Phil Jackson gets honorary ND doctorate

    Welcome in Dr. Phil… er… let’s not call him that though. In all seriousness, congrats to Dr. P-Jax…

    AP: Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson accepted an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, the University of North Dakota, and asked the school to think hard about its Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. He also asked for a favor: “Please don’t call me Dr. Phil.”

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    • lakrfan4life

      Dr. Phil!!!!! i love it

      congrats pj

    • Mitch4Pres

      the homie dr phil HA

    • basketbolista

      he is now Dr. Phil no more for Zen Master.. haha

    • lakers08-09

      Stick to the piece pipe Phil.The Sioux is a name and tradition.
      Think about the casinos being more disrepectful.
      A name keeps tradition & more visible for the history
      of Indaian Nations.Don’t put the skates on,you might get lite
      up by a Sioux.