretty good, definatly an improvement. i love lamar’s game but if we can add artest and oneal we wont lose much offensively and would be much better defensively. dfense wins rings…..

  • Pat

    I would just trade cook/Luke for Artest. Keep Kwames expiring contract for the T-Wolves

  • lakerfan81

    Its a big gamble to trade for Artest. High risk, high reward. But I do not think Sac will deal with the Lakers. We would have to give them a package they could not refuse.

  • Ricky

    as much as i would like to have garnett, o’neal, or even gasol (pau) on the lakers, it wouldn’t matter if we just got artest this offseason. i know the kings said that they won’t trade him and artest saying he doesn’t want to leave sacramento, but he is a nut-case, so i won’t take him seriously. if we only added artest to the lakers current lineup, i would still be satisfied even though we don’t have the top 3 mentioned above. the lakers would probably have to give up a package of kwame, sasha, and a future 2nd round pick. our roster may look like this

    C- bynum, mihm, gasol (overseas)
    PF- odom, cook, turiaf
    SF- artest, walton, radmanovic
    SG- kobe, evans
    PG- fisher, farmar, crittenton, yue (overseas)

    then use the remaining MLE and the veteran’s minumun on another veteran player, hopefully a big man to help fortify the frontline because of so many injuries last season at the center/forward positions.

  • Fatty

    Sac Town was moving Artest because he was ruining the team. They were desperate and it was a fire sale?

    No team seemed to be interested nor were they willing to part with pieces. Sac Town became discouraged and now says they are keeping him.

    A ploy to get more by Petrie?

    If you listened to Artest, he sounds pretty definite on staying after talking to Petrie. Sounds a little like the Kobe deal. Lakers looked around, nothing good, Kobe is staying.

    If we had no chance for KG or LO, I would trade Kwame next years #1 (or Sasha and maybe even Farmar) Sac Town might change mind. Kwame “good hands” Brown is perfect for Sac Town.

    Even with Bynum and Mihm, we would be a formidible team with Kobe, Fisher, Artest, Odom, Bynum, and all the rest.

    Tell Ron Ron, his brother can play on our D League team to seal the deal.

  • gspence001

    artest’s defense would help us the most

    P.S.:We wasted another draft pick!(Marc Gasol). He’s staying in Spain for another year!

  • Fatty source highly dubious.

    When Jeannie Buss was on the show with Fred and Simmers 6-7 weeks ago, she was asked that question by Fred. She answered “it would be tampering if I answered it” Fred teased her about it, she wouldn’t budge. The NBA takes tampering seriously with heavy sanctions. PJ got a major fine for just saying he liked Bosh.

    So why would Jeannie now tell Fred we want Artest. If that was true, Sac could complain to the league office. And we would be paying heavy fines.

  • TheMagicMan32

    yessir. we should go for it!!!

  • lakerfan81

    I ahve to agree with fatty. The source seems dubious. But if the Lakers traded for Artest it would make for an interesting season, whether it worked out or not.

  • lakerfan81

    [quote post=”511″]P.S.:We wasted another draft pick!(Marc Gasol). He’s staying in Spain for another year![/quote]
    Thats not a waste of a draft pick. The lakers roster is full so any player chosen at that spot would not have made the team anyways. The lakers still hold Gasols draft rights and can bring him any time, or they could use his draft rights in a trade.

  • apro24
  • Justin M.

    People, The Lakers were a great team before injuries hit them and kobe had to hit 60 a game just pull off a win. If we get artest then we wont need anyone else.

    let’s say Mihm

    Thats a great lineup and we will have a pretty good bench to.

  • Adam

    Getting Artest would better the Laker but wouldnt catapult them into the champion contender category but this deal would help out tremendously because Artest would be perfect for the triangle offensive when considering his hard nose defensive and rebounding and Phil Jackson realizes this and wants to acquire him.

    Get It Done Mitch.

  • BeRkS_kb24

    nobody want’s KG now!forget him anyway it can only happen to a dream….KG dont wnt a championship he only wants a loyalty award….JO is just wating out bynum and odom now!O’neal n bryant is a championship tag dont you recognized that! a 3peat with the fish n ron ha ha ha!perfect !!!!defence from ron,fish,n JO n dont worry bout d offence we have lot of it from KOBE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fatty

    Seeing as the trade machine has not been updated, I have a suggestion. Use for salaries and do math the old fashioned way.

    KG – 22 mil + trade kicker of 7 mil = 29 mil

    Trade rules of 25% plus or minus each way. We have to be between 22-36 mil in salaries to match.

    If we had traded before the draft, the trade kicker could have been divided over two years. Advantage: Less players, less Lux Tax

    That’s why PHX got involved to delay trade even tho they were never serious. Phx wanted to delay trade and cost us a lot more or make the trade impossible for others.

    Another reason why I feel we have the best chance to get KG. He now is way too expensive for anyone. KG can wave all or part of the trade bonus to make any trade happen. One reason why he chooses the team now. KG is trully in the driver seat. He can also opt out and Minnie gets nothing at the end of the year.

    I have a lot of fun with the [Trade-O-Meter] but it is really based on facts that are available to us. We have an excellant chanco of getting KG. The only reason I feel the deal has not gone down, is not Mitch, but the butthead Mckale. Our deal is solid, maybe even too good. But Mckale’s stupid pride may cost us, KG, and the Minnie fans.

  • BeRkS_kb24

    O’NEAL n BRYANT is the name called “DYNASTY” chill san antonio!!PRETENDERS!

  • lakerfan81

    I was thinking about the Artest trade. Why would SAC want Brown’s expiring contract? They can just tell Artest that they do no want him in SAC anymore after next season so that he will opt out. Same thing. Plus if he opts out next season they could use him in a sign and trade to get something back. Makes no sense to trade Artest for Brown. I know they wanted Bynum but they drafted Hawes (stupid) so I doubt they would still take him. If you could get Walton to agree to a sign and trade (unlikely) than you could work a trade around him. But I do not think Walton is as valuable to any other team as he is to the Lakers because of his ability to run the offense. A trade focused around Vlad could work (financially) but I do not think SAC wants him.

    So How are the Lakes supposed to get Artest?

  • Big D

    The hell with Artest, we only need to fix Kwame, and I have a plan.

    After all, watching Kwame is like having a beautiful busty dentist working on a root canal. Sure it’s nice to watch, but you have to fight through the pain and numbness.

    This plan is intricate and will require hard work and dedication from all involved…

    Step 1–Training with bricks (no pun intended here): Jerry Rice once said he was clumsy and couldn’t catch a football if his life depended on it (and I am sure our beloved Kwame can relate). Yet one summer, Rice helped his father with some building projects involving bricks and his father would toss the bricks to Jerry to save time. Now I personally have never had a brick tossed at me, but I am sure the incentive is higher than normal to catch it. We’ll have Sun Yue toss the bricks since he indicated he needed some upper body strength.

    Step 2–Full acceptance of a Zen lifestyle: Kwame must meditate for no less than two hours a day with a basketball in hand. During meditation, he becomes one with the ball AND envisions catching the ball over and over again from all possible angles. Next, he must adjust his attitude and fully believe he will catch all balls thrown his way. Of course he is going to catch it because it is already in his hands!

    Step 3–Make those fingers sticky: as a backup plan and for times of doubt, feed Kwame 12 PB & J sandwiches prior to each game right before tip off (along with plenty of digestive enzymes). Make sure there are only dry napkins available because after he makes a complete mess and gets it all over his hands (hey it’s Kwame were talking about), he will want to get the mess off. The dry napkins will get most of the mess off, but leave a sticky residue on his fingers. As the season progresses, along with Kwame’s ability to indeed catch anything thrown his way, we start to reduce the number of sandwiches until we reach zero.

    We’ll have to wait until next year to work on his free throws…ONE thing at a time is all good ol’ Kwame can handle.

    After he improves his free throws, he might even be worthy of his contract…

  • kgmvp

    Ron Artest is good for us but I think it´s impossible cause if the Kings(Queens) are willing to trade artest they would get the best deal that they can get. I think the maloofs won´t accept a kwame for ron or a luke/cook for artest deal cause their´s a lot more better offer that the knicks or any team can offer i say we just target KG. Just getKG if we don´t get KG we could do a deal for JO or Pau but still if KG is available then get him cause i think with the situation right now it´s only the lakers who can get him the gsw can´t trade brandan, the mavs I think are trying to get C-Webb so pls. Mitch make a trade for minny. Mchale make a deal for KG cause if you even keep him minny won´t even win a championship. So pls. I want to see on KG AND KOBE together.

  • Fatty


    Kwame can play center on the Kings. Miller can score, but can’t play interior D. They can resign Kwame if they like or let his contract go. Plus we are throwing in someone else and a pick?


    We take Sac Town’s bad 6 mil contract from Raheem and add another player like Cookie?


    We do nothing haha

    I really like what Ron Artest can bring. Our D sucks. Ron, Kobe, Fish, Odom, Mo, would change the way we look as a team. Even make us look like a title contender.

  • lakers4life

    guys dont forget we had the chance to get ron, but the FO said no

  • Fatty

    Big D “Fixing Kwame” Speaking of GHF

    Step 1: Could work, but would cost A LOT OF MONEY in broken bricks

    Step 2: Meditation. Can Kwame stay focused long enough? Or would he drift off dreaming of throwing cakes at people?

    Step 3: Sticky fingers, good idea.(makes me hungry) Man that ball will be something ugly by the end of the game. But should work.

    Big D, great ideas. haha

  • billyboy

    trade artest for brown ? LMAO….

    the kings would NEVER EVER make such a dumb trade. same shit like camby/brown. they think this must be a joke

  • Nikko

    SCREW Artest! we dont want his dumb ass attitude. Jerry West would have never even considered it. Alla Van Exel

  • artestfan

    I’ve tried to preach it before but only some listen. We need a defensive team! Look at the teams that have won the championship in the last 10 years. Spurs, Lakers, Miami, Detroit, all great defensive teams. Reason why we can’t get past the first round…DEFENSE! It’s hard to outscore a team that scores 120 on us. So…we need Artest.

    I say we trade Bynum and Radmanovic for him. People might think I’m crazy to get rid of Bynum for a risky player like Artest but Bynum is too slow in this league, he’s goofy and won’t progress for at least another 4 years. Even then, he may be at best a 12 and 8 center. Packaging Radman would be sheer genius. Kwame’s not a bad defender, but his hands and offense suck. Do what we can to trade him plus possibly Odom for either J ONeil, a very good defender or Marcus Camby plus fillers, remember Camby was defensive player of the year. Think about a team with 3 of the starters All- defensive players. We would hold teams to less than 80 pts in 1/4 to 1/2 of our games. We all know Kobe can outscore 80 by himself. Also Odom as good as he is, is not a great defender. He boards but because of his height has a hard time keeping up with quicker small forwards.

    I hope Phil has some say in what happens w/ the front office. I’ll pray that Mitch can pull it off. I’m worried though because Mitch isn’t one to bring in defensive minded players, only shooters. eg. Cook, Radman, Sasha, etc. You guys should jump on my bandwagon because however great you may think Bynum, Brown or Odom are, they are not all stars and are merely developing or roll players. If we can trade them for all star quality players, we should do it! Do something and do it now!!!!

  • Fatty

    Hey billy boy, you don’t have to insult people to get your point across.

    Show some respect to your fellow bloggers. Treat them as you would like to be treated. The golden rule really works in life and helps people respect you more. Give it a try.


    [quote comment=”6912″]trade artest for brown ? LMAO….

    the kings would NEVER EVER make such a dumb trade. same shit like camby/brown. they think this must be a joke[/quote]

    kings NEED a center who can play defense and we can throw someone else in the deal also without trading Odom.

  • Adam

    [quote post=”511″]trade artest for brown ? LMAO….

    the kings would NEVER EVER make such a dumb trade. same shit like camby/brown. they think this must be a joke[/quote]

    I agree wit u but wit respect to the blogger your referring to. Nobody would bite if Kwame was the bait in a trade he is too inconsistent and basically he is a bust. When he plays he has no emotions or exhibits little to no heart, it takes alot to motivate him and when he is motivated he’s decent at best. I dont see him improving he didnt do it wit the lakers, nor the wizards so want makes you think he’ll do it wit sac town and dat is why they wont agree for a trade involving just kwame they can get more, or a better player.

  • lakersfan17

    Yeah the Lakers want KG,O’neal and Camby and Know Artest THEY could say they want players but the never fucken get them!!!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    i think the lakers should make an attempt to trade for artest. i think with artest along with the current lakers’ roster, we would be much stronger and deeper than last season. everyone knows that he will get in some trouble and cause lot’s of controversy, but what better place to do that than in los angeles, right? this is hollywood we are talking about, so all the lights and cameras will be on him when he goes on one of his nut-case rampages.

    the lakers should deal kwame brown, sasha vujacic, and a future first round pick to sacramento for ron artest. the kings will receive an expiring contract and a good defensive center in kwame, a pesky defender and good shooter in vujacic, and a future first round pick. the lakers on the other hand, bring in one of the most controversial players to ever play in the nba. if phil jackson can coach dennis rodman, i think he can handle ron artest. plus, the lakers really need some of his excellent defense.

    so if this trade ever were to occur this offseason, the lakers roster would look something like this for next season

    C- mihm (resigned), bynum, gasol (overseas)
    PF- odom, turiaf, cook
    SF- artest, walton, radmanovic
    SG- kobe, evans
    PG- fisher, farmar, crittenton, yue (overseas)

    now that is a very deep roster and they look like they can contend with the best in the west. also another trade i may consider with the kings is exchanging kwame brown, vladimir radmanovic, sasha vujacic, and a future first round pick for ron artest and shareef abdur-rahim.

    so if this trade were to happen instead, the lakers roster may look like this

    C- mihm (resign), bynum, gasol (overseas)
    PF- odom, turiaf, shareef, cook
    SF- artest, walton
    SG- kobe, evans
    PG- fisher, farmar, crittenton, yue (overseas)

    also a very deep roster and some added veteran experience with the addition of abdur-rahim.



  • jmkb24

    I would love Artest to be a Laker. He would bring much needed defense and he can score.( he’s a better defender than Kwame ) And Phil Jackson is the only coach in the NBA that can control him. I think he would be a great fit!

  • Dave

    And two years later Artest is actually a Laker.