• Remy

    Thats’ b.s!!…he should’ve at least finish 3rd behind byron and doc

  • daboss1848

    doc’s being exposed!!!

    PJ did a great job with the KB fiasco and the injuries.
    Adelman did a great job with the injuries.
    Sloan always unrecognized.

  • Keep Odom

    wow! this BS to the 10th power. This is scary to me only because it is so obvious how much dislike there is out there for the Lakers. It doesn’t matter because we will be raising the 2008 champs banner and Phil measures his success on rings. He is actually behind Mo Cheeks! that is ridiculous.

    I hope that doesn’t carry over to Kobe not winning the MVP..

  • lalaland

    scott deserves it for the good season hornets had. doc should not be in the top 5 he played in a weak ass east and has 3 all stars. it should have beenscott then adleman then sloan ,phil, and mo.

  • gugy

    PJ doesn’t give a c r a p about coach of the year. He wants the 10th ring and be the best ever.

  • T.A.

    DOC #2 ehh???

    The playoffs are where coaches cant hide behind their players anymore. Look at Doc right now, tied 2-2 with the worst team in the playoffs!!!

    this is the reason i dont think the celts will be in the finals to take a good ole fashion hollywood ass whipping!!!

  • LA-KB24

    VTB and the loose cannons were going off about this today haaha soo funny

  • mplakers

    how can a coach who guides his team to the best record in the west not be coach of the year???

    he’s had to deal with a malcontent superstar, rear a teenager into a superstar, build one of the best benches in the league, and convince a disinterested player to play like the world is ending tomorrow. what are the results? best in the west and a first round sweep and still, he doesn’t get the respect.

    these voters smell like rotting dead rats floating in the sewers.

  • Mitch4Pres

    wow this is crucial bullshiit. lemme break this down for u guys real quick:
    Byron Scott: all he did was take a non playoff team to a 2nd seed. and they were only a non playoff team last yr because they were injured. if they were healthy last yr, this yr wouldnt seem so special.

    Doc Rivers: umm lets see…he has three future hall of famers on his team. i could be the celtics coach and they’d win 60+ games. AND their record is inflated b/c theyre in the east.

    Rick Adelman: The rockets won 22 straight and only got the 5th seed. i know they’re injured but the lakers were/are as well.

    Mo Cheeks: ….r u joking me? i don’t even need to say anything for this one.

    phil jackson dealt with the tremendous pressure caused by kobe’s offseason tirades. he helped keep the ship afloat despite injuries to 2 franchise players and some key role players. The lakers got 1st place in the WEST in the tightest conference race in nba history despite the above factors and the fact that the lakers had one of the toughest scheduales in the nba. phil jackson hands down should have won this this is horrible.

  • Rpoc

    Who gives an ish about this award. It’s honored after Auerbach!!

    The coaches who got it recently have been getting screwed down the road. Pringles, Avery, Raptors coach, and now Scott.

  • Nikko

    Doc Rivers?? dude he’s the worst coach I know! u gotta be kidding me.. are these the same A-holes who never gave Kobe an MVP award because “well he barely made the playoffs and had Shaq playing with him” well Doc has KG and Allen and STILL can’t finish off Atlanta.. the Hawks, yo! the Hawks..

  • ab4sure

    the right coach won… who cares about 2-5…. even PJ doesn’t care about winning it. B. Scott is not a screaming coach. Glad those type of coaches win it.

  • http://myspace.com/3wyshes R.White

    What bunch of BS its like they wont give it to phi because he is expected to do this because of his track record. But he did the best coaching with all the injuries and inside drama to come out on top of the toughest conference #1 they shafted phil

  • Anonymous.

    [Comment ID #34384 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Yeah, only coaches I see on there that scream are Mike D’antoni (he loses his temper WAY TOO MUCH over small things). and maybe flip saunders?

    other than that the other coaches are calm and composed.

  • lalball81

    Byron deserved it for sure.

    And I can’t help but laugh at some of these comments. Whoever said that there is a lot of dislike out there for the Lakers, that’s true, but there are a lot more fans. The NBA loves the Lakers even if they won’t admit it. Phil finishing fifth in the voting is no reflection of Phil but a reflection of how well Byron has done this year.


    hahah how the F’uck does Mo Cheeks finish before PJ

  • ignard

    Hey at least a Laker won the thing.

  • lalball81

    I think voters put Cheeks ahead of PJ because of the unexpected success his team enjoyed this year. Really, they turned around mid season with no major aquisitions and have won two games against Detroit in the playoffs.

    Everybody expects Jackson-coached teams to do well, which is why his team doing well isn’t surprising. His teams do well every year, so this year is nothing new in that regard. Look at Jerry Sloan, Greg Popovich, and Phil Jackson. They consistently have good records and are in the playoffs, but they don’t really have breakout seasons. Instead of one of those coaches winning COY every year, voters look for unexpected turnaround success, which is why Byron won it this year and Cheeks and Rivers were also considered.

    You could even call Houston’s 22 game winning streak unexpected because they didn’t have Yao and were struggling for much of the early season. Because of that, Rick Adelman finished ahead of PJ.

    Judging by what the voters look for nowadays, PJ finishing fifth makes perfect sense, and actually isn’t that bad either.

  • BringDFishBack

    The only one above him who doesn’t deserve to be there is Doc, although I can see why he is. It isn’t easy to coach a team with 3 superstars, even when they are like the 3 most unselfish superstars. He even got that team to play great D, but when you’re handed that you’re going to do good.

    BTW if we are posting when PJ got 5th in COY, why wasn’t there one for all the other Lakers who got votes but didn’t win?

  • playdefense

    PJ’s team is always expected to do well because of his amazing past. that is why they will never consider him. even though he has been one of the best and most consistent coaches the past 18 years.

  • Michael_23

    Avery Johnson got fired. I feel bad for em. The Hornets look like a scary team. It’ll be fun watching S.A. and N.O. beat each other up tho.

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