Phil speaks out on the loophole “trade” which the Cavs acquired Jamison and will most likely sign back Big Z.

NBA FanHouse: Phil Jackson called it a “sham.” He dubbed it “disrespect for the league.” He called it “charades.”

So, Phil, how do you really feel about Cleveland’s recent deal involving forward Antawn Jamison and center Zydrunas Ilgauskas?

With Ilgauskas all but certain to return to the Cavaliers after having his contract bought out earlier this week by Washington, FanHouse asked the Lakers coach after Friday’s shootaround his thoughts on the situation.

Cleveland on Feb. 17 had sent Ilgauskas to Washington in a three-team deal, landing Jamison, a two-time All-Star. It now looks as if the Cavaliers will be getting Ilgauskas back after the NBA-required 30-day waiting period, which would place his return around March 20.

“It’s something that’s going to have to be addressed in the next (collective bargaining agreement),” Jackson said of the rule in its current form. “It’s a sham of sorts to make that kind of trade. You’re not really trading a player. You’re just trading a money situation. It’s a sham, and I think it’s a disrespect for the league and the players to be involved in this type of a thing.”

Jackson had expressed disapproval last week about the deal, calling it a “weird situation.” But these were his strongest comments yet about it.

Jackson said perhaps the rule should be changed to make it a waiting period of multiple months before a player could return to the team that dealt him.

“You only have a rule about not being able to trade the player after you signed him in free agency until mid-December after you signed him in August,” Jackson said of the rule that calls for a player signed as a free agent during the offseason not being eligible to be traded until Dec. 15 or 90 days, whichever is later. “Maybe something like that could be instituted where it’s two or three months … if it’s the same team. Otherwise, it’s just kind of charades.”

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  • daboss1848

    shut it phil!! what are ya? yella?
    Didnt the Lakers sign Aaron Mckie, when he was an Asst Coach, to a contract so that the numbers could fit for a Pau trade? No “sham” or “charade” there?
    yes i know its different and yes i know this is worse b/c its a #30 pick for a very good player . . . but life aint fair, get over it!!!!
    we’re the freaking lakers and now PJ sounds like Pop, and the other coaches, after our Pau trade….wah wah wah.

    • alfred

      just look if the cavs sign again Z. what’s that trade for? it’s really for cavs. cavs get jamison and if a sudden they will get Z again. PJ is right they just trading for money.

      • daboss1848

        of course they traded for money – its not a bad lure.
        You make it seem like money is nothing. Money is everything for a team that just lost its owner, has the team on the market, and has no contention in its sights.

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    hey phil, go take a pill if it really bothers you.

    • Green Flannel


  • Xtro

    Phil is right.

  • jack

    It’s a sham but there is nothing to be done. Just need to close that loophole in the next CBA.


    it dont matter, cavs aint gonna win shit this year anyway. LAKERS 2009-2010 CHAMPS!

  • Jack Y.

    Phil is right. For anyone who follows basketball, it is a shameful loophole. It destroys the integrity of the game. It’s a good thing we only see it done once or twice each year. If every team starts doing that, it will bring chaos to the league.


    Any action that is ethical or legal within any organized operation; should not have to be kept secret in order for it to be valid… If its legal then freedom of expression to the facts should govern at all times… anything to the contrary is not only a sham & a charade-(fraud), but also a mockery to the NBA and the people who run this don’t tell/don’t ask-image is everything league! …Only proves that what you see or hear is NOT always what you get in this anti-Donaghy/Stern-full led league… Nevertheless, Karma is the femme fatale that never fails to collect her dues, sooner or later & with interest!

    • Jack Y.

      Good points. A lot of people here forget that teams (involved in the Cavs trade) do not publicly let the NBA know that there will be a buyout and resigning of Z 30 days after the buyout. This is negotiated in private (and kept in private).

  • Robert

    Yes, karma is rearing its ugly head. Now Shaq is injured.
    There’s nothing anyone can do about this move. I hope it actually backfires. They will now have too many players to deal with, and it might upset the ‘usual’ LeBrick flow of offense.
    Also, did you hear Bynum after the 76ers game? He mentioned that the Lakers are ‘playing down’, and can turn it up if needed. So I’m guessing correctly, that they are conserving energy for the playoffs. This makes sense, although they are also trying to get home court.