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In the season and a half that Ron Artest has played in Los Angeles, he’s been called many things by media and fans alike; ‘Triangle Offense Guru’ isn’t one of them.

Phil Jackson had a rather strange (but considering it’s Phil, not so strange) comment to make regarding Artest’s grasp of the offense after Tuesday nights 90-78 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves:

“He’s probably a little better at it than Kobe [Bryant] is, because Kobe ignores the offense,”

If you have a feel for Jackson’s intensions — it doesn’t take much to realize that he’s taking a jab at Kobe, as opposed to complimenting Artest’s understanding of the triangle; an offense that Kobe has been running for about a decade of his career.

With that said, this had much ado about nothing. Jackson’s comments tend to be a bit lighthearted at times; it’s hard to read into his sense of humor when in quotes. None the less, noteworthy.

  • xtro

    b coz kobe tends to jack a lotta shots all the time instead of running the clock

  • Jas

    LOL! Phil really knows how to motivate

  • Pau Gasol The European Mexican

    true dat phil !!!

  • Los Lakers

    hey when’s barnes coming back??

    • LakerMarc

      by next week

  • Stephen

    Haha yeah but there’s a reason for that Phil, cause no one else is doing shit!


    Kobe doesn’t need triangle. His offense > triangle offense so he doesnt need to be good at Triangle offense

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