Stern believes we will see a woman player in the NBA within the next ten years, Phil chimed in on this.

6a0120a59c9016970c0120a612d7fa970bInsideHoops: Lakers coach Phil Jackson doesn’t agree with NBA commissioner David Stern’s prediction that we’ll see a woman in the league within the next decade.

“That’s not going to happen,” Jackson said. “Without a doubt, women’s basketball has made great strides, but I can’t see it in 10 years. I think the boys are going to increase as much as the women do in those 10 years. That’s the way we’re evolving.”

Jackson said he learned of the difference between the sexes when he ran a youth basketball camp in Montana early in his coaching career.

He pitted state champion high school girls team against a group of middle-school boys that had never played together.

“(The girls) were all four to six inches bigger than these boys, and they got beat by 40 points,” Jackson said. “It was one of those things that opened my eyes to the differences. Even though the girls had skill and knowledge as a group and the boys hadn’t played together, they just trapped and pressed and did all kinds of things that changed the game.”

  • kobe,bi-curious?

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    • juice

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    • deemac1

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    • Kid Kaos 310

      1st off, you’re an idiot. Having said that, not only is Phil the greatest and most winning coach in the history of this professional sport, but his insight and intuition goes far beyond your mildly retarded grasp on the game itself. Sitting down and speaking basketball for 30 minutes with Phil might just blow your mind.

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    • kiantech

      I dont know why you guys get so worked up. this guy always makes really stupid comments just to bait people into getting mad.

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    Exactly ignore whoever this person is trying to be. If i ran this site comments like his would not even get posted. Lets all just enjoy the greatness the Lakers have. That is more rewarding. This same person probably whacks off just by the mention of Kobe’s name, why else would they include Kobe in their post name.

  • lakerman1

    Anyway what Phil says has merit. Woman are the greatest creatures on earth but unfortunately like Men they have limitations on what they can or cannot do. My wife is smarter then i am but guess who she comes and get when she knows that Physically she should not be trying to attempt something that may injure her. Its not a knock just common sense.

  • drive-for-16th

    why the hell do we have wnba then, for women david stern is on crack saying women should be in the league, that would be sooo weird.

  • GT

    If women play in NBA, then men should be allowed to play in WNBA as well. Imagine Shaq in his prime in WNBA…….lol

  • matthew

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