Lakers coach clearly has more experience in big games, but even he won’t give himself an edge.

L.A. Times: This is the NBA’s version of the prince, on the cusp of possibly becoming a king, against the pauper.

This is Lakers Coach Phil Jackson striving for an NBA-record 10 championships, one for each finger, and pass Celtics icon Red Auerbach in the process.

This is Celtics Coach Doc Rivers, who has never coached a team here, needed his squad to have an exemplary season to bring his coaching record above .500, and who was still playing by the time Jackson had already been polishing three rings.

Much has been made about the start of today’s NBA Finals, a renewing of the rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics. Much has also been made of the game within the game, where Jackson will pit matchups and schemes against Rivers, in his first Finals appearance.

What does it all mean?


Or nothing.

“Phil has the resume and he’s been there,” Celtics forward Paul Pierce said. “But hey, that goes out the window once you step foot on the court. It’s zero-zero in my eyes. With all due respect to Phil and what he’s done for the NBA, Doc, I think he’s on his way in that direction.”

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