Interesting mini-article on Phil’s history.

L.A. Times: Jackson has 532 victories with the Lakers and needs two more to pass Pat Riley for the most in franchise history.

Jackson has spent more time coaching the Lakers (this is his 10th season) than the Chicago Bulls (nine), but is he known more as the Lakers’ coach or the Bulls’ coach?

“I’m sure there’s a whole generation of kids that see me only as a Laker coach,” he said. “They’re not familiar with the Bulls and Chicago at all.”

What if he had been forced to wear a team jacket when inducted into the Hall of Fame a few years ago?

“I’d have made the jacket with both sides — one side the Lakers, one side the Bulls,” Jackson said, smiling.

  • Gino

    i can’t help but agree with phil on this. it has to be a 2-sided jacket as coach considering how much impact he’s had on both teams. there’s a chance for him to have an equal amount of rings for both teams but his legacy is ingrained in the history of the two.
    the only difference is with the lakers, his legacy is still continuing. with the bulls it’s now just tales of the glory days of old. maybe in my hubris i can’t imagine the lakers falling down the bulls path, but from what i know and grew seeing from the lakers, they really take care of their own.
    i’m sure phil’s legacy will continue for ages, especially since we have a fresh taste of life without phil with rudy t and we’ve seen what happened to the bulls since phil. not saying phil can coach forever, but lakers definitely have that winning tradition while the bulls were graced with a dynasty yet did not know how to maintain that legacy for their future.

  • kisofdeath

    not the bulls or lakers

    in a world where star individuals are remembered he will go down as Phil-Jordan and Phil-Kobe

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  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Where is Phil-LeBron? Oh wait there isn’t.

    The GOAT only coaches the GOAT.

    • http://lakersnation lebron all talk no action no title

      true that..these guys all have winning titles in common.lebron cannot be included.phils been really blessed with a great coaching career