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The LA Times Mark Medina recently wrote a piece on how the lockout could affect Kobe’s chances on climbing the NBA’s all-time scoring list, and mentioned a conversation he had with Phil Jackson last season:

I asked the former Lakers coach last season which player Bryant wants to pass on the scoring list the most, Jackson replied without hesitation, “Michael Jordan.” Bryant argued that wasn’t true and continued touting his sole motivation entails trying to minimize the gap between Bill Russell’s 11 NBA titles and his own five. Bryant isn’t lying when he says that’s his main motivation, but it’s misleading to act indifferent about it when teammates, media and the general public know he’s driven to be the best player ever.

Bryant is currently sixth on the all-time scoring list with 27,868 points.

To read all the scenarios that would have Kobe passing Shaq, Jordan, Malone, and even Kareem check out the story here

  • i0ioooooi0i



      HE PLAYS TO WIN. thats the name of the game…you,dildo

      • Margarite

        Kobe is a egomanic! Nobody but his ass sniffers give a damn!

        • Xjsefactor-wsu

          Name one of the all-time greatest scorers that is not a tad bit selfish, egotistical with an I’m a God-mentality?  They might not display all three traits simultaneously, but I am still suer you won’t be able to do it.  In order to be successful in the NBA you have to believe no one is better at your job than you are and you have to prove it night after night until everyone else believes it too.  For scorers, its skill, athleticism and attitude…You might not like him, but Kobe’s got big check mark in each category…

          • SHOWTIME4EVA

            EXACTLY! thank you.

          • Jack Yang

            Well said! 

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    That poor guy is always chasing shadows.  Firsts its Micheal Jordan’s championship tally.  now it’s his place on the all time scoring list


      chasing shadows?? I’d say he’s locked in.Mike is history.

      • James

        who give a F&$K if he passes it… you compare the games he plays to get to jordans and youll see its a stupid thing to even be talking about.

    • Margarite

      Kobe ego is bigger then the city Los Angeles.

  • Orangebang24

    Shut up you trolls!! He’s one of
    The greatest ever!! Get off this thread then faggots!!

    • Margarite

      Shut the hell up! Get the hell out of Kobe asshole. Little Punk.

  • Robert

    I don’t think there was ever any doubt that Kobe would try to pass MJ’s life total.  I was more thinking that he was going to shoot for Kareem’s record.  Kareem was in the league ‘forever’, so there would be no complaining about the time it took to get there.

  • laffsatu

    6 finals m.v.p s?..never gonna happen.

    • Oldmanflow

      I believe the topic is “scoring”, once again you missed the boat troll.

  • laffsatu

    6 finals m.v.p s?..never gonna happen.

  • Love

     hes nowhere near MJ

  • Anonymous

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    It’s not impossible if its Kobe.

  • kileer7

    It’s rather unfortunate that Kobe’s fans are delusional and stupid enough to believe that he’s anywhere near MJ’s level. Kobe is great 18th all time(AT) in win shares(WS) 156.27, 8th AT in
    playoff WS 26.85, 11th AT in points per game(PPG) 25.27, 13th AT in
    playoff PPG 25.38, 6th AT in total points(PTS) 27868, 3rd AT in total
    playoff PTS 5280, 17th AT in player efficiency rating(.PER) 23.53, 20th
    AT in playoff .PER 22.28, 29th AT in win shares per 48 minutes(WS/48)
    0.1868, 43rd AT in playoff WS/48 0.1578. However, he’s an inefficient
    scorer, & he doesn’t elevate his level of play in the playoffs. Moreover, he’s on pace to be the all time leader in missed shots. ** He is simply incapable of matching Jordan. So, rather than chasing Jordan, he should limit his usg%, missed shots, and play within the continuity of Coach Brown’s system.

    • ballislife

      its people like you that can never truly understand basketball. you’re so dumb. yes kobe isnt a michael jordan but he’s well on his way. all that is bs facts that nobody cares about. if you look at evry other player that has ever played u’d realize how great kobe is and how he’s on his way and close to being better than mj. but thats not his goal. get over urself u hate

      • kileer7

        The stats that I cited clearly demonstrate that Kobe is one of the
        greatest basketball players of all time. However, it cannot be
        discounted that Kobe has never shot over 46%, furthermore, it cannot be
        denied that Kobe has not consistently elevated his level of play in the
        playoffs. “get over urself u hate” read my comment again; you’ll see that I state quite clearly that Kobe is great, and that my “hate” is reserved for delusional Kobe fans. “on his way and close to being better than mj” playing 15 years in the NBA Kobe has not produced a single season where he performed to the level prime MJ did, moreover, it’s virtually impossible for Kobe at this stage of his career to match Jordan. MJ is the greatest scorer in NBA history; the greatest playoff performer in NBA history; the most clutch player in NBA history; the best defensive SG in NBA history; a top 10 perimeter defender of all time and the numbers reflect it. Kobe’s production on the other clearly indicate he’s a top 20 player, specifically within the 15 to 20 range. Watch Kobe’s games, rather than highlights, I’m sure you’ll see the following: poor off ball movement, low I.Q. jump shots, ineffective defense, misses many more shots than he makes. To reiterate I believe Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time; his accomplishments and on-court production should make this obvious. However, he’s not anywhere near MJ.

        • Fan

          I see your point, but low I.Q. jumps-shots? That’s just unreal and hurtful, sure Kobe loves to fade-away, spin, and step-back more than the others. However! That doesn’t mean it is “Low I.Q.” Kobe has to actually read the defenders movements, not the statistics written on the paper, it’s actually harder than it looks when your watching it on TV. 
          “Poor movements” always occurs to anyone at anytime in anywhere, sure some does more than the others, but when you take a closer look, you will see whoever Kobe guards always have a hard time dribbling because Kobe actually does a damn good job at it (everyone gets crossed just look at Jordan vs. Iverson). Plus, do you even know what the coaches advice Kobe what to do each and every game? I don’t, tell me if you know. Sure, his a Superstar, but that doesn’t mean he is rebellious and don’t take orders from Mr.Phil. 
          This is outrageous, tell me, who makes more that he takes? It’s not possible. Let me see you try to make more shots then you take when your guarded by 6,8 and 7,0 footers everyday. Of course, you know how to play basketball and you should understand how difficult it is when your pressured in your shots, getting overpowered on your dribble, not being able to get an open look, or ever defend the other teams best player (who probably never even made it to the NBA). It’s not easy, but Kobe can do all that every night and it’s always a fight. Everyone in the NBA can do a real tight defensive move, but not getting a call is harder. That’s why you have to taken into account the amount of pressure Kobe is to play in and the hard sweaty guys that’s pushing him around every night. Rather than straightening out the statistics to shove it in people’s faces that honestly realize how hard it is to play basketball at the highest level that’s possible to them. At the end of the day your the only person that can judge your own performance because you’ll realize that what everyone else’s opinion is bullshit and they will not understand it unless they’ve been through the blood and tears that you’ve gone through. (P.S. That’s why Kobe always says on the interview when he was asked who will you want to praise you the most, he replies “Nobody”) It’s on YouXube.