Even after a 21-point win over Clippers in which several starters put up good numbers, coach criticizes turnovers, individualistic play.

L.A. Times: The Lakers had beaten the Clippers with ease, Kobe Bryant looked as healthy as could be, Andrew Bynum had taken another step forward, and everybody was happy.

Almost everybody.

Phil Jackson is often the Lakers’ harshest critic, and his words hardly matched the glow of a 113-92 victory Sunday.

The Lakers’ coach started his postgame news conference by saying the team had endured a “laborious third quarter,” and didn’t get much lighter from there.

Jackson took particular aim at the starters.

“I didn’t enjoy how the first unit played,” he said. “The ball stopped too often. They didn’t have good movement, didn’t play together, did a lot of individual stuff with the ball. As a result, there were turnovers and steals that lost us our momentum in the third quarter, which was difficult to watch.

“I tell them sometimes that I can hardly wait to get the second unit on the floor the way they’re playing.”

And that was after Bryant had 32 points on efficient 11-for-22 shooting; Bynum had 14 points on seven-for-nine shooting, nine rebounds and six blocked shots; and Luke Walton had a season-high 15 points.

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  • Michael_23

    To some extent I agree. Their forwards haven’t been executing on offense and especially on defense to their potential. I know Ronny has been taken out of the starting lineup. So it’s hard to say who is their true starting PF.

    I hope Lamar and Walton can break out on the road this week.

    Lamar has been playing better at the PF spot than his natural SF spot. Anyone disagree?

  • BEC

    The way I see it Lamar’s play has nothing to do with what position he plays. Lamar just flat out plays better when hes assertive and he has been known to be just too passive with his size and abilities. Hes been playing better recently, because hes been a little more aggresive. Last few games hes been attempting 15-20 shots I think, except last game because it was fairly a blowout. Hes averaging only 10 attempts this season, thats just way too low, he should be shooting roughly 15 shots a game, and when he does that hes more involved and we are a much more dangerous team, but he has yet to shown he can do that on a consistent basis.

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • http://Farmers.com Jcritt.=star
  • mplakers

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nope not gonna happen…you think the bobcats are so dumb they will let okafor go for fisher and luke?…sorry i don’t think so. also, i think the reason why the lakers have good chemistry for the moment is because of fisher’s great attitude and leadership and kobe seems to be following in his footsteps for a change.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19786 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I totally agree with you!!!! Fish has brought a big change.

  • mplakers

    hey we agree on something well well will you look at that. i’ll give you this…if bynum continues this pace till march then i might…just might start having high hopes…until then he’s doing a good job but, like i said i’m not ready to crown him and nobody else should be….and sasha totally made phil look like a genius tonight (with the way he puts sasha in instead of jcritt)