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Eric Pincus of recently came out with an article in which Phil Jackson speaks on Kwame Brown’s influence on a young Andrew Bynum:

“We knew that we had to get another person ahead of [Bynum] so that he could come off the bench and Kwame Brown was a real good defensive player (traded for that year so that we would have some basis and Andrew could learn). That process really helped Andrew grow up and every day having to work against a guy like Kwame gave him some kind of competitive edge. It was good for him. Andrew’s developed very nicely and we haven’t put a lot of pressure on him to speed it up and I think that’s the thing that’s really important.”

Kwame Brown, the 2001 number one overall pick, is considered one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history. However, he has been praised by the likes of Phil Jackson, and Kobe Bryant over the years.

  • hashi

    at least the ‘bricklayer’ was good for something

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    As much as you guys want to hate Kwame, he was a very solid defensive player. His problems were at the offensive end.

  • rondo

    I really Believe Andrew Bynum will be a Superstar once he gets a point guard who knows how to pass the ball to him. it’s sad how much the players on the Lakers have overlooked his offensive skills. Bynum has a deadly hook shot that’s always on the money. When will Kobe&company wake up and realize Bynum is no longer the 18 year old kid and give the young man a little more then 5 shots.His Defense and rebounding is A+

    • LakerMarc

      His is way better than Pau’s actually and I hope to see an improved mid range game and then Drew is money……

  • Laker Warrior

    First Pau shots left and right find someone else besides KB that can do this.
    Kwame AKA Car washer is a great test dummy for any 7 ft 295 center.