L.A. Times: Sorry, Lakers fans. The Chicago Bulls’ record-setting 72-10 campaign won’t be topped this season.

At least that’s what Phil Jackson said Wednesday, and he’d probably know a thing or two about such success. He was the Bulls’ coach when they set the NBA standard for victories in 1995-96.

He wasn’t being critical when he said the Lakers (15-2) wouldn’t do it this season. Nor was he throwing in the towel by conceding it wouldn’t happen.

It didn’t even seem like he was inspiring the team with a publicly delivered “us-against-them” tactic. He might have just been telling the truth, at least from his perspective.

“I don’t think there’s any chance that we’re going to get anywhere close to 70 wins,” he said. “I’m not going to say that we can’t win 60, but I don’t think that there’s a chance [at 70] — and that’s if everything goes well health-wise. Traveling in the West is just too difficult. Changing time zones, it just makes it very difficult to be consistent night in and night out on the road.”

Jackson has said in the past that centrally located teams (such as, well, Chicago) aren’t as fatigued because they never have cross-country trips. In fact, Kobe Bryant spoke with him a few years ago about the favorable geography of that Bulls team.

“Chicago is smack-dab in the middle, so the travel time isn’t as big as going from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. It’s a three-hour trip either way you look at it,” Bryant said Wednesday. “Those players are more well-rested, have more energy, better legs. It’ll be extremely difficult for any team to do that now, particularly a team that’s on the West Coast.”

For what it’s worth, Jackson also didn’t think Boston (18-2) or Cleveland (15-3) would hit 70 victories.

“That would be a pretty difficult task,” he said.


    “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

    Rudy T.

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Next season..remember Laker fans,it took MJ 3 Championships to get that record…plus they had Radman in ’98 when they got the record.

  • jamaicans-for-KOBE

    i think this might be one more PJ’s mind games..i will admit that it will be extremely difficult to do….
    we went 57-25 last season and that was with Kwame for most of the season…with a young Bynum and a less confident and solid defensive team…

    while our defense is not where i would like to see it yet..if we continue to improve our defense and stay HEALTHY..we have a shot…

    Bynum- 17+ points last few games..seem to be getting more comfortable..

    Dec 25- we start our revenge for NBA finals

  • e

    i still think we’ll get it..despite the time zone change and what not..as long as we play earlier games in the east we shouldnt have a problem…and not to mention we’d still be on a good pace had a lucky tip not got in..lakers need to focus on winning one game at a time and we’ll be fine

  • Vida

    Um either way their goal shouldnt be to break bulls 72-10 record.
    so dont care dont give a damn ..and lakers players shouldnt give a damn about it either.

  • who cares? As long as the Lakers win the championship, then its all good.

  • Lakers 24 7

    I don’t really care if they beat the Bulls record right now, I just want us getting the best record in the league so we have home-court all through the play-offs.

  • gus26

    phil knows what he is doing.. right around this time last year he said that a 50 win season was out of reach…


    result?.. they get 57 and 1st in the west.. we’ll get the record..


    Hey gus26, you beat me to the punch… Excellent post! …The Lakers used to own this record at “69” wins for almost 25 years! …And we all know records were made to be broken! …So I would not be so excusive as to create an aura of invincibility to that Bulls Record… The Lakers need to develop more of the necessary ruthless type of a KILLER instinct, such as the: “71” Bucks, “72” Lakers, “83” 76ers, “Showtime” Lakers, and the Bulls of the 90s, all had… This is the only thing missing in their repertoire for a 73+ win season! …If they would have & maintain this “Ruthless” Killer Instinct (The Desire to Step On and Grind your Opponent while he is down) in their arsenal, and bring it all game long, their record would be and should be 16 and “ONE” at this time; and well on their way to a 73+ win season! …Still, if they develop & nourish this instinct, before giving away, too many more games, they will have a shot at it!