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Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson has been fined $35,000 for public comments about the officiating, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

Jackson made his comments yesterday during the Lakers’ off day media availability.

The comments had to do with the defense on Pau Gasol, and how the Hornets and Mavericks have both been allowed to use, in Jackson’s mind, illegal defense to push Gasol out of the lane.

This is the third time Jackson has been fined by the league recently. The other two incidents had to do with his comments about the Maloof brothers and the Sacramento Kings, while the other fine had to do with comments he made about the possible lockout next season.

  • BayArea925

    The Lakers got played. The officials put the Mavericks at the free throw line at Games 1 & 2 when the Lakers should have been there. Plus they allowed the opposing teams to pick on Pau Gasol, using illegal defensive moves, throughout the playoffs.

    • Kwalt25

      Idiot thug

  • Joeandritab

    He should have been fined for hitting his player…I have lost all respect for Phil and the Lakers.

    • Lilchapin818

      How you gonna say you lost ALL respect for Phil after all his accomplishments during his career that just ended over some little thing about him hitting his player

    • Erinosofresh

      shut up

    • Mike

      If you call that a hit, then I’d hate to see you in a fight.{sarcasm}

      I would say that Pau needed something to wake him up. For me, it would take a lot for me to lose respect for the Greatest NBA coach.

      • Vbchickster101

        Greatest coach ever? wow! how old are you? I have respect for Pau…ever since he stood up to kobe in game 5 against the denver nuggest two years ago! If you ask me…Kobe needed to be woken up…missed how many? five 3’s! wow…and maybe Phil needs to get a better handle on on his players…Horrible finish!

  • screwdalakers

    The Lakers were pitiful today during Game 4. Gasol showed little interest in establishing himself in the post. Quit whining about the refs and play ball! Where was the defense of the 3 ball today? Where was the “legendary” take-over abilitly of Bryant? Why in the world did 2 players commit such brazen and cowerdly fouls within 45 seconds of one another? Former world champs my ass! LOSERS

    • LAlivingLegends

      @fc6b91476e5006dd8bff19cfb3f49c99:disqus You’re a clown! You can’t win them all… Plain and simple… 5 Championships within the last 10yrs, 1 three peat and 1 back to back… The 2nd highest number of Championships behind the Celtics in NBA History… Check your facts clown… Just because LA didn’t do it this year doesn’t cancel out what they have accomplished in the past… How many Championships has your team won lately? Go back to watching Hockey punk!

      • Vbchickster101

        Its quite interesting though how this stellar team went from on top of the world…looking for a 3-peat to completely and utterly failing! In all the sports i’ve played whether you win or lose you should take something away from the game….after that lost, the attitudes of the coach and players showed me that they took nothing away from theeir loses or from their wins!! Pathetic! Season/Past=Epic Fail!

  • screwdalakers

    Unfortunately, you can’t go through life surviving on your “past” contrubutions. It doesn’t work in the private sector, nor does it work in professional sports. Calling me names in defense of a sports team is childish at best, and doesn’t reflect in a positive way of either yourself, or the team your trying desperately to defend. I didn’t hear Magic Johnson defending their performance with posturings of “the good ‘ol days”
    Try to keep your responses thoughtful and respectful of others…quit making excuses for what is obviously a performance meltdown.

  • Vbchickster101

    Good run Phil! Now your laker’s season is over….awful way to end…send bynum packing if ya ask me…pathetic! Congrats on all your achievements and hard work over the years! I’m sorry you had to end your last game like this!