I seriously don’t find a problem with this at all, but if it’s against the rules, it’s against the rules… What are your thoughts about this Lakers Nation? Do you think Phil is taking this too far or is this just part of some sort of Zen game that his toying with the Blazers rivalry. Sound off!

thathadtohurtInside The Lakers: The NBA will look into a pre-game video shown Friday night by the Portland Trail Blazers which included footage of Lakers forward Trevor Ariza’s March 9 flagrant foul on Portland’s Rudy Fernandez, a league spokesman confirmed Saturday.

By league rules teams are not permitted to display replays involving flagrant fouls, altercations or hard physical contact from previous games.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson did not attend the team’s game in Portland Friday night due to swelling in his right leg, but raised the issue Saturday afternoon at the team’s El Segundo training facility.

“That’s something that NBA clubs are not supposed to do,” Jackson said. “Showing that video before the game, that incites crowds. Portland took a big risk doing that there, that’s a fineable offense for the league.

“That’s something that they try to prevent in the spirit of good sportsmanship, but Portland has been like that. They created that situation. And I think Trevor was affected by it unfortunately.”

  • Freshh

    My “sources” tell me Staples is gonna play the Portland-LA game 7 from 2000

  • jonathan

    Portland cheats at home, remember the 6 man trick?

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    6man trick?

  • Mitch4Pres

    f uck the f ucking blazers and their b itch a ss intro videos. they don’t want to see us come playoff time

  • soysauce24

    This was another fixed game by the refs. i think STERN is too damn old and blind to see that the refs are cheatin or He just doesn’t like the Lakers. There have been so many games that kobe had been rigged by the refs but i found a video to show you guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6rl4-7YtXo&feature=related

  • roanna

    i found it rude that they did that….and im glad phil jackson stood up for ariza. i want to see blazers in the playoffs now.

  • Dani

    I am so freakin’ sick of all this Fernandez crap! Anybody with eyes can Ariza was going for the ball and Fernandez fell the way he fell bc of the way he took off. And he was clearly able to move his spine and neck immediately after he hit the ground. I’m sure it was scary but the stretcher and neck brace was overkill, like a bad episode of the Brady Bunch. Clearly, Fernandez was NOT injured. Did he even miss one game? If he did, he’s a pussy. And “(T)Rip City” is just milking it now. Pathetic…just as bad as Utah booing Derek in my book.

  • dan

    even if i suspend my laker fanaticism for 10 minutes and analyze the ariza foul on fernandez i dont see the g-d issue. it wasn’t even intentional, it’s so obvious that ariza went for ball and grazed fernandez’s head, causing him to lose his footing on the landing. the way he took off in relation to how he was nudged (and i mean nudged) by ariza accounts for his awkward falling position. F the blazers.

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    Well rules are rules. Then again, only the Lakers got LD2k ;)

  • FT

    maybe this game will turn into one of the best things that could have happened to us to end the season, lately the team has been playing like they were bored and didnt care, hopefully they take this as a wake up call and get ready for the next 2 months, this last week of the season phil should show the team all of our losses from the finals and remind them that its time to take care of business, all season we’ve heard about it being only about the championship, now they gotta go out there and show that they want it more than anybody else! so no matter who, what or where they have to bring it every single night and take it. Nothing’s gonna be handed to them, they have to take it with force, hopefully in about 2 months all of us can celebrate, but they better be ready, the REAL SEASON starts in 8 DAYS!

  • Bynums Knee

    i completely agree with phil, it’s against the rules and it is poor sportsmanship, and Trevor is a good young man, imagine how that made him feel on top of the crowd booing him. f the blazers.


    Playoffs are going to be hard guys. Every stadium will be like this to see their team try to take on the Lake Show. No worries though. What do you think Kobe and Pau are holding back on? They will explode in the playoffs and destroy Dallas Portland Denver Cavs or whatever is throw at them. BRING IT ON!!!!
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    Yeah, you can’t ever have a better video producer or fan on any team that’s like you Chris.

  • yo

    i hate portland so much – from their biased announcing on television, the way they think that the lakers are just out to get them or “bully” them, all the radio talk in the week leading to the game saying that ariza is dirty and enemy #1 (not just ariza, but the lakers in general), and now this, the video. I want to whip them in the playoffs.

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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    YOU are the man! :cool: Happy Easter TLN!

  • Paul S.

    The JAILBLAZERS playing the Trevor Ariza flagrant foul video was definitely CLASSLESS. The fact that the Lakers have lost 8 straight at their Rose Garden combined with the scuffle in the first road game against Portland fuel the fires of extreme dislike for the JAILBLAZERS and their MYOPIC fans.One of the Blazer fans claimed that Kobe was the only one that could start on their team on an LA Times Blog(c’mon give me a break). Bring on these bums, the Lakers have a 16-5 record against these guys in the playoffs since ’97 and 32-12 since ’77. This sorry team is 1-9 against the Lakers in playoff series since ’77. I think it is fine time to teach these bums another lesson, after this year make that 10-1.

  • Lakerfanl

    This is pretty offensive.

  • ME

    Honestly im happy someone finally stood up for the lakers and ariza, i think this will make ariza feel much better knowing that his coach is trying to put a message across. Portland is a bunch of scumbags and they will be dealt with appropriately.


    shit how can the cavs celebrate this win http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6rl4-7YtXo&feature=related that is the crappiest win i’ve ever seen…… if the refs call this on the playoffs like they did in game 1 and 2 in the finals we’re gonna lose, sometimes we gotta win despite the crap that refs call

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

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    DUDE YES. If they allow Portland to do it, we’ll do it too.

  • Kobeisdaman

    the zenmaster at his finest

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Wait til the playoffs
    We can settle the Score then, its too soon
    Save our energy in the first round
    Cruise by Utah, again
    Then we just might run into them
    Let teach them youngster how to play
    Pls put Shannon on Roy