Phil Jackson was as animated as he has ever been in Game 3. He knew the importance of winning the game and getting back in the series.

Gasol was stripped by Jason Terry, and got an easy lay-up. Jackson took a timeout and got in Gasol’s face, giving him a thump on the chest:

Here is what Jackson had to say after the game about the incident:

“He grabbed the ball in the half court and wasn’t aware that he was holding it in the position we always ask him not to put it in and Terry took it from behind and went down and got a layup. I was just making sure he understood he needed to take care of the basketball in those sequences.”

Pau Gasol was also asked after the game about Phil getting in his face more often then usual:

“Obviously he wants me to be more aggressive and be more assertive out there,” Gasol said. “You’ve just got to be able to do that better. I haven’t been able to really get going at all. You’ve just got to do it.”

The Lakers are now one game away from elimination, no team in NBA history has ever recovered from being down 0-3 in a series.

  • Conniekaleel4

    Go Dallas Mavs…..We are behind you. Lakers need to come down a notch or two. How does it feel Kobe? What is the big deal Kobe? YOU’RE LOSING!!!!

    • Nikala

      Why are you on Laker nation is you aren’t a Lakers fan? How does it feel to lose? He still has millions of dollars and 5 championship rings. It still feels GREAT to be Kobe you hater.

    • mavs_fan_4_life

      I agree lets go Maaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvssssssssssssssss!!!!

      • Matelyan

        Still losing to the Heat. Again. Hahahahahah

  • kileer7

    Kobe and Pau are the team leaders they should get equal blame. However, considering that this is not Lakernation, rather it is Kobenation, I’ve come to the conclusion that this will not happen. So, for the purpose of edifying Lakers fans, not to be confused with Kobe fans, here are Kobe and Pau’s stat lines for the 2011 playoffs: R1 Lakers vs Hornets; Kobe 22.5ppg, 42.8%fg, 26.18%3pt, 81.41%ft, 3.6reb, 3.83ast, 1.5stl, .33blk, 3.3tov, 17.1 fga per game; Pau 13.5ppg, 40.36%fg, 89.51%ft, 6.83reb, 3.6ast, .33stl, 2.33blk, 1.83tov, 11.16 fga per game. R2 Lakers vs Mavericks Kobe 25.3ppg, 47.76%fg, 21.6%3pt, 86.6%ft, 3reb, 3ast, 2.33stl, .33blk, 2tov, 21.66fga per game, Pau 13.3ppg, 43.4%fg, 68.3%ft, 9.66reb, 3.33ast, .33stl, .66blk, 2tov, 11.6fga per game. Kobe and Pau are missing 50+% of their FGA, moreover Kobe’s turnover rate is too high, and Pau needs more shot attempts per game, while Kobe’s assist per game should be higher. The team defense has been pathetic. Poor defensive rotations gave the Mavs wide open 3’s, in addition to our bad defense one Mavs player scored the same amount of points as our entire bench. Bynum played well he just didn’t get enough touches in the 4th. Sigh, probability not withstanding we can still win this series if we play to our potential.

    • laffsatu

      dude, best post ever on this kobe nation,way to put some truth in this sinking ship.we just need to start trusting each other around here………….

  • Fuk The Haters

    people have to stop with this Kobe nation crap. Hes our best player so we stand by him through the good and the bad. Whats wrong with praising your best player. Does that mean that we dont like the rest of the lakers? NO. This Kobe hating by our own fans has to stop. Hes playing with injuries and his not the reason why we are down (no one Laker is the reason its a team effort). Stop hating the man just cause we are loosing. We are being out played and out coached period.

    Pau is not a team leader, Kobe and Fish are and if you watched todays practice report with Kobe he did take most of the blame for the last game. (even though in my opinion he did fine).

    How is Kobe going to get more assists if his teammates cant make a shot, did u ask your self that question? Just look at your own stats and you can clearly see that Kobe’s averages are almost the same as last years playoffs minus the assists. Look at Pau’s! Less points, less rebounds, worst field goal %, lower assists and less blocks. So ya lets go blame everything on Kobe again.

    • kileer7

      Derek is our teams El Presidente, our moral, vocal, and emotional leader. On the court, however, Kobe and Pau are obviously our floor generals. “So ya lets go blame everything on Kobe again.” they’re both playing below their potential I’m simply pointing out that its not fair to Pau, who has helped propel our team to 3 Finals appearances and two Championships, to receive the lions share of the blame. “How is Kobe going to get more assists if his teammates cant make a shot, did u ask your self that question?” Do I really have to do an x’s and o’s breakdown?

      • kileer7

        I love Kobe Bryant. I’ve met the man, I have 2 of his autographed jerseys hanging on my wall. I’m just pissed off because I feel like we should be mopping the floor with the Mavericks. I also feel that Pau has taken some heat that he doesn’t deserve consider the following: Last 10 games Kobe Bryant: 27ppg, 43%fg, 4.3rpg, 4.2asp, .2blkpg, 1.5stpg; Last 10 games Pau Gasol: 18.1, 56.5fg%, 10rpg, 2.3asp, 1.2blkpg, .4stpg.

  • Fuk The Haters

    By the way how can u be a Laker fan and not like Kobe after all his done for this team. Pathetic!

    • laffsatu


  • Vivek

    Pau has been really bad, but have you noticed that Kobe hasn’t lashed out at him once in the media during the playoffs? Here’s why:

  • David Murphy

    Pau’s been in a horrible slump, to be sure. But, great sport stories have always been about the impossible dream so – I’m hoping he finds his Don Quixote tomorrow.

  • Luke Sucks

    Trolling Mav fans. Too funny. There are probably a million more Dallas ‘fans’ than there was yesterday.