Daily News: Kobe Bryant went the Tiger Woods route Monday afternoon.

“You’re not getting anything out of me but plain vanilla,” Bryant said after the Lakers practiced at their training facility. “I’m not saying anything. I learned from my man Tiger. My mouth is locked.”

Derek Fisher threw back his head and laughed long and hard.

“That’s my response,” Fisher said.

Phil Jackson was far more expansive. After all, he was the man Shaquille O’Neal blamed for the creative tension that inspired a rather public feud between O’Neal and Bryant when they played with the Lakers earlier this decade.

When someone asked about O’Neal’s comments, which pinned the blame for “everything” on Jackson, the Lakers’ Hall of Fame coach smiled his wry smile and said, “Even his (notoriously poor) free-throw shooting?”

When the laughter died down, Jackson didn’t skip a beat.

“Well, I’m glad we motivated him when he was here and we won three championships,” he said of O’Neal, who is now with the Phoenix Suns. “I think that was the best thing we did. We all have good feelings about that time. And, yes, I’m sure there were some plans in motivating Shaq.

“We were having a lot of fun as a team. It was just a laugh and a goof. That part was fun, but 2004 got a little bit tense. That was a tough time.”

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  • Michael_23

    If Shaq ever decides to close out his career with the Lakers for his last year, I think I would accept that. Given the fact, that he’ll take a minimum vets salary, sub-in for Andrew Bynum, and be an example in the locker room for the big guys and not cause any drama. He can continue to make jokes but not bad mouthing against guys like Kobe and Phil.

    The team right now has very good locker chemistry, they go out together, they’re pretty much family unlike a few years back.


    Same here. It would probably be like that kid that runs away from home but then realizes that NOTHING was as good as home and is a completly different child when he/she returns on there own. I feel that if he did come back he would have to swallow his pride and accept the fact that the Lakers organinzation is bigger than any player. Bring him home.

  • sketch

    are you guys sure? did you see how shaq got 3 of his dunks blocked last night? 1 by paul milsap of the jazz and 2 of ak-47, AK-47!!!!! i weigh more than that guy and he’s like 6-10, 220. lol!

    all kidding aside, i know that his size and intimidation factor is still there, but frankly, too much bad blood has been split because of him and i’d just rather leave him in the past. he turned on his lakers team, the organization, his coach(phil), the fans, our city…i don’t want him back even though i know that he can contribute to our cause.

    he’s not the prodigal son! he’s the BIG JUDAS! remember that fellas. look at his track record. he was jealous of penny and dissed him in orlando, he got jealous of kobe and dissed him here, and dissed the miami heat organization after claiming that they were the best outfit, and he is already dissing the suns organization by publicly saying that he would like to be back here.

    can’t trust anything this BIG LIAR says. don’t trust him fellas!!! don’t trust him!!!!!!!!


    He wants to come back because he KNOWS 2 things,

    1.Kobe’s the best (he can’t win a ring with Nash and Amare)

    2.Kobe was right when he said “Get in shape,fatty”.(he didn’t say like that but…)

    and he wants to make sure he gets retired as a Laker and his banner hangs in the rafters…he a smart cookie.

    Shaq this is for you…ahhhh,the good ol’ days..but it’s been pretty nice without’cha,

  • gugy

    Not sure if Shaq coming back is a good idea. Even if he wants to play for free, I would not consider him. He is just too much baggage and I don’t think he would accept be on the bench.

    As for the banner on Staples, you can be sure it will be there eventually after he and Kobe retires. No doubt about that.

  • sketch

    i definitely don’t think that we should retire his jersey on the rafters. it’ll be too damn heavy just like him and collapse the entire staple center! “THE BIG OBESITY”!!!!

  • kobe4ever

    hahaha The Big Liar, The Big Obesity, lol I love it you guys are too funny. Yeah bros, no way we take him back he’s track record tells you that every new team he’s on he loves and that the coach is the best in the world and then in a few years he disses them and goes to a new team who suddenly has the best coach, organization, sidekick etc. Shaq’s a joke and he wants some more championships by riding on Kobe’s coattails. I’ll take him back alrite, as a security guard (law enforcement my @$$ while stalking and threatening women just pitiful).


    I would bring him back as soon as Kobe surpasses Shaq’s total ring count. This way Kobe will always be up one.

  • sketch

    LOL, i like the way you think ice cream man!