Phil Jackson talking to media

    Phil Jackson began addressing local media from L.A.’s practice facility at 2 p.m. Pacific today. Mike Trudell, The official Lakers reporter, has been tweeting updates. We’ll update them on here for you as well!

    The following updates are provided by Mike Trudell:

    - Phil Jackson’s first comment regarding training camp involved making the transition for Ron Artest “seamless.”
    - On Rambis: “I’ll have to spend more time working with the big guys, and the staff will have to take on the defensive responsibility.”

    - Jackson said he is going to Lamar Odom’s wedding. “I’m very supportive of Lamar and want everything to go right for him.”
    - Jackson said he wants to keep Fisher playing between 22 and 28 minutes in the regular season to save him for critical (playoff) moments.

    - Jackson said that he is personally feeling very well from a physical standpoint.

    - Phil agreed that the frontcourt 4-some of Bynum-Gasol-Odom-Artest is easily the most talented he’s had. Cited 2000 Blazers as previous best.

    For a more detailed report, check out the official LakersBasketBlog!

    Also, you can watch the entire presser here on!

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    • scoobs

      On Sasha: Phil added, “We asked him to cut his hair and he did.” A psychological fresh start? “Sasha played with his hair last year more than he did on the court,” Jackson quipped.

    • drewdeluxe

      Front court 4-some of 2000 Blazers previous best?


    • matthew

      phil also said he is considering using the big lineup of kobe, artest, odom, gasol, and bynum… i wonder how that will turn out to be, but i doubt we see this lineup, even to finish games. but well see.

    • http://vinginor laker raja

      What about the scrubs Mobenga Sasha farmar
      Luke Morrison what the hell are these guys doing here ? Please answer this Phil.
      Josh Powell Shannon Brown But the rest need to go trade these bums .
      Also Bynum has no drive big but useless as
      a extra dick.

      • desecrator93

        Seriously, kill yourself.

        • http://vinginor laker raja

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    • Megan Fox JJC

      Finally. Sasha’s hair is gone. Perhaps he’ll play to his potential now. He did start slumping ever since he had the long hair.

      • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

        Sasha’s Hairband Cut By Lakers

        As part of a “fresh start” for Sasha Vujacic, the Lakers have released Sasha’s Hairband. Coach Phil Jackson said that while the team appreciated Hairband’s efforts, he and GM Mitch Kupchak felt Hairband had a better chance of making an NBA team in another location.

        The Washington Wizards are rumored to be interested in Hairband as a pairing with Mike Miller, though league sources say Hairband has also drawn interest from Discovery Channel’s Les Stroud (“Survivorman”) as a garrot for killing small lizards and mice.