Jim Gray asks the tough questions.

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    Sep 5th, 2007 at 4:15 pm Quote
    Partial transcript from PJ’s interview with Jim Grey

    somber music while Kobe is featured in film

    PJ: He can come back and be a part of this team. and he can be a part of this organization again and be I think, full hearted in his participation, but it is going to take some mending. And I have to be part of that, and their other people in this organization will be part of it too. But I think the understanding is, we have to get something done.
    Its frustrating for him and thats the process. How do we get things done to create this atmosphere, of going forward, having a chance and being competitive.

    Jim Grey: Can I ask you what seemingly the fascination this organization has with Andrew Bynum and why there seems to be such a reluctance to want to trade him when he’s shown very little to this point when you could possibly get something very valuable in return?

    PJ: You know, its, its one of those dilemas, that you know is, is potential uhm enough to give credence to keeping a ball player. I mean is the potential enough that you’ll rue the fact that hey here’s a guy that’s gonna make an allstar team maybe 10 times in his career. Who knows? Is that gonna be something Andrew’s going to be able to do? Its still a question, uhm but,uhm, the fact that I know is, is that we got a great player in Kobe Bryant, who’s probally not going to be around to see that potential ever develope and I would love to have him have the opportunity to exercise what he has, which is one of the great games of the NBA. And also get back to that championship dance.

    More to come…….

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    Sep 5th, 2007 at 4:41 pm Quote
    Interview continued.

    Jim Grey: Can I ask you about your current circumstance with the Lakers and a contract extention that had been offered and you haven’t elected up to this point to sign that. Where do things stand?

    PJ: You know, I think its still a standing offer. We really haven’t discussed it because after the operation in June. I wanted the time to rehab and really just be able to say I’m healthy enough to go forward as an energetic active coach. And I’m still not at that point yet and were in September here, uhm, where I’m still using a cane to walk, and still rehabing, on a basis in which you know, where training camp, will be a process for me, and the regular season I’m still questioning. So until that point when I say okay, well ,I’m really healthy and ready to go I don’t want to incumber this organization with the fact that I’m not 100%.

    End of interview.

  • Faith

    Good stuff Fatty.

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Phil Jackson basically said that he wants the Lakers to trade Bynum. The only way that he could of made that point any clearer would be to have just straight up said that he wants Bynum to be traded. PHIL WANTS BYNUM TO BE TRADED!!!

  • ph33shy

    lol he totally wants to trade bynum. Phil wants to build around kobe.

  • MILO

    “The fact that i know is that we have a great player in Kobe Bryant, THAT’S PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE AROUND TO SEE THAT POTENTIAL EVER DEVELOPE.And id love to have him have the opportunity to exercise what he has, wich is one of the great games of the NBA, and also get back to that championship game’s”It sounds to me like Phil was saying that Kobe still want’s out, knowing that the Lakers are going to sit and wait for Bynum to develope.So he has Kobe’s back on him exercizing his demand for the Lakers to “DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW”

  • MILO

    Phil, “THAT’S PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE AROUND TO SEE THAT POTENTIAL EVER DEVELOPE”That whole sentence lead’s me to believe that Kobe still wants’s out.It is frustrating to see that now even Phil has steped in and thrown a couple hint’s at the Lakers FO.And still nothing is being done!!!

  • MILO

    We realy have to pay attention to “THAT’S PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE AROUND”

  • MILO

    Did that sentence catch anyone else’s att???

  • daboss1848

    I read it differently – meaning KB will be retired or past his prime when AB reaches his prime or an all-start level.

  • fatty

    Its very clear PJ was saying Kobe wont be around to watch Bynum develope. And not due to old age. Kobe said he will play for 5 more years. Add that to Bynum and PJ is saying, Bynum will not have grown in 8 years in this league? He either will be traded or he will opt out if the Lakers don’t do anything. Other wise it makes no sense for Phil “the calculating one” to even mention that.
    He later made it even more clear on the radio and LATimes on that point.
    Besides, just look at the context, “we could get Kobe back, its not too late” then followed by the Bynum statement.

  • MILO

    I have’nt seen the LATimes or heard the radio in a long time but thank’s for telling me of such a report and radio interview.This is looking realy bad.I hope we’re all wrong and that Kobe stay’s but where ever he end’s up i will follow, i’ll still follow the Lakers but not with the same passion!!!

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  • MILO

    Fatty, thank you for clearing that up for me, what a reality check!!!