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Some basketball fans get irritated that Kobe Bryant is constantly compared to Michael Jordan. However, you can’t dismiss the fact that Kobe has lasted the longest in the “Who’s the next MJ” debate. Many players have been compared to MJ, and failed. It started back in 1996 when Bryant was a rookie, and 15 seasons later, people still feel passionately on both sides.

Phil Jackson, who knows both players better then anybody on the planet, having coached both of them to each of their NBA championship’s, had this to say:

“I wouldn’t compare them,” said Jackson, who coached both. “I think Kobe’s as good as Michael.”

Commissioner David Stern even came out publically this week to talk about the Kobe and Jordan debate:

“If [Kobe] wins another championship they are going to have the same number aren’t they?…MVP’s depend on a bunch of media guys…[Kobe and Jordan belong in the same conversation] “

No matter what Bryant does there will never be a unanimous thought across the basketball world that he is better, or on the same level as Jordan. However, when Kobe retires from the league, don’t be surprised if the debate becomes “Who’s the next Kobe?”

If it hasn’t already started.

  • Ashok Kumar ✔

    Amazing how far the high schooler has come and still can go. Some fans hate Jordan just because he is almost unanimously a universal success standard to compare NBA players to, especially guards, but I am glad he was great as he was (I never got to see him play) because he allowed the generation to play up to and for something. Impossible is nothing but a word and an opinion.

    • Utot

      Kobe is the most skilled offensively ever? He’s not even on par with Michael Jordan’s worst offensive stats. In what aspect

      of the game is Kobe more skilled than Jordan? Could you name one? Name one aspect of his game where he was more talented than MJ?

      Points? Kobe 25.3, MJ 30.1. Nope.

      Rebounds? Kobe 5.3, MJ 6.2. No again.

      Assists? Kobe 4.7, MJ 5.3. Still not better.

      Steals? Kobe 1.5, MJ 2.3. Ain’t here either.

      Blocks? Kobe .6, MJ .8. Close enough to be negligible.

      MJ: 5 MVP’s. Kobe 1 MVP

      MJ: 6 Finals MVP’s. Kobe 2 Finals MVP’s

      MJ: 10 Scoring Titles. Kobe 2 Scoring Titles

      MJ: 1 Defensive Player of the Year Award. Kobe 0

      MJ: 3 Steals titles. Kobe 0

      MJ: 10 time 1st Team All NBA. Kobe 8 time 1st Team All NBA

      MJ: 9 time 1st Team All-Defense. Kobe 8 time 1st Team All Defense

      MJ: Career Scoring Average 30.1. Kobe 25.3

      MJ: Career FG Percentage .497. Kobe 45.5

      MJ: Career Playoff Scoring Average 33.4. Kobe 25.5

      MJ: Career Playoff FG Percentage .487. Kobe .448

      MJ: Career Rebounding Average 6.2. Kobe 5.3

      MJ: Career Assists Average 5.3. Kobe 4.7

      MJ: Career Steals Average 2.3. Kobe 1.5

      Even in clutch shots, Jordan is untouchable. Jordan is the best clutch shooter ever with the highest percentage in the

      game. No one, even today, comes even close to reaching his clutch percentage output (33 of 58 = 56.89%). Kobe is only 29.2%

      at the Clutch (26 of 89).

      For two players who played the same position, all of Jordan’s stats look better. How does that make Kobe more talented or

      better skilled? He’s not even the most efficient. Comparing PERs, Jordan trumps Kobe embarrassingly.

      Jordan’s highest PER = 31.89 (NBA all-time record)

      Kobe’s highest PER = 28.0

      Jordan is the better player pound-for-pound and the best the NBA had ever seen.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    nah there wont be: Who’s the next Kobe?
    cause kobe is hated and he will never be an icon to praise and remember as MJ
    it will not change

    as pjax said probably kobe is as good as mj
    but his career and accomplishments are not comparable

    mj had a perfect career
    went to a team of scrubs and could ball hog for 7 years and build his unmatched stats
    after that he got Pippen (greatest perimeter defender ever and the best sidekick ever)
    and rodman and a lot of amazing role players
    (kukoc kerr harper) etc
    and started winning and the way the team was made, was perfect to make him shine

    kobe career is much worst
    he came in as highschooler
    did not start for 2 season (huge hit in his stats)
    played along to a dominant shaq for half of his career which even though allowed him to get rings did not allow him to build mj like stats, and to be recognized as the alpha male (even though he was since in the last quarter shaq was weak with his FT problem)

    so, kobe will never be as good as MJ
    his career is great
    but his stats and accomplishments pales compared to mj

    so the debate should end

    • Alphaqb

      And you also must add that MJ always maintained and built upon his public image at the highest level. No sexual assaults, tattoos, ‘decisions’, never got caught using homophobic language, MJ never sounded arrogant/cocky with 1 liners during interviews. All Kobe say is “We executed extremely well” “We need to execute” “We didn’t execute” blah blah blah. As good as a player, maybe…. Who’s the next Kobe? No, it will forever be “Who’s the next MJ.”

      • Riq

        MJ was the best “Magic Johnson”!

    • Anonymous

      You can’t base the whole debate on stats and “accomplishments” because the conditions were never the same for MJ as for Kobe.
      Come on, do you really think that a younger Kobe, placed on a team without Shaq, Jones and Van Exel, couldn’t have won multiple scoring titles? Do you think without the Shaq feud and Colorado, he wouldn’t have remained the media’s darling and garnered a few MVP’s?
      The only real accomplishment Mike has that Kobe doesn’t is the sixth title. And that…well…

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        Actually i can
        Cause at the end stats and accomplishments are what (unfortunately) will be remembered

        About rings even if kobe wins his 6th ( which will be very hard against heat)
        he will have had 3 of them were he was not the best player
        shaq won mvp in those 3, so unfortunately they count a little less than the other ones.
        TO be really considered better than mj he has to win 1 more than mj otherwise forget that
        And honestly, i see it impossible. Kobe getting older, pjax leaving, Heat will get better and better…

        True kobe and mj played in different ages, with different rules and against different players
        nonetheless, mj stat wise is better in each category except the 81 and 62 point games that kobe had

        I guess you did not read carefully my post
        i said mj had a perfect career and condition that allowed him to build his stats and accomplishments
        Kobe did not

        With IFs you cant write book and history
        so kobe is stuck with what he has done
        which is amazing, but not quite as good as mj
        simple as that

        • kobe-wan kenobi

          PS and as you can see by my name
          i am a huge kobe fan, and i hated mj at the time
          I am just being objective,
          Too bad is so difficult to find objectivity in fans…

        • Anonymous

          Not sure if the Heat will even reach the finals this year. I dont really see greatness in them. They might rather implode from Lebron and Wafe arguing with each other over time, than winning a title. And the upcoming collective bargaining aggreement will not help them either. Lets see if the “big three” will stay in Miami if they dont win this year and the blame game starts :)

          I see Boston or Chicago making the finals, not Miami. They will probably stumble over their own arrogance.

          • Buckley_27

            Not even a Heat fan. (AT ALL), but seriously when have you even seen or heard anything about LeBron and Wade arguing… Keep it factual, I honestly think that the Lakers should be worried about OKC

          • Lakers4TheWinx3

            The Heat can’t close games. They might get a few blowouts here or there, but they don’t have the experience or the player depth to win the finals.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve watched the NBA through both their careers and to me the only substantive difference is that Kobe came in on a good team with a dominant player and an all-star callibre player at his position, so he developed a little slower.
    The real difference as far as MVP’s etc., was public perception. Early on, the press treated Kobe as the new golden child and there was resentment from Jordan fans, forcing comparisons Kobe could not possibly live up to at the time. Then, when a prime Kobe was truly being Jordanesque, there was the feud with Shaq, a media fave, and the Colorado law slut-errr-I mean suit. Suddenly, he’s a media pariah, loses endorsements, etc. and for the next few years can’t even get media support enough to beat out Steve Nash for MVP when he was CLEARLY the better player.
    And it’s not as if MJ wasn’t as big an asshole as there ever was off the court, but it was ignored or shilled off as “his competitive drive”. Still is, actually. People even try to gloss over the most arrogant, classless HOF speech anyone ever gave.
    MJ was universally either loved or tolerated; Kobe is either loved or totally despised.
    No, Kobe will only really get the recognition he deserves when enough time has gone by to remove the emotional aspects from the equation. But, like I said, I saw them both and I’d take either one.

  • Cody

    Wow look how younf DEREK and KOBE look in this photo.

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  • Anonymous

    In response to kobe-wan-kenobe above:
    But you can’t make an objective argument using subjective data. That’s my whole point. To compare their “accomplishments” you have to eliminate things like MVP’s, Finals MVP’s, All NBA Teams, DPOY’s, etc, which are awarded by vote of the press, which for the most part greatly favoured MJ but is comparatively resentful, hostile, or at best, tolerant of Kobe and goes to great pains to use MJ as a bludgeon to assault Kobe’s legacy.
    Like I said, Kobe’s numbers are skewed vs. MJ due to several circumstantial differences in their career paths. When this is factored in, the distance is not nearly so great.
    No objective study is carried to conclusion using purely empirical data. Environmental factors have to be accounted for to mitigate the raw data and come up with an objective result. For example, an objective observer will note that Kobe takes a larger number of more difficult shots than MJ did. This will, for some, count to mitigate Kobe’s lower shooting percentage, whereas others will argue that it should count it as a negative factor.
    The arguments could go on and on, but future NBA historians will see that these men are the two greatest players of their generation and I believe they will see that the difference, on the court, where it really counts, was never as vast as people have been led to believe by a biased sports media.

    • kileer7

      top 10 players of all time?

  • Go Lakers

    Where are you laffs, you hater??? You’re so STUPID its funny.

  • Havedogs123

    That is the smartest thing David Stern has ever said.



  • sinep spelled backwards
  • kileer7

    Its really not fair to Kobe, or any other perimeter player for that matter, to be compared to Michael Jordan.

  • tripleocho

    Kobe is a better skilled player between the 2. I don’t care what anyone says.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe is and Micheal is Micheal each are great players

  • Sev13sev

    Stern just devalued the leagues mvp award. Lol

  • laffsatu

    the kobe has many more haters where jordan is beloved..jordan NEVER DISAPPEARED in a game seven like you know who……….


      hows that elbow?? fag.

    • StacksonStacks

      Because jordan never played a game seven in the finals.

      • Clint Johnson

        Cuz he never had to.

        • Lakers4TheWinx3

          Because Jordan played in an era in which there was little to no competition…

  • Francis


  • FiNrAcS

    I Agree..why??? because..players from the past is different from the present and in the future..Bryant is most skilled player in the NBA that Ive’d ever seen..that’s why Phil say Kobe as good as Michael…

    • Clint Johnson

      You obviously never watched MJ in his prime. Most complete, tenacious player ever, offense and defense. MJ didn’t just try to beat you physically, but mentally as well. I think it’s the cerebral part of the game where he beats Kobe.

  • desertcat43

    So, because the guru of the NBA says it’s so, it must be true? Well, take it from this nobody from nowheresville, Kobe is not, and will never be, the player MJ was.

    • Steve

      He might not be the player that MJ was but he also just wins NBA titles and NBA,MVP,trophys.Now maybe people in general will quit trying to compare La Queen Jane to MJ,or to the KING KOBE,until he wins a few rings and a few NBA,MVP trophys,which by the way wll never happen while Kobe is playing.

      • Clint Johnson

        Kobe has one regular season MVP award. One. Compaired to 5 for MJ. And Finals MVP is 6 to 2 MJ. Kobe can’t win the argument because he played second fiddle to Shaq for the first 3 championships and first like, 8 years of his career. MJ was numero uno his whole career. I agree though that Lebron can’t even be mentioned in the same breath as MJ or Kobe. Wade is closer than Lebron.

        • Lakers4TheWinx3

          MJ didn’t have nearly the same amount of competition as Kobe.

  • Lakerz4LYF

    kobe hates contact… how can he even come close to MJ (someone who owned the league when it was ultra-physical)

    • Badness2dabone

      Yeah Kobe always avoids running into people………..right. You MJ cock swinging fans make me sick.


      hes one of the most physical players in the game today… he doesnt like contact? ha

      • Clint Johnson

        I wouldn’t say Kobe’s scared of anybody, but the league in the last 10 years is powder puff compaired to what it was in MJ’s prime.

        • Lakers4TheWinx3

          This is false. MJ had less competition than Kobe. Also, if we’re talking pure talent, the game evolves in a sort of Darwinian manner to the extent where players of the 2000’s are generally better than players of the 90’s, etc. etc.

          Saying MJ is better than Kobe is like saying Bart Starr was better than Tom Brady.

  • NoDefense

    who gives a shit,kobe plays for the lakers,michael didn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,glad he’s on our team.

    • nba fans


  • Marvellseals

    I always felt like Mike had it a lil easier than Kobe

    • Clint Johnson

      You must be shrooming. Bad Boy Detroit Pistons ring a bell? How about the Knicks? No teams ever went and tried to beat Kobe by literally popping him in the mouth the way they did Jordan. Those series were probably the most epic of all time.

  • Tonichifi

    SILENTLY … people are in search for the next Kobe.

    • Jacksonj77

      Jordan was better check stats????

  • Drose

    That like Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson… Both in their prime were the best…

  • Donald

    First Kobe is good for the current NBA but MJ played when the NBA was a bunch of PROFESSIONAL ballplayers and they scored over 120 almost every game. The skill level of the players were better and MJ competed against better talent like Celtics (Bird, parish, mchale, johnos etc) Lakers had (Magic, worthy, perkins, cooper etc) And yet and still he MJ scored 63 on a Celtic team that was A TEAM not a star with supporting cast. The NBA as a whole was a better sport therefore the NBA of today is watered down…highlight reels…that’s why the world can beat us in the olympics and such. MJ also had a determination and drive that Kobe doesn’t!

    • Badness2dabone

      You are high to say Kobe doesn’t have determination to win. Get a clue. Both players had/have that determination in this debate.

    • Rick

      Have you made up your mind before watching Kobe. The statement “MJ also had a determination and drive that Kobe doesn’t!” shows you have not watch Kobe play and you are going with your favorite player. I not sure if anyone has ever had the determination that Kobe has. They are both two great players.

    • Buckley_27

      I dont think Donald is saying that Kobe doesnt have drive at all, but I think he bowing and paying respect to MJ’s biggest asset, his heart. Kobe hasnt demonstrated the drive and determination that MJ has throughout his career. If you cant see that then you couldnt have truely witnessed the greatness of MJ… Im happy to say that I have witnessed the greatness of both but this is a category that MJ is flat out unmatched in.

    • PatrickLA

      Kobe doesn’t have the Drive that MJ had? What ru on crack? Get outta here you idiot! Kobe plays hurt all the time! He hasn’t had a healthy shooting hand in 3 years! he just got back from spraining and ankle to play the very next game! He is as driven as MJ or any player has ever been! You ask MJ or Phil that!!! and I am sure they would agree. Don’t be a hater! Give credit where it is due and don’t show ignorance!

      • Jacksonj77

        kobes a wanna be MIKE! read there stats and compare them!!!!!! lol

      • Nn

        thank you…very well said… and you guys just have to accept the truth that with all his accomplishments he is one of the best in NBA history!!!!

  • laffsatu

    jordan never SNITCHED to the cops…..your kobe sure did.

    • PatrickLA

      no, but MJ’s gambling debts got his father killed. Did Kobe do anything like that?????

      • Clint Johnson

        That’s just ignorant. Jordan’s father was killed in a tragic highway robbery, nothing more.

  • Nn

    kobe is not only as good as MJ, he is the best. why??? he set a good example on how to be the best, to play the best that you can, give it all even his injured and his determination to be the best….

    • Clint Johnson

      Like when he failed to show up for game 7 against the celtics and Artest bailed him out? Nobody ever bailed MJ out except MJ. Kobe’s quit in too many games to be on MJ’s level. Jordan never quit, and always showed up.

  • Kobe Blo-Jobe

    They both can fly through the air and do the 360 somersault-spin move with the basketball just like the monkey in the jungle flies from tree to tree.

    • Cadoo4444

      Sounds like some kind of racist remark, but there are still some idiots in this country that have computers. Can you fly? Can you do a 360? Of course not, but at least you can spell. Get a life you SOB!!!

    • Jazz6104

      It’s ashame the FOX SPORTS allow ignorant comments like this to be posted. It almost make me wonder the character of the people that monitor and run this site. Sir/Mam, you’re ignorant! And because you’re, my sympathy to you.

    • Laker123

      you are an idiot and a dummy on top of that.You also seem to be a hater why dont you give
      kobe a blo jobe as your name indicates.Oh and by the way stupid they dont flies as in the bug they swing jerk

  • Teeeeoff

    Both are special players that only come around every great once in awhile. Enjoy them while you got them and don’t ruin the moment by comparing them with someone not in their era.

  • Jculhane48520

    No…Phil Jackson is just being nice. Kobe isn’t even the second best player Jackson has coached.

  • Kel

    It’s “better than anybody” not “then” and “NBA championship’s”? This should simply be the plural not the possessive form of Championship: Championships. Come on, man- basic grammar.

  • Rogballaz

    KOBE is the greatest player to ever play the game. End of conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jacksonj77

      you must be on Meth dude!!!! JORDAN!

  • Steve

    If Sterns thinks so much about Kobe why is he doing all that is border line legal to make sure the Heat get to the finals?Why are the refs set on getting the Heat and La Queen Jane to the finals?Is there big money from Florida on the Heat getting there or what?

  • Tjmsbb6

    Both are great offensive players capable of taking over a game. The difference is that MJ could absolutely shut the opponent down on defensive too. Kobe is not in that category. MJ is the best there ever was.

  • Sondrews1

    I cannot believe some of you said you cannot add accomplishments to the argument. If that is the case, then neither MJ nor Kobe can be the best ever because none would end up with the most championships. With that, Leboo cannot be compared to Kobe because all he has is stats. MJ didn’t receive all the MVP’s he should have gotten either. Therefore, accomplishments, whether personal or from the media, must be considered when arguing who’s the best. The Finals MVP proves that that person was the best player, and so is the regular season MVP. It means that MJ was the best player for all those years, an amount that Kobe has not mounted. MJ is the best player ever, and will always be. You’ll need to take the argument around the world because since MJ retired, basketball is not the same worldwide. I know that because I’m not from America. In MJ’s era, everybody wanted to be like “Mike” alone. Now, everybody wants to be a Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Durrant, Duncan. This shows there is no one great player now like how MJ was. Sorry!

  • Jimbrown90

    Amazing that the number of championships dictate to some people which was the greatist ever, if it is total nba titles then Bill Russell should win hands down without any argument, And tell me which player ever managed to average a triple double over an entire season? So the greatist ever entails great players and the defree of greatness is only in the eyes of the beholder……No way to prove your theories.

    • busterblue52

      Bill Russell played when there was only like 12 teams in the entire NBA. Alot less talent bad comparison.

  • Steve

    It is so hard to believe that King Kobe has been playing for 15yrs and he still looks 10yrs younger than La Queen Jane ,who claims to be 27 or 28?He looks more like 30.

  • Buckley_27

    Jordan is a smarter basketball player than Kobe. Kobe to me is a better shooter, and better scorer.
    Also Jordan to me will always be considered a better player because of how epic his battles with some of the all time greats were, unfortunately Kobe didnt have that opprotunity, Im sure that they would have also been amazing to watch, but seeing the bulls vs the pistons, bulls vs Knicks, Bulls vs Celtics those are the epic battles that are the corner stones of what the NBA stands on and because he played a significant role, if not the most significant role in those battles he has earned the role of being the greatest ever… Mind you this is not about talent, its about respect and reverance for an individual who reveloutionized the game on a global level like no one had done before him or since… I can admit that Kobe is a better shooter, better scorer, and possible more talented but Jordan had the biggest piece in a category that Kobe is lacking in and thats heart. Im not saying Kobes the tin man but Jordans heart and drive is unmatched. That is all….

    • Cjkrew

      I am not sure how in the world do you measure a person heart! I am not sure if you watch basketball, but please point out a time when Kobe has punked out in any basketball situation?

      • Buckley_27

        when Chris Childs hit him in his Jaw, When Reggie Miller mugged him… You fools dont listen, I didnt say Kobe didnt have heart… ILL SAY IT AGAIN KOBE HAS HEART, HOWEVER MJ IS THE KING OF HEART FLAT OUT. Kobe has heart hes a great player maybe one day well be forced to call him the greatest but today however is not that day.

    • Buckley_27

      Oh and I left out one of the other great teams MJ had epic battles with, THE LAKERS… with another great Magic Johnson… He had to run through people that were considered the greatest of all time and prove himself to be better than them, Kobe and Shaq couldnt even get past the Jazz or the Spurs when Jordan was in his prime… No one stood a chance against the Bulls in those three remaining championship years, flat out the most amazing team of all time 72-10 Bulls and at the center of all of it the one and only Micheal Jordan…

      • majesticblue

        The all-time best team is perhaps the Showtime Lakers in the late 80’s. A couple years ago, Yahoo! Sports did a survey and a great majority NBA fans voted the Showtime Lakers as the best. I wouldn’t think the ’96 Bulls could withstand Kareem’s skyhook, Worthy, Scott, and Magic at their primes, and a great supporting cast that included Cooper and Mychal Thompson, etc.

        • Buckley_27

          Agreed however, Jordan played against that team too, remember Jordan was drafted in 86, so I get what your saying but my general point was that he played against the greats and even they acknowledge that Jordan was the chosen one who had the torch past to him, and in 91I wouldnt see the western conference champion lakers as past their prime. They were favored to win that series too. I respect greatness and Kobe is flat out amazing, but making a case for MJ as the greatest ever provides an opprotunity to express a multitude of reasons. When Kobes career is over I hope that Ill have the opprotunity to do the same

      • majesticblue

        Oh, when Jordan played Magic in the 90’s, it wasn’t the same Showtime Lakers as when Kareem still anchored the Lakers. Magic was on his downward trend, as were Worthy and arguably Scott (Scott’s prime years were rather short). Yes, the matchup served a lot of attention to the media — Magic vs. Jordan, etc., but the battles remained a team effort and not discrete individual talents.

    • Carlcb

      You don’t know anything about ‘Heart’, Kobe plays while injured. There is no disrespect saying Kobe is better than Michael, its just the truth. The main reason that some folks have said that Michael is better, is because of the six titles he won in a row with the Bulls. In all of the match ups that were televised, and there were some, Kobe outplayed Michael in every respect. I’ve been watching the NBA, games since 1947, and I’ve seen all of the Super Stars come and go. Kobr is the best. No doubt, at least right now.

      • Buckley_27

        Do your research you half wit… if you stopped for one second to actually read what I was saying before reacting youd see that I payed homage to Kobe’s heart too, your not telling me anything I dont already know. I know Kobe has heart and drive he would be ballin in the NBA if he didnt, what I said was that Jordan is the king of kings when it comes to heart, I paid Kobe his respect now stop riding his d!ck. Your so much of a Kobe fan that you can even see that you are being disrespectful to MJ’s legacy by even comparing him to someone who hasnt even retired yet… Kobe is a great player and we might someday consider him to be the best, but if you are a true sports fan who is knowledgeable youd know that your rediculous comment about Kobe always out playing Mike is rediculous and just as selfish as Kobe’s game was in those games. Jordans team went 72-10 the only year the Lakers beat Chicago and! on top of that NOOOOOOOOO championships, dim wit… do your research kid, Ill have up way past your bedtime… Also were talking about Jordan in his prime here not washington wizards MJ… cheers, that is all

      • Clint Johnson

        Kobe outplayed MJ in every respect? Yeah right. Except for that one stat called “winning” (thanks Charlie Sheen). I remember one game in particular back in 98. The Lakers scored 70+ points in the first half and had the Bulls down by like 30. Bulls came back and won. Kobe never outplayed MJ unless you count the Wizards years.

  • Joelroderick

    Oscar Robinson, averaged a triple double for a entire season!

    • Steve

      Oscar was an awesome player but how many NBA rings did he win?

  • Joelroderick

    Kobe is a great defensive player as well. Remember last years playoff against Russell Westbrook

    • Keithbv16

      yes he is a good defensive player he was voted to the all defensive team for years what other player do you know that leaves court on a felony case score 50 points dunk on yao ming and go back to court the following week

  • rod1

    Iike Kobe and I feel he is one of the greatest player that have ever played the game but, as far as the full package Michael will always have him beat.

    • Keithbv16

      does the full package mean you can get in a refs face so close you almost spit on him and you never get kicked out of the game sounds like a prima dona to me kobe is the real deal they changed the rules for jordan or the pistons would still be knocking him on his butt when he came down yhe lane

  • nba fans

    KOBE SMILES MORE THAN MJ, In the big boy games, you don’t f–king smile. Only Mean Serious face will win in this big boy game.

    This comment is for the Super Man down in Florida as well, until you taken yourself more seriously and maturely, you’ll never win a championship.

  • Dave

    I still think Magic was better than both.

    • PatrickLA

      Magic as a scorer or a passer? As a Passer, the best ever was magic but as a pure go-to scorer in any clutch situation, Kobe and MJ are 1-2, pick it either way.

      • Dave

        Magic had 30 triple doubles in 190 playoff games. The other two aren’t even in the top five. The closest is Jason Kidd at 11.

    • Clint Johnson

      Both MJ and Kobe were far better all-around players than magic. Magic was clearly very versatile though, evidenced by stepping in at center for Kareem and winning it all. I honestly wouldn’t put Magic or Bird in a top five scenario though. Top 10 definitely.

  • Rccm6

    Mj had a gambling problem, Kobe liked the girls. they both score at will. MJ scared the s—t out of his opponents. Kobe is judgemental to his teammates while MJ urged them on, sometimes with a look, slap or words. never saw the big O live but he’s from a different era. MJ to kobe comparison is valid since they overlap in time, opponenet, coach, etc. hard to question kobe’s heart. he never walked away from the game no matter his personal problems. MJ went to hit curveballs.
    I would start a team with bill russell. add a great point guard and then consider kobe or MJ.
    I have no idea who is better but i enjoyed watching MJ more.

  • joe

    teams win championships not players so that simply isn’t a relavent part of the discussion – wilt was a much better player than bill russell – but russell played with 5 other hall of famers – bottom line michael is probably the better player but not by a lot

  • PatrickLA

    The MVP argument is not a good point to compare MJ and Kobe. Let me just say this, in an interview with Larry Bird a couple of years back when Kobe won his first and probably only MVP award, Larry Bird was actually shocked and in disbelief when the host mentioned Kobe having only one MVP. Bird was like ” Really? I thought he had a couple already.” Yea, that coming from a TOP 10 all-time player! And to say that Kobe only deserved one is ignorance. His rape-charge definitely put a bias on the media as well as Shaq being the popular guy when they played together in LA. (come to think of it,..Shaq only had one as well and that isn’t right either!). IF YOU ASKED NBA PLAYERS ANY GIVEN YEAR BETWEEN 2002-2008 WHO THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA WAS..NO DOUBT KOBE WOULD HAVE 4-5 MVP AWARDS WITHOUT QUESTION!!!

    • Vspcmike

      Steve Nash won a couple of back-to-back MVPs and how many rings does he have? During those years there was definitely an anti-Kobe media out there.

    • Jmv3977

      MJ also deserves lots more MVP awards than he got

  • Anonymous

    How is this even a converstaion. Look at the players Kobe had with him. Shaq, Gasol, Bynum, Odom, and a season with the glove and karl malone. Besides Pippen who fell flat on his face once Jordan retired who did he have? Rodman? Kerr? Plus I will take a gambler over a rapist any day.

    • majesticblue

      Andrew, you’re probably in your puberty years, no?

    • Usmcfdmy

      I dont agree with your view of the supporting cast arguement. Even though I do think Jordan is slightly better, than kobe. Sure kobe has always had another big name, but MJ was surounded by specialist at the top of their respective games. Who was a better rebounder/blocker than Rodman, who gave MJ those second chance shots. Or who was better then Kerr at the three point line or Paxon. And doing the dirty work cartwright, and the guy that wore the goggles , grant. And finally the best “Robin” to his BATMAN” of course Pippen. Sorry Jordan had a lot of help but consistently beat the top players in the nba in clutch performances, which is why I think MJ is slightly better

    • claustin

      I hate it when people say pippen didn’t do anything when jordan was out of the league. They won like 56 games and were a blown call away from going to the finals (or was it eastern conference finals?) The first year after Jordan retired. They lost Horace to the Magic after that and didn’t have the chops, but Pippen should have been league MVP that year. And Jordan > Kobe, but it’s close, and I’ve been a Kobe hater most of his career. The one thing I will say is that Kobe was a second banana for the first three ‘ships, so that right there knocks him down to a close 2nd. But 2nd to MJ ain’t to shabby.

  • Anonymous

    I am still in shock and looked at the numbers. Jordan even though he missed time in his prime and played at almost 40 with the wizards had more points per game, more assists per game, more rebounds per game, more steals per game, and more blocks per game. How could this even be a conversation? Phil is obviously tryin to not tick off a premadonna player.

    • Dellb1973

      I am offender by this bulls#$%

    • Jmv3977

      Agree 100%

  • Upserbee21

    I still laugh when I remember Vlade Diva’s comment he made about how crazy it was to trade him for a kid. I wonder what he thinks now.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but in the end that trade was simply to have the cap room to sign Shaq interesting how that worked out

  • Moe

    No way in hell, we will not see another MJ in our lifetime as long as MJ’s memory lives kobe at best will be no# 2 and that is at his utmost best and as far as character kobe cannot kiss the groung MJ walks.And ofcourse there is no white palyer who even comes close to MJ so please do not campare any white player to MJ but ofcourse the “RACIST”will.By the way I am not black or of negro descendent.

    • Dellb1973

      WTF!!! Kobe will never be Mike!

    • Letshannondunk

      First of all, you are not racist yet you used the term “negro?” Hmmmm….. but besides that, how did MJ have great character? By all accounts, he was an a**hole (see his hall of fame speech) who was only seen as a better person than Kobe because he was smart enough to keep his personality out of the media. And while Kobe is probably not better than MJ, they are in the same stratosphere if Kobe wins any more championships. Kobe also will porbably have had a much longer career.

      As far as white players being better than MJ, there are none who were better, but there were some who were comparable, and arguably more influential toward the game; see George Mikan, Jerry West, and Larry Bird

    • FreeSpellingLessonAvailable

      You sure?….you seem to spell like a black man

    • Billcooper

      Yea, right. If you’re not black or of negro doesn’t give you pass to make that type of racist comment.

  • thejackal

    A lot ignorant comments on here. I watched Michaels carreer from start to finish and Kobe’s from the start and still enjoy his journey.

    When Michael played hand checking was allowed…Not anymore. This has changed the game a lot and Michael would of thrived in an environment like this. 30.1 PPG average for a carreer hmm I cant imagine him playin in a game were it became illegal I think it would be closer to 40 PPG. Oh yeah and for those who think Kobe is a better scorer??? Playoffs Michael averaged 36 PPG a feat no one has matched.

    Kobe is awesome no doubt about it bet his not MIke. I also have to say when Kobe played the Suns he quit in a game. Quit shooting Phil benched him. Pretty sad I was mad at him and I have never seen Michael Jordan give up.

    • Keithbv16

      how do we forget mj going into pistons d and landing on his butt they changed the rules so mj could score more other than that i dont know when he would get his first ring kobe is the real deal the truth will come out o speaking of feats 81 points isnt bad for one game unless you are on the opposing team

      • thejackal

        Come on it was 1994 when they implemented Hand Checking. The Piston playoffs were a long time before 1994 and MJ still was getting 30+ppg avg. So give me a break. I think Kobe is awesome no questions asked its just he isnt MJ.

  • Killah Fhonics

    Its simple…. They are both great players, great imaging, marketing. We can argue the era in which they played, the type of play, the athletes of then and now and the technologies. Some advantages Jordan, some Kobe.

    …but its simple. Jordan left to play baseball…BASEBALL… for quite some time, then came back two years later, to will his team to THREE more championships!!!! …who does that? like seriously!!!!

    …now tell me, why are we still having this conversation? BOOOOM!

    • Buckley_27

      Thank you!

  • Michael Bullard

    MJ was the total player; no question asked. If Kobe had not been with the Lakers, he would have just been another Iverson, Nique, Rose, etc. I think that Durant is as good as Kobe. He just doesn’t have the rings. Put one of these players with the Lakers, without Kobe, and the rings still would come. The Lakers have had a good “team” and coaches for years. Kobe just happened to end up there. He never truly wanted to leave!

  • jmp013

    Only one team has ever gone 72-10, and Kobe wasn’t on it… He has one MVP, and how many defensive player of the year awards? Kobe’s great, but is no Michael…

  • LakersColts2418

    MVP’s, as brought out by Stern are just votes by the Media…they don’t count for crap anyway. I’d say listen to Phil who has been around and coached BOTH Michael and Kobe and brought BOTH to championships. I would absolutely agree that Kobe is just as good as Michael was……..and here I also have to say that they are both DIFFERENT people. They both are better than each other at certain things. I have NEVER seen anyone else get the range of shots Kobe has. And Michael was a better defender. Both are awesome. To say Kobe isn’t near as good as Michael is a very ignorant and biased thing to say. But to admit they’re both awesome and have many similarities takes an open and unbiased mind…….not to mention a MATURE one as well.

    • Clint Johnson

      They are both awesome, and Kobe is near as good, but he’ll never be as good or better. He just can’t match MJ’s accomplishments due to the paths their respective careers have taken. It’s pretty much fact that Kobe took a lot longer to mature, whether that’s due to playing with Shaq or coming out of HS or whatever. He’s quit on his team a couple of times because he got his feelings hurt by the media. He simply wasn’t as mentally tough as Jordan over the duration of his career. And regardless of what Phil says now, and he might even think it now, but don’t forget that he said in his book he wanted to, or was at least open to, trading Kobe because he was so difficult to coach early on. We should all be able to agree on one thing though: Phil Jackson is the best coach ever. Neither the Lakers or Bulls would have won as many, if any, championships without “Big Cheif Triangle” (props to Jeff Van Gundy).

  • Tedbigshow

    MJ was better defensively and rebounding. Kobe also melts at the end of some games,Jackson coaches Kobe now so he should favor him.

  • LakersColts2418

    Also, every great player has other great players around him. You can scream, cry, rant, and rave all you want but Michael would NEVER have gotten 6 rings without the help of Scotty Pippen. And that’s OK. The whole purpose of a team is to have great players so what kind of stupid, petty argument is it that Kobe has great players around him??? And let’s not forget who has been leading and teaching those same great players!!!!
    I know people love Michael and that some hate the fact that there is a very viable person out there to compare him too…but suck it up, because there will be more great players and more to come who will break lots of records.
    And if you want to get extremely petty about defensive awards and Mvp’s and all that crap…well, here’s one: HOW MANY TIMES HAS MICHAEL JORDAN SCORED 81 POINTS????????? Again, they are BOTH great and they BOTH have certain talents that are better than the other’s. LET IT GO!!!! No matter how much you don’t want Kobe to be like Mike…….that’s just the way it is and VICE VERSA.

  • Uneed2know

    U silly fools!!!!! No one will ever be the next MJ!!!!…. jus like, No one will ever b the next KOBE!!!!
    they both are THEE BEST in there own time!!!!!!!!!

  • 3point shot

    Though I do not like Kobe one bit. And not a fan of Lakers
    How about this question
    Tell me what players Kobe has made better playing with him?
    Long pause……..No one
    He does not set up his teammates
    He does not play defense
    This has been true since coming into the NBA
    Jordan on the other hand is different
    Look back. Jordan would call out teammates in practice, challenge
    them. He made all of the players accountable and they got better
    Kerr, Pippen, Cartwright, Horace Grant
    So no. Not even close to Jordan
    Larry Bird is a much better player then Kobe
    He also made his teammates better and won.
    Magic Johnson called Bird the best player he ever played against

    • Salgut

      I recall Kobe calling out Pau the last few weeks!! HMM.. First Team all NBA Defense almost every season… You are a Dumbass.. If you are going to make statements get your shit togeteher first!!

    • 2011Playoffs

      Ignorant. Kobe doesn’t play defense? He doesn’t make his teammates better? He has made Pau Gasol a better player, he’s made Andrew Bynum a better player. He has made the entirety of the Lakers team better since he has been in the league.
      You are clearly biased, and clearly hate Kobe. Kobe is better than Bird, and Magic Johnson never played against Kobe, or even with Kobe, so that argument is invalid.

    • Jack Yang

      Hmm. I think you’re forgetting Kobe brings an competitive attitude that is contagious among the team … being that leader who will play the “bad cop” while Fisher plays “good cop”. That itself is more valuable than any in-game assist.

    • Jack Yang

      Oh … and to say Kobe doesn’t call out his teammates to push them to be better, that’s total bull crap. He does it in practice. That’s why when he took practice off to rest during the season, Lakers go on losing streaks. You sir, is delusional.

    • Lakers vs Mavericks

      Hahaha Larry Bird is better than Kobe? Not true.
      He plays no defense? Not true at all.
      He doesn’t set his team mates up? He does. Pau and Bynum also got better playing with him.
      Have you even seen Kobe play once?
      That has to be the most ignorant post about Kobe I’ve read.
      It’s obvious you don’t like him and are a Michael Jordan fan.

    • Guest

      Okay how exactly do you make another player better..if the other player doesnt work on his game what exactly should kobe do drag his teammates to the gym and make them shoot shots..thats a dumb statement you cant make other player better…You probably cant play and having Kobe or MJ on your team isnt going to make you an Allstar…Quit it…

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      LOL at bird being better than kobe, are you serious?
      he was playing with other 3 HOF
      in kobe team now how many? right….
      Ok Idiot
      read this, if you can (i doubt you can understand it though…)

      However, LeBron’s teammates have consistently played worse with him than anywhere else in their careers.

Ilgauskus was an All-Star caliber center before playing with LeBron. Once averaging a career-high 17.2 ppg bf LeBron’s rookie year, “Big Z” has seen his numbers drop to 13.5 ppg this season, while playing basically the same minutes (30.0 mpg in 02-03 vs. 30.5 mpg in 07-08). The past three seasons, he has seen his number of shot attempts drop from 13.9 shots per game in 02-03, to 11.9, 12.5, 11.4, 10.1, as LeBron has increasingly dominated the ball.
In 02-03, Ricky Davis averaged 20.6 ppg, shooting 41% from the field and 36% from the 3. When LeBron became a Cav, Davis’ scoring average plummeted to 15.3 ppg. Traded 22 games later to the Celtics, his shooting percentage increased from 43% to 48.9%, and his three point percentage from 35% to 38%.
Eric Snow had averaged 12.1 on 44.2%, 12.9 on 45.2%, and 10.3 ppg on 41.3% in 3 previous seasons with the 76ers. In 04-05, LeBron’s second year, he was traded to the Cavaliers. His ppg dropped to a pathetic 4.0 ppg on 38.2% shooting, despite playing a 22.8 minutes per game. The following year, LeBron’s third with the Cavs, Snow, lead by the great leader that Bron is, averaged an awe-inspiring 4.8 ppg on 40.9%, while playing 28.7 mpg.
Kevin Ollie, a teammate of Snow’s in Philly, saw his shooting percentage drop from 44.1% to 37%, his one season playing alongside the King.
In 05-06, Cleveland acquired Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones, two deadly outside shooters, in a bid to surround James with 3-pt bombers to put the Cavs in championship contention.
In his two seasons with Toronto, Marshall averaged 13.9 ppg, shooting 45.5% from the field and 41% on 3’s. In just 04-05 with the Raptors, Marshall scored 1..5 ppg on 44.3% fg and 41.6% from 3’s in 25.3 mpg. However, when he joined the Cavs in 05-06, his scoring plummeted to 9.3 ppg, while shooting 39.5% from the field and 32.4% from three, in 25.6 mpg, substantial drops in productivity while playing more minutes. In three seasons with the Cavs, Marshall never shot better than 35.1% from 3-pt range, whereas he had no worse than 38% from 3-pt range the past 4 seasons. 
Damon Jones averaged 11.6 points, 45.6% fg and 43.2% shooting from beyond the arc for Miami in 04-05. In 05-06, playing alongside the guy that “makes players better, while Kobe doesn’t”, Jones’ shooting dropped to 38.7% from the field, and 37.7% from 3. 
To the blogger of or whatever that site’s name is…

It finally comes down to this, the “Pippen” to LeBron’s “Jordan”, the Robin for LBJ’s Batman. Larry Hughes, the guy that Cavalier fans love to hate, the guy that an entire city blames for being such a crappy player that he is not worth the contract of “Sideshow Bob” Varejao.
In the 03-04 season, Hughes averaged 18.8 points on 40% fg. In 04-05, he averaged 22 ppg on 43% from the field. In both years, he played alongside one of the (supposedly) most selfish players in the league in Gilbert Arenas.
In his first season alongside LeBron, Hughes saw his production drop to 15.5 points on 40% shooting. He never averaged more than 15.5 ppg, or shot better than 40%, while playing 2.5 seasons with LeBron. He was averaging 12.3 ppg on 37.7% shooting for Cleveland, when he was recently traded to the Bulls (for another “bust” in Ben Wallace, a bona-fide over-the-hill player that Cavs fans believe will help them win a title.). 
For me, this says it all. In his subsequent 11 games for Chicago, Hughes is averaging 15.4 ppg and shooting 40.3% from the field, while playing the same amount of minutes a game as he did in Cleveland.

Likewise, Drew Gooden another Cavs player traded to the Bulls, was averaging 11.3 ppg on 44% from the field for Cleveland, with 0.6 blocks and 8.3 rebounds. In those subsequent 11 games for the Bulls, while playing the same amount of minutes that he did for the Cavs, he has improved his production to 12.9 ppg on 47% shooting, with 1.5 blocks and 9.1 rebounds.
In his SI interview, Gilbert Arenas, responding in regards to people calling him a “selfish player” that “does not make his teammates better”:
That’s the only reason the guys on this team like playing with me. That’s why Larry Hughes loved playing with me because at the end of the day, even though I take a lot of shots, it doesn’t seem that way because if you average 19 [points] and you’re getting 19 [shots], you’re not looking at mine.
I’m not even going to lie, I’m not going to put words in his mouth,” Arenas said. “But he [Hughes] told me in training camp, ‘Man, I want to come back.‘
And, Mr. Hibachi on the Cle-Chi-Sea trade:
They got rid of big man scoring from Gooden and a guard who can play defense and stick all of the other teams’ best guards in Hughes. Now they don’t have that anymore.

I don’t want to speak for him, but we are texting back and forth and he seems happy. 
Of course.
As Larry’s replacement, we get the wonderful Wally-World from Seattle. Let’s just do this REAL simple for the “LeBest makes his teammates better while Kobe basically sh*ts on his” fans. Finally, they claimed, we got a guard/forward that can actually shoot, instead of the “useless”, All-NBA class perimeter defender in Hughes. 
Let’s bring out the all-encompassing stats once again. Wally’s stats:
06-07 Celtics  – 15.0 ppg on 41.5% fg, 41.5% 3pt, in 28.1 mpg
07-08 Sonics   – 13.1 ppg on 46.0% fg, 42.8% 3pt, in 23.6 mpg
07-08 Cavs     – 10.5 ppg on 31.8% fg, 36.6% 3pt, in 28.5 mpg
Hmm, was that “LeBron makes his teammates better” again?
Now for the best part. The part where we state, what has been obvious to this diehard fan that has watched every Spurs, Mavs, Lakers, Cavaliers, and Celtics game this year. I’ve made it a point to watch all the Cavs games I record on League Pass, because…what can I say. Yah I love Kobe, but LeBron sure is exciting in his own way.
But I’ve come to the following conclusion.
Kobe makes his teammates better. Much, MUCH better.

Let’s get back to Smushy Poo and Stonehands, as well as a couple other bonafide D-leaguers that have had an absolute priveledge to play with the best player in the league.
Parker started with (lo and behold) the Cavaliers in 02-03, the year before James’ rookie season. He bounced around from Cleveland to Detroit to Phoenix. In those 3 seasons, he played 82 games, shooting a combined 42% from the field and 26.5% from the arc, averaging 6.2, 3.0, and 3.0 ppg. Over those 3 seasons, he averaged 5.5 ppg.
In his first season with Kobe, Smushy averaged career-highs with 11.5 ppg, shot 44.7% from the field, and 36.6% from the arc. His second season with Kobe Bean saw him average 11.1 ppg while shooting 43.6% from the field and 36.5% from the arc.
However, not only did this imbecile not treat his oppurtunity with Kobe as a blessing, he remained a petulant, turnover-prone defensive liability. Of course, all Laker fans know how terrible of a player this guy is, even though Kobe constantly made him look much better.
”Star” coach Pat Riley subsequently signs him to the league-leading (in losses) Miami Heat. Smush then averages 4.8 ppg on 31.5% fg and 25% 3pt. On a team that was in desperate need of PG play, the idiot ended up in Riley’s doghouse, playing only 9 games. Riley, fed up by the guy’s stupidity, constant whining, complete lack of offensive or defensive game, and offcourt antics, detested Smushy so much that he waited until after March 1st to waive him, so that he would not be able to sign with any playoff team. 
I’m proud to report that, having recently played 2 games for our Los Angeles Clippers, Smush is now averaging 6.0 ppg, shooting 29.4% from the field.
That brings us to “Stonehands” Kwame Brown, the god of blown dunks and layups, and the second coming of Shawn Bradley when it comes to his handsome mug addorning posters of “big guys getting dunked on”. The player Mitch “once called Kupcake” traded in essentially a 1-for-1 trade for Pau Gasol, the trade that Kobe called “the coup de grace” and “grand larceny”.
Kwame, drafted #1 by Michael Jordan in 01-02, played four seasons in Washington. He shot 38.7%, 44.6%, 48.9%, and 46% in four seasons for the Wizards. 
The season he joined Kobe in 05-06, he had successive career-highs, shooting 52.6% in 05-06, followed by 59.1% last season, and 51.5% in 23 games this year. (When I saw that stat, I was like WHAT? Kwame shot almost 60%? @#%(@#&)
In Memphis, he is averaging a career low in minutes (due to his lack of any ability except size), shooting his lowest fg% since his rookie year at 42.3%.
How anyone can tell me that Kwame and Smushy weren’t better just by playing with Kobe Bean Bryant?
Just some further short ones, since this post is getting too damn long. In order of joining KB24, during this obvious “second stage” of his career:
Jumaine Jones – In 03-04, shot 34.4% from the field, 29.5% from three for the Celtics. In 04-05, his lone season alongside Kobe, he shot 43.2% fg and 39.1% 3pt. Since leaving the Lakers, he shot 40.5% from the field and 34.3% from long range in Charlotte, and saw those numbers deteriorate further in Phoenix till he was waived.
Chucky Atkins – In four seasons bouncing around with Orlando, Detroit, and Boston, averaged 9.7 ppg, 41.0% fg and 35.2% from beyond the arc. In his lone season with Kobe in 04-05, averaged 13.6 ppg, 42.6% fg and 38.7% from the arc. The last 2 years, he has bounced around on 3 teams, shooting a combined 40.4% from the field, 36.3% from three, and averaging 10.8 ppg.
Chris Mihm – 46.2% career field goals. First 3.5 seasons in Cleveland, 54 games in Boston. Never shot higher than 49%. Career highs in scoring (10.2) and fg% (51.7%) in 3 seasons, 153 games with Kobe.
Lamar Odom – The player that many people pick out as Kobe’s “all star” running mate, and the one that they say Kobe made worse In reality, he’s become an all-around difference maker playing alongside KB24. In 5 seasons with the Clippers and Miami. His previous career high shooting percentage was 46% from the field with the Clippers in his 2nd year. In 03-04, he shot 43% playing alongside D-Wade and Caron Butler. 
Since 04-05, his first season with the Lakers alongside Kobe, he has shot 47.3%, 48.1%, 46.8% in an injury riddled season, and 51.5% THIS SEASON. If we remove last season’s 46.8%, where Lamar was racked by shoulder and knee injuries, he has improved his shooting, with new career high fg%’s every season with KB24.
Derek Fisher – Three seasons for Golden State and Utah saw him shoot 39.3%, 41% and 38.2% from the floor, while shooting 37.1%, 39.7%, and 30.8% from 3pt range. Since returning to the Lakers and playing alongside the new and improved, constantly double-teamed Kobe, he has shot career highs in 44% from the field and 41.3% from the arc. 
Didier Ilunga-Mbenga – Played a total of 95 games for Dallas and Golden State in previous 3.5 seasons,  shooting 45.4% from the field. Shooting 51% in 15 games for the Lakers. Wow. Kobe is even making “Stonehands Jr.” better.
Pau Gasol – 51.1% career field goals. 6.5 seasons with Grizzlies, with career high 53.8% fg last season. In 19 games with the Lakers and KB24, career high 58.1% fg.

    • NoDefense

      if u don’t like kobe and your not a laker fan,,,,,,,why are u here??????????

  • Bobbydlv

    Kobe isn’t worthy of carrying MJ”s jockb strap,let alone people trying to campare him to Michael.MJ was the total package,he played all aspects of the game to the fullest,and he always made his team-mates better then they may have been.Give it up Kobe you’ll never be anywhere close to MJ’S status.

    • AJ

      Seems like you’re doing a good enough job carrying Jordan’s jockstrap yourself. Your comment is just as asinine as if someone said Jordan couldnt carry Wilt Chamberlain jockstrap. Not everyone believes MJ was the second coming of Jesus.

    • Teackeristick





      • Clint Johnson

        Ha. How’d that work out for Karl Malone and Gary Payton? Oh yeah, they lost. Lakers might win it this year, but Phil won’t be back next year. Window closed. Son.

        • NoDefense

          he was to busy rebounding

      • Jhunnoi

        yeah!!!!…….. go lakers!!!!

    • Wykedavid

      That is so true Jordan Won so many more scoring titles mvps and was a better defensive player no comparision

    • Jmv3977


  • dop

    It has, and it’s Durant.

    • Jhunnoi

      durant will be the next d. wilkins with nothing

  • swag

    Kobe haters shut up your all idiots, he dsnt play D? he’s been on all defense teams, dsnt make his teamates better? shut that ass

  • Teackeristick



    • Buckley_27

      Swept baby! Ha!

  • Anonymous

    KOBE=G.O.A.T……….(sorry mj)

  • Guest

    Does it even matter?!?!?!?!? MJ did his thing, let Kobe do his!!!

  • Sana

    i like kobe as much as mj they both are sensational players. if u don’t like kobe for whatever reason, he’s just nothing to you, not even worth a nba rookie. simple is that right? com’on ppl
    don’t just be a kobe hater.. ask your heart (if u have seen him playing) accept his greatness. haven’t he proved enough as one of the best??

  • PaulyM

    In all honesty, Kobe is a great player but you cant compare anyone to MJ, especially players who have played in a different era. Kobe is a great player and probably when all is said and done, the second best of all time, he can make some awesome shots, play great D and can carry his team for the win. But MJ just totally dominated teams, and that was back in the day when guys were a lot physically tougher against each other and fouls were not called as much. It was also a time when some of the other greatest players were playing too. How many times did he score 40, 50 points against your team and make them look like they were standing still? Kobes good, but you cant say hes better or even just as good as MJ.

    On a side note; Id really like to see how many rings Phil Jackson would have if he hadnt been able to be the coach of MJ and Kobe. He totally lucked out by having these 2 guys on his team.

  • PaulyM

    In all honesty, Kobe is a great player but you cant compare anyone to MJ, especially players who have played in a different era. Kobe is a great player and probably when all is said and done, the second best of all time, he can make some awesome shots, play great D and can carry his team for the win. But MJ just totally dominated teams, and that was back in the day when guys were a lot physically tougher against each other and fouls were not called as much. It was also a time when some of the other greatest players were playing too. How many times did he score 40, 50 points against your team and make them look like they were standing still? Kobes good, but you cant say hes better or even just as good as MJ.

    On a side note; Id really like to see how many rings Phil Jackson would have if he hadnt been able to be the coach of MJ and Kobe. He totally lucked out by having these 2 guys on his team.

  • Dude

    This should help negate any efforts to compare:

    Had Jordan decided to be a team player later in his career, he would have scored we’ll above 80 points in one game, easily passing Kobe’s 81 and possibly Wilt. Jordan built a franchise and made all the players around him better during both runs-MVP all six Finals, Kobe was handed 3 championships (fact-how many times was he NBA Finals MVP during his first 3 titles?=0), and only “earned” his last two with he newly rebuilt Lakers (Being MVP only his last 2 finals). Also if Lakers win this year, kobe would be be 6-1 in his NBA finals appearances, where MJ was 6-0 in his time.

    Kobe is a great player i his own right- but he isn’t Jordan,nor anywhere near better.

    Oh yeah- Phil’s only saying this because he doesn’t want any distractions during there current bid for another ring. Contradiction within his words when he’s been documented saying that Kobe is “uncoachable” and has publicly went in on Kobe with the media for his play on the court.

    It wasn’t what Jordan did that makes him the greatest, its how he did it.

    Ya’ll bore me with opinions.

  • LakersColts2418

    Oh please. No one is selling Michael short. My word, this is like a pissing contest. We all KNOW Michael was great, no doubt, but SO IS KOBE. There are things Michael did that Kobe hasn’t, and there are things Kobe done that Michael wasn’t able to do. They are both great and they can BOTH be compared to EACH OTHER.

    • J-Man

      What has/can kobe do the MJ has/can not????

      I can’t think of a single thing….literally.

  • LakersColts2418

    And the FACT of the matter is, Michael DID NOT score the points Kobe did. So you can say whatever you want about if this or if that…….it did NOT HAPPEN> Get over it!!

    • Jmv3977

      You are right, he scored better ones! And more of them, and he played two years for the Wizards, so his numbers go down, and even that he is the all time scoring avg leader. And not only in the regulat season, but in the playoffs too.

  • LakersColts2418

    One more thing, Phil has Coached Kobe for a number of years and he did NOT always say Kobe was as good as Jordan…..that came years later. Kobe has put in a LOT of work, loves the game like no one else and he DESERVES the credit of being THAT GOOD.
    All you haters out there need to grow up and stop being so narrow minded. You can love Jordan and still praise Kobe without feeling disloyal somehow.
    People resent that Kobe is as good as he is and it’s frustrating to see people put up stupid comment after stupid comment time after time.
    Of course, who is better is all relative. It’s all a matter of opinion. But you cannot deny that Kobe IS that good. JUST as good as Jordan.

  • Andy Valdez

    The amount of help that Kobe has had through the years shows he is nothing like The Man our Airness Michael Jordan! Kobe can try and walk talk and act like Mike all he wants but that doesn’t make him Michael. Remember before he got some help Lamar Odom Pau Gasol he was ready to run out of LA. Michael stuck with the players that he was dealt and overcame all obstacles. And for all you guys that say this is a different era Michael at any era is the Man. He went against Majic Bird the Bad Boys and I would take any of those teams right now and they would kill all these teams of today!

    • ViloProfLA

      Let’s see… I am a Die hard fan of the Lakers.. not Kobe… I mean… if kobe left the team.. I am still a fan… that’s for sure… but Kobe is the kind of player that you enjoy to see playing basket ball.. for sure he is on teh top 10 GOAT and the top 3 Guards.. I do not believe he is better than Mike… but you have to see a little more of history… Jordan never have the same help than kobe?? are you kidding me? Rodman Rebound leader for three or four season? Pippen? Kukoc? Kerr? Grant? so.. what are you expecting for help? that’s an empty argument… Mike was MIke.. and Still he is.. GOAT.. but Kobe have all that is needed to be mentioned in the same page than Jordan…

      • Andy Valdez

        Mike had Rodman the 2nd time around and (next 3 championships) The only real help was from Pippen. Think real hard does Mike win championships with Shaq and Gasol can Kobe win Championships with the players Mike had. Mike made Pippen and played defense I mean real shut-down defense! Kobe is a great scorer and probably 1 of the best down the stretch of a game but can he win a game with-out scoring?

  • Marquis Johnson

    if you put lebron on the past two lakers team…. it would have been 2 easy championships

    lebron > kobe… no matter what all the idiots think. Talentwise he is the only player who can ever come close to Jordan. Its only a matter of time before this heat team becomes a dynasty and kobe rolls over against them like he did in both losses this season…along with ALL the losses to the Cavs with lebron over the years. Kobe is scared of Lebron and is lucky… just like he has always been… that they dont play in the same conference.



  • Vegas Man with Knowledge

    One thing is for sure Kobe is NOT AS CHEAP as Michael Jordon!

  • WOW

    I like both players and we can argue all we want about it I used to hate Jordan because he will pound the hell out of the Lakers and he did have help as well Pippen, Saxon, Cartwright, Grant, and many more. I see this reversed now everyone hates Kobe because he can pound your team and yes he has had help also Shaq, Odom, Gasol, Fisher. They are both great and they are both Killers with that ball and everyone talks about Lebron HELL no he walked out of his legacy Rose and Durant are my two next Jordan or Kobe I hope they stay healthy so we can enjoy watching them

    • Andy Valdez

      Oh yeah didn”t Kobe have Shaq when he was in his prime no Kobe hater here just stating the fact who is better thats all. And the line up you gave is not comparible to the one Kobe has gotten.

  • Malcol00

    (if you put lebron on the past two lakers team…. it would have been 2 easy championships) I QUOTE –

    Look Lebron never could be Kobe Or Michael Since he quit his team before it became champions.

  • LakersColts2418

    What’s interesting is that people don’t realize what it really took to get those 81 points. Michael didn’t have the ZONE to play against. It was one on one…..but even with 3 guys able to try and defend, Kobe STILL played one of the greatest games of all time. Michael did NOT do that.
    For the last time, BOTH men are awesome. Both have strong and weak points. But do NOT downplay Kobe’s role in getting his 5 rings. For those still using the argument that he had help…….EVERYONE DID. That’s why it’s a TEAM sport…..not one on one. DUHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Matthew

    LakerCOlts must be a moron.

  • LakersColts2418

    What’s the matter, Matthew, not breast fed as an infant, is that why you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation? LOL Grow up, dude.

  • Matthew

    Kobe canot even be in the top 5 all time. Kobe is Kobe and Jordan is Jordan. Kobe is miles short of Jordan. Tell Kobe go out and win NBA defensive player of the year. League MVPs, 6 finals MVPs, Scoring titles, Olympic titles, Rookie of the year, retire and come back and dominate, retire again and come back and score 40,39,35…etc at age 40. Kobe is a great scorer but that’s it. Kobe helps his team in NOTHING but scoring. Matter of fact, these fools need to stop comparing Kobe to Michael and start comparing Kobe and LeBron. Because minus the rings, LeBron got him beat by a mile. LBJ is a much better ALL ROUND basketball player.

    • Paulblount Pb

      Its obvious you know nothing about basketball… if palyers who played with MJ and Phil who coached them both say Kobe is just as good… I understand your intitled to your own opinion, but wouldn’t their opinion count for something, I mean, did you play with either one of them… Obviously you’re a Kobe hater…

      • Matthew

        It’s called COMMONSENSE. Phil plays both sides, he want’s another ring so why come out and say Kobe is better? There’s already tension between himself and Kobe. It’s nothing about being a Kobe hater, I just said he’s going down as one of the greatest scorers ever, but that’s it. A scorer. Nothing more.

        • LOSAL62

          nothing more? how many times all defense FIRST team rookie?

          GO LAKERS!!!



    • Trampe

      nice pal.mike da best ever,second to none.

    • losal62

      like I said you’re a rookie! and get off lebricks nuts

      GO LAKERS!!!

  • HushNow

    Why is that, Matthew? Because LakersColts has a valid point and you don’t? Why don’t you talk about the subject instead of acting like a 5 year old insulting people who don’t give one whit what you think?

    • Matthew

      What’s valid in his point?

  • LakersColts2418

    Thanks, Hush, but it’s not worth arguing with a child. I think I’ve made my points, like you said.

  • Joseph R

    you serious Matthew LBJ more rounded player than Kobe what a joke dude thats just straight hating…

    • Matthew

      Hating? Minus the rings and tell me what Kobe has on LeBron? LeBron took a cast of underacheivers and a very ordinary coach to the NBA finals. He lost, but you think Kobe cud have gotten them there? LeBron is better offensively, defensively and athletic. He averages more than Kobe in points, rebounds, blocks and steals. As far as I’m concerned, Tim Duncan is a bigger star to his team than Kobe. Not to mention a more classy player and team mate.

  • Matthew

    Get off of Shobe’s d***! He fakes injuries during playoff time so he can have something similiar to Jordan’s flu game. Last year against the Thunder he faked a finger injury. This year against the Hornets he milked a lil ankle turn. Then comes out and dunks in the lane TWICE. For such a supposedly “superstar” he averages a bit low don’t you think? Michael came into the league and lit up Boston for 63 as a rookie. Kobe came into the league, jumped on Shaq’s shoulders and was presented with 3 rings. 3 inals MVPs for Shaq and shared the 3rd with Kobe because he acted like a b****! Besides, Phil has a say in this because of what? The triangle offense? That’s his claim to coaching fame? RUBBISH! Pop is 10 times the coach Phil is! Jordan made Phil, not the other way around. Kobe will never be in the top 5 all time. And the way it seems, the top 10 might elude him as well. He’s an average player. Get over it losers!

    • Guest

      LOL..You just called Kobe avg..this is why they should post peoples basketball IQ before we start to talk to them..because your statments shows your IQ is very low…Phil is still coaching has been to the Finals 7 times without MJ so how did MJ make him again…The media made the big deal about the ankle not Kobe…yea and Im sure you had your finger up MJ ass so you know he had the Flu during those games…

  • bballer2g

    This is a interesting debate my friends and I always have its like to say Kobe is in the same classic as Mike is an Insult which it isnt…The are both very talented and during they time they are the best to play hands down…You cant count MVP’s because that a popularity contest not really in Kobe’s control…Kobe has one MVp but he should really have 2 more (the Two they gave Nash) Kobe has been the best player for serveral years…..Kobe vs Jordan Good Debate Now that Kobe vs Lebrick isnt even worth talking about..Lebrick is 6’8 260 but plays real small on the biggest stages…your legend is defined in the Playoffs in those grest moments and Labrick just doesnt have to HEART of yall I say BALLS to step up in those moments….the fact that he had to leave the Cavs to join Wade’s team says all you need to know about him as a Baller…He will always be the Robin on the team and the sad thing is thats the way he wants it….Kobe was Robin on those 1st championship teams…but we could always see that he was just waiting to become Batman I would even say he won that Philly Finals and the one against the Pacers bcuz in big games on the road he closed out each team…25pts 6rebs and 5ast in the finals dont really sound like Robin numbers to me but….Let lebrick win something before you try and compare to the Mikes and Kobes of the League…wait it will still be hard to do bcuz those will Wade’s rings…LOL

  • Anonymous

    I agree with mathew, Kobe is nowhere near as good as Jordan. Sure he has a resemblance in some aspects but when you talk about Jordan you talk about Jordan. When you talk about Kobe you talk about Kobe and Shaq or Kobe and Gasol. Jordan had his sidekick like Batman. With Kobe it´s like Batman and Batman.

  • Matthew

    And yea LakeColts, I do think you’re a moron. You’re talking about 81 points like it’s so unbelievable. Wanna know what’s unbelievable? A man at 40 playing against the NBA’s best in 2002/2003 and STILL being doubled and trippled team. You have to be fair in your judgement, not just cause you’re a Laker fan you gotta build a case for Kobe as on the same level as Michael. Kobe is a mere shadow of Michael, he wud never do the things on the court that Michael did and I don’t have to list them all out for you. Kobe goes down as one of the greatest SCORERS in the history of the sport. Nothing else. GET OVER IT!!!


      damn,so someone came along that was mike.get over it!!!



        • Matthew

          Obviously another Laker fan. It’s only fair that you try to belittle Jordan and praise Kobe, afterall, it was Michael that won his first championship against you and you took a decade to recover. You have my sympathy.

          • SHOWTIME4EVA

            give me a break lol. take a look at your b.s. you know your full of it.Kobe does things mike couldnt do. and mike does things Kobe cant do.. both are equally great just shut up and enjoy.

        • Clint Johnson

          Found some stats. The tone of the post is a little contentious, and I do think Kobe is a phenomenal player and the best of his generation, but when it comes to all time these stats are hard to argue with.

          Seasons over 30 points per game:
          Michael Jordan: 8
          Kobe Bryant: 2

          Seasons over 32 points per game:
          Michael Jordan: 5
          Kobe Bryant: 1

          In NBA history, there are 13 50 point games with under 50% shooting, and Kobe Bryant is responsible for 6 of them.

          Kobe Bryant also has:
          2nd worst known game score for a player scoring 10+ points. (5-21 shooting)
          2nd worst known game score for a player scoring 30+ points. (11-29)
          Worst and 4th worst known game scores for a player scoring 40+ points. (17-47, 12-30)

          Regular season
          Seasons under 50% shooting
          Kobe Bryant: 14
          Michael Jordan: 9

          Seasons under 48% shooting:
          Kobe Bryant: 14
          Michael Jordan: 5

          Seasons over 50% shooting:
          Kobe Bryant: 0
          Michael Jordan: 6

          Seasons over 52% shooting:
          Kobe Bryant: 0
          Michael Jordan: 4

          Regular season
          Games with under 50% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 489
          Kobe Bryant: 623

          Regular season
          Games with under 48% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 458
          Kobe Bryant: 599

          Regular season
          Games with under 46% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 388
          Kobe Bryant: 530

          Regular season
          Games with under 44% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 296
          Kobe Bryant: 452

          Regular season
          Games with under 42% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 234
          Kobe Bryant: 393

          Regular season
          Games with under 40% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 158
          Kobe Bryant: 317

          Regular season
          Games with under 35% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 88
          Kobe Bryant: 192

          Regular season
          Games with under 30% shooting
          Michael Jordan: 41
          Kobe Bryant: 97

          Regular season
          Games with 60% or better shooting
          Michael “Air” Jordan: 173
          Kobe “Bean” Bryant: 123

          Regular season
          Games with 50% or better shooting
          Michael “Air” Jordan: 556
          Kobe “Bean” Bryant: 393

          Regular season
          Games with 20 shots made on 60% or better shooting
          MJ: 16
          Kobe: 3

          Rookie of the Year
          Michael Jordan: Yes
          Kobe Bryant: No

          In his rookie year, Michael Jordan led his team in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals. Kobe Bryant wasn’t good enough to beat out Eddie Jones for the starting spot his rookie year.

          All-Rookie First Team
          Michael Jordan: Yes
          Kobe Bryant: No

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with 12 or more assists
          Michael Air Jordan: 32
          Kobe Bryant: 19

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with 10 or more assists:
          Michael Air Jordan: 87
          Kobe Bean Bryant: 74

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with 5 or more assists:
          Michael Air Jordan: 663
          Kobe Bean Bryant: 593

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with less than 3 assists:
          Michael Air Jordan: 179
          Kobe Bryant: 261

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with less than 2 assists:
          Michael Air Jordan: 61
          Kobe Bryant: 142

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with 0 assists:
          Michael Air Jordan: 7
          Kobe Bryant: 57

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with at least 15 rebounds:
          Michael Air Jordan: 10
          Kobe Bryant: 5

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          Games with at least 12 rebounds:
          Michael Air Jordan: 66
          Kobe Bryant: 29

          Percentage of points scored on free throws:
          Michael Air Jordan: 22.9%
          Kobe Bryant: 25.1%

          Record in games with 30+ shot attempts
          Michael Air Jordan: 72-57 (.558)
          Kobe Bean Bryant: 46-61 (.368)
          Michael Jordan shot his team to wins, Kobe Bryant shoots his team out of wins.

          Seasons with at least 200 steals:
          Michael Air Jordan: 6
          Kobe Bryant: 0

          Seasons with at least 150 steals:
          Michael Air Jordan: 9
          Kobe Bryant: 2

          Seasons with at least 100 blocks:
          Michael Air Jordan: 2
          Kobe Bryant: 0

          Seasons with at least 75 blocks:
          Michael Air Jordan: 4
          Kobe Bryant: 0

          Defensive Player of the Year awards
          Michael Jordan: 1
          Kobe Bryant: 0

          Michael averaged 35 points per game when he won defensive player of the year. The next closest scorer to win it had 27 ppg. Guards rarely receive Defensive Player of the Year. Think about the level of energy it takes to lead the league in scoring, and be the league’s best defender.

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          40 point or higher games
          MJ: 211
          Kobe: 115

          Regular season & Playoffs combined
          30 point or higher games
          MJ: 671
          Kobe: 415

          Career Player Efficiency Rating
          Michael Jordan: 27.91
          Kobe Bryant: 23.50

          Olympic Gold Medals
          Michael Jordan: 2
          Kobe Bryant: 1

          Michael Jordan is one of three players to win an Olympic gold as both an amateur (1984) and professional (1992). The other players are Patrick Ewing and Chris Mullin, who did it with him.

          All Star Game:
          Jordan’s 40 points in 1988 is still the second most points in an All-Star Game behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 42. Jordan also recorded the only All-Star Game triple double in NBA history in 1997.

          Scoring titles
          Michael Jordan: 10
          Kobe Bryant: 2

          Of course Jordan has the most scoring titles in NBA history. He also led the league in total points his rookie season, but was third in scoring average. He is the only player besides Wilt Chamberlain to score 3,000 points in a season.

          Steals titles
          Michael Jordan: 3
          Kobe Bryant: 0

          Jordan was the first player in NBA history to lead the league in both scoring and steals. He achieved this feat three times. The only other player to do it is Allen Iverson.

          Jordan was the first player in NBA history to record 200 steals and 100 blocks in a season. He performed this feat in back-to-back seasons, making him the only player to achieve it multiple times. Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen later achieved 200 steals and 100 blocks in one season.

          Jordan is the fourth player in NBA history to win a scoring title and an NBA championship in the same season, which he did all six times.


          • Matthew

            Nuff said……

          • BBall Fan

            Those stats say it all. You can argue that the reason why Kobe stats are not that great is because he played on better teams than MJ so he did not have to do as much. But that being said that makes MJ look unbelieveable great.

          • Jewill999

            You are the only one in the world that believes that. Jordan has always said he was not the best until he learned how to involve his teammates better. I think the man, himself, knows better than you. If points per game determined who is the best than Wilt would be the best and Allen Iverson would be great. Jordan is just a man, as is Kobe and all the other players.

    • Anonymous

      Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant don’t deserve any of this debate. They are two of the greatest. Jordan came first. Babe Ruth came before Hank Aaron. I do think if Bryant can surpass Jordan’s championship total, he will have a slight edge as being the games most successful player when you look at his career statistics as well as championships. If Jordan never retired, he probably would have 8 or 9 titles right now


    look at all these mike fans crawling out of the woodwork..dont worry mike will always be second shame in that.

  • Anonymous

    Mike didn’t rape anyone, if anyone saw them both play there is no comparison. Sorry Kobe

  • Rebar33

    Jordan Better by actually bringing this up. No one ever asked who was better Jordan or Dr J.

    So to say is Kobe as good as Jordan is the answer itself. If kobe wins 4 more rings Jordan is still better. Jordan retired twice with one of them in his prime and right after championships. It would be like saying Franko harris is better than Jim brown because he has more rings. foolishness

  • Rebar33

    Kobe just physically isn’t as gifted. His muscles aren’t as fast twitch. He realized this and now to create space he literally fakes fakes fakes until the defender finally bites. Very annoying to watch. His first step is poor. has to fake to create space then step. What he does have that is better than jordan is forcing shots. He always can force a shot off. Scrub

  • LakersColts2418

    Haters haters haters You can hate all you want but you can’t deny his skills OR his 5 rings. That’s one, two, three, four, FIVE.

    • Clint

      Talk to me if they win another one, which is hardly a guarantee as inconsistent a they’ve been this season.

    • Anonymous

      So if your counting rings than Bill Russel is better.

  • HushNow

    To say making 81 points isn’t so unbelievable just PROVES how much of an ass you are, Matthew. Everything you’ve said is biased and refutable. Get your facts right before mouthing off. I’d say all the rings Kobe has makes him much more than a great scorer. GET OVER THAT, PUNK!

    • Matthew

      How about you take Shobe’s d*** out your mouth when you speak to me. I might actually hear what you say….#justathought

  • ComeON!

    Wow, buncha whiny crybabies on here all upset because MJ isn’t the only great player. Several posts on here are right on: get over it!
    Kobe is the man now. Michael’s days are long gone and I have to agree that Michael didn’t have the zone to contend with like Kobe does. And he still pounded in 81 points. If that’s not such a big deal, go out and do it yourself, Matt.

    • Matthew

      Laker fans praise Kobe, the rest of the NBA praises Michael.

  • HushNow

    LOL Rape huh??? yeah, I never thought I’d see morons still bringing up that bogus charge. LOL Got anything else?

  • Cliff_edenshaw

    forget koby an MJ, wilt the stilt an dr. j were far superior.mj an koby emulated their games after those stars. wilt changed gthe game, not how it was played but he rules. drj jut had so many moves that othwers in the league later followed or copied, such as mj…so those old school players exceed mj an koby easily…mj didnt win 6 championships by himself, jim paxson, the grant brothers, pippen, an MANY others that made it possible for mj to succeed…certainl mj exceeded at defense more than koby, but koby is far the better ofense minded player…..

  • Matthew

    I’m outta here! Jordan rules!!!!

  • Geocel7

    Die hard Jordan fans are consumed by the “Legend” of Mike.If they look pass that,and compare the two players careers, its obvious that Kobe is as good as Mike.They are like #1 Mike,and #1a Kobe.

  • Kenny

    Jordan will always be the best. Kobe cannot be compare 100 % because Jordan made other players better just by being Jordan. MJ has never had a selfishness way, but Koba has and still has….

  • Res8qnn

    The argument is pointless… it just doesn’t matter. MJ played his days and kicked mucho butt… it’s same for Kobe and I got to see it so I DON’T CARE WHO WAS BETTER.

  • W24

    character is the distinction, Mike by a mile

    • Sanj10jamieson

      we are talking about basketball not moral leaders ….the people who consider M.j to be the greatest like him because he brought something different to the table and bcuz of that its hard to look on kobe and say he is better….

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  • Mbtrinidad

    same level, but jordan edge kobe when it comes to leadership.

  • drose time now

    You can’t compare, I’m a bulls fan and grew up watching jordan, i also watched kobe grow as a player , they both had their own run, but played against different teams, players, etc….On paper they are the same, but jordan played against much tougher and better teams .

  • Blvdknight72

    well I’ll take Phil’s word for it, he’s the one with the play book and history with the two… I will also say that the talent Kobe has to go through now is more talented and a bigger threat, I dont wanna hear they played rougher in Jordan’s era , he didnt start winning till Bird, pistons, and all the Laker greats in the 80’s were either retired or at the end of there run. Kobe has dudes in there prime gunning for him now at there peak, every damn team has a super star or two now, that wasnt the going on during Jordans era. Oh and stats, Kobe take’s tougher shots and has two f’d up fingers, if u wanna go with stats look up a few other players that beat out Jordan aswell so that is almost a mute point… even ex players says it, stats look good but dont tell the whole story. And shaq? same thing he just won two rings without him, Jordan never won without Pippen thats for sure. with that being said there both great and the best there was and is now in there own era. No way to debate two different eras…. Kobe’s the best now, and he still has more yrs left he very well may be known as the best ever some day, if ur saying NO ur obviously jaded by the mistique of Jordan , gotta wait till Kobe retires to really say NO unless ur being stubborn and just ” Hating”.

  • Blvdknight72

    oh and last…last yr game 7 wasnt Kobes best game offensively but, ppl who say he got bailed out? plz look at the prior games where Kobe got us to that game 7 , when the points werent there he did what was it 15 rebounds and got to the foul line for still over 24 pts. so no bail out he did other things to win game 7. Everyone says it defense and REBOUNDING were the key in the mutual ugly game by both teams…Garnett, Paul , and Ray Allen arnt no walk in the park neither is Rondo when u got a bum knee being drained for no elevation to shoot and TWO f’d up fingers. Jordan the best in the 90’s , Kobe the best still in the this era. Still have room to debate until Kobe finally retires to deny him the GOAT title.

  • CarvinFreeman

    MJ was always defended by some old ass legend, took himm overtime to put up 63 pts against no defense as Bird. A 5’11 Joe Dumars or the Microwave, Ron Harper, and Byron Scott. Don’t get me Jordan has to be the best, but Kobe is pushng his ass. The put up 81 pts and did not break a sweat.Kobe has been defended by far greater athletes with the same frame stature and height.Love my Lakers but you have to give Kobe his props.

  • In LA We Trust

    First of all, MJ is the pioneer for this generation. He is the idol of these players, they emulate him, try to practice his every move. MJ is basically the greatest game changer of all time. Second, MJ did it with defenses that didn’t really know what to do with him except for the “Bad Boys” but he eventually overcame that rough D. Throughout his career everybody on the league is studying his game, his moves, his attitude, his heart, his legacy. He did it, against NBA D who doesn’t know how to really stop him yet.

    Then came 1996, 13th pick overall, a 17 yr old from Philly emerged. Kobe started his career from the bench but in 1997 he became an all-star, while MJ captured his 5th ring. Everybody was focused on MJ, on how to beat the triangle, how to beat the Bulls.

    Now came 2000, 2001, 2002. 3peat LA, with Shaq. Everybody likes to think Kobe can’t win without Shaq but when you really think about it.. Shaq can’t really win without Kobe. Kobe carried LA when Shaq couldn’t. Kobe took the big shots, made the big plays (including the alley-oop play to Shaq) Kobe made Shaq win.

    Now in this Post-Jordan era, everybody knows what to do with Michael. On how they are going to TRY to stop him. Every coach has a reserved strategy on how to stop a go to guy, a superstar or even a HOF like Kobe and MJ. That’s why Kobe is having a hard time, because even there’s this– what I call–MJ defense, Kobe can still score as a top player in this league despite all of his injuries, he can still win championships. Kobe is playing with more that 1 injury since 2008 we can’t throw that fact out of this argument. In MJ’s time, not all of the players are athletic as him, not everyone could step up to him, but in today’s NBA, everybody is athletic, everybody can play, they trained harder, scientifically, mentally, and physically. It’s not always about the stats, there are many factors that could tell which one is better, that could explain why Kobe’s numbers are down compared to the Greatest. Im not saying that the NBA is soft in MJ’s era but they’re not yet used to defending an all around player like MJ, but now everyone knows what to do. That explains why Kobe’s stats are down, because the D is more ready, more equipped, they know what to do to defend the triangle, and Kobe.

    MJ pioneered this generation of superstars, he inspired everyone who plays basketball to be an all around player, not just on offense but on defense as well. Fortunately for us, for the NBA Kobe came and AT LEAST came close to MJ’s abilities.

    And we can’t throw out what the Zen Master, The coach of both legends said. I agree with Phil Jackson, Kobe’s as good as MJ.

  • LakersColts2418

    Carvin, Very well said!!! At last, a couple people thinking openly and FAIRLY, not with emotions and bias.

  • LakersColts2418

    BLVDKNIGHT: Thanks for also bringing up another valid point that some yahoos on here (Matthew) can’t seem to fathom. Kobe’s playing his butt off while hurt, he’s been doing it for years now and he is STILL kicking butt. Michael was incredible, but hey, it is KOBE TIME NOW. The losers who can’t handle how good Kobe is: GET OVER IT, AND YOURSELVES.

  • HushNow

    The best thing Matthew said? “I’m outta here” Hope it’s true, pal!

  • Cgreen1234

    The guy that wrote this article puts a quote around something and makes people believe it came from Phil’s mouth..LOL you cant on one hand say “I wouldnt compare them” and turn around and immediately compare them.. especially when this came out only a month ago.
    If Kobe wins this year, it certainly isnt due to his “heroic” lower 40% shooting percentage, or “scoring outburts games of 21 pts” its due to the offensive rebounding domination of Gasol and Bynum – Individually the stats are too far apart to compare Jordan and Kobe – and people forget Kobe’s Lamar Odom type numbers during the season of the first Kobe Shaq championship.. I agree MVP awards are voted by just watchers of the game- but Final MVP’s give a true testiment of atleast who the best player on the team is in the most important playoff series of the season…and theres a reason why Shaq won all three of em – I bet Jordan would have loved to join the NBA with Magic on his team right away, or Bird’s Celtics… AND before anyone jumps in with a “Scottie Pippen” argument, not a single one of you would choose a Scottie Pippen in his prime over a Shaquille O’neal in his prime…

    Simple as this: The players who have better stats than MJ, dont have the rings (Wilt) and the players who have the rings (Russell, Horry, Havelicek, maybe Kobe) dont have the stats.
    Kobe has a better 3pt percentage and FT percentage career wise than Jordan…and if those requirements make a better player.. than Mark Price is a greater player than Kobe Bryant

    Everyone Stop with the 81 pts and 62 at the end of the 3rd quarter games that Kobe had… while they are incredible scoring outputs, nobody has ever proclaimed “Damn look at Mavs and Raptors D-up!!” Not ever. And the Team defense of the Celtics in Jordans double OT game that involved no hand check fouls as well as no defensive 3 second calls, is much more impressive…ESP against the calibur team the Celts were in 1987… The Kobe argument is simply for young bucks who never witnessed Jordan, and want to talk before doing research, the proof is in the stat pudding.

    • rainmaker

      you obviosly don’t know basketball , or greatness when you see it. Throw away the statiscal mumbo jumbo and just watch them play the game,in that aspect Kobe is as good and POSSIBLY even better than , dare i say his name…Jordan! Just enjoy the best basketball player in the league right now while you can.

      • Cgreen1234

        I dont know basketball and you call stats mumbo jumbo..LOL its the reason they even keep stats in basketball right? Why even keep that silly mumbo jumbo score at the end of the game? Thats just a stat too… Go sit down somewhere, you came at me with an opinion after I came with facts? See LakerNation, its people like this that ruin any argument for you guys, a guy tuning in to the only in the 80’s popular Lakers cheerleaders instead of watching the games

      • Jeff

        Sorry but Kobe is not even in the same league as Jordan. Kobe does not make his teamates better as did the great ones like Jordan, Bird and Magic. Instead he quite possibly is the worst teammate of all time. Just ask some of his former teammates who got to watch him jackup 30 shots a night. The original poster included lots of stats why Jordan is greater but I don’t need stats. The Lakers have won their championships because they have FAR better talent then anyone in the league. Jordan never had a great group of players around him but did have some good role players and he new how to use them AND make them better. He trusted his teammates something Mr Selfish has never quite grasped.

        • MyJohnsonisMagic

          Congradulations Jeff!

          You just made the dumbest post on here!

          I would of LOVED to see Jordan win a championship with the same starters Kobe had in those days.


          Center: Chris ‘I’m always injured’ Mihm
          Power Forward: Kwame ‘Rock hands’ Brown
          Small Forward: Lamar ‘Never consistent in those days’ Odom
          Shooting Guard: Michael ‘I never won w/o hall of famers’Jordan
          Point Guard: Smush ‘Never seen him on a championship contender’ Parker


          Center: Andrew Bynum (fresh outa HS)
          Power Forward: Brian Cook/Radmanavic
          Small Forward: Luke Walton (ROFL!)
          Shooting Guard: Sasha Vujacic (Fresh from Slovenia)
          Point Guard: Jordan Farmar (selfish down syndrome kid from UCLA).

          Yep, sure would of won 6 championships and 3 peated with that team eh?

          • Cgreen1234

            Kobe didnt win shit with ANY of the players you just mentioned as starters, so settle down

          • NoDefense

            his prime years,what a waste………….agree,nice read

        • castjr

          yes he did! you forgot about the young lakers kobe had after shaq left! it was only kobe and fisher odom and bynum were no body! he helped develop those guys into a championship team when they were no bodys

    • MyJohnsonisMagic

      Jordan played in the era of 1 on 1 basketball, Stern tired of watching Kobe destroy defenses and Shaq dominate the paint; changed the rules of basketball to challenge the two.

      3 sec in the key, 5 sec back to the basket, obviously those rules were made to make things
      fair for teams who had to play against Shaquille.

      Zone Defense, this made it fair for teams to triple and quadrouple team Kobe in order
      to even the playing field.

      Not to mention even playoff format changed after Jordan, making it more difficult
      to win championships.

      Lot of you say you are know the game, obviously you just watch the game in ignorance
      without knowing certain factors change the game from era to era.

      You all need to have more respect and appreciation for Kobe Bryant,
      hes the Jordan of his era and he shook Shaq’s shadow 2 championships ago.

      • Cgreen1234

        Sure factors of the Era are important, its the reason no one say Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest because of who he played against to get those ballooned stats – Since you seem to “know” basketball – lets talk about how when youre a rookie in the league and you come on to a team with the most dominating player in the league.. how more confident would you feel as a shooter if your man has to help down on that post presence? much better, I credit alot of Kobes immediate development to who was on his team..Shaq – Stern was tired of the one on one era?? LOL The NBA had its highest revenue ever during the Jordan 90’s, no one would agree with you on that

    • Dray

      I’m so tired of you Jordan lovers. If you were true basketball fans, you would see that Kobe is indeed the heir apparent. Heck I don’t even like Kobe the rapist, but to see what he has done with better competition and with zone defenses is ridiculous. Jordan was smarter indeed, a better defender, had bigger hands, stronger body which in fact allowed him to rebound better. But both players are clutch, but I think Kobe was just as creative on his shots. He is a better dunker than Jordan and what you fail to realize or forget is that Kobe went to a contending team, Jordan was a lottery pick on a lottery team, so he had to score. Kobe started late so to speak and will still pass Jordan in points scored.

      And why must you always discredit great players achievements. I bet you discredit Shaq’s 61 points, The Admiral’s 70 points, heck Gilbert Arenas’ 60 points. So it’s not surprising to me that you would discredit Kobe’s 81 or 62 in 3 quarters or his 61 at the garden or his 4 straight games of at least 50 points, come on man are you kidding me. Stop being so biased and see greatness. I’ll put Jordan at 1, because I still think he’ s the G.O.A.T, but I’ll put Kobe at 1a and call him G.O.A.T’s long lost brother.

      • J-Man

        No Sir. MJ took the game to another level. KB emulated EVERYTHING Mike does down to his walk talk…Only thing he can’t do is duplicate his move ORRRRR elevate his game on the biggest stages. Do u really think Mike wouldn’t have been the most phenomenal shooter had the league implemented a zone. The Spurs Game winner the other night shows just how far down b-ball IQ’s have fallen in the league. Guys are more athletic (to a degree) But they are NOT better ball “players” as a whole.

        • Whitccc

          All should remember that the 3 point shot wasn’t available and all would be shot down today by double dribble. All carrry the ball now

      • Cgreen1234

        no one discredits the term Heir apparent… he most certainly is – but my argument is that he isnt even, or better with Mike – stats dont back it up and stats are FACTS – after stats, there are only opinions – and Fuck yeah i discredit those scoring games because they arent consistant – What Kobe did in that stretch of games was awesome.. but it wasnt a season avg – What doesnt everyone understand about stats? Yes, you can compare the era of Kobe and Jordan rather than the era of Kobe and lets say Bill Russells cause a pg like Bob Cousy who dribbles around with one hand in that famous clip wouldnt make a college roster these days – I think at this point you and I are on the same page in the summary of the argument with MJ being the GOAT, Kobe is the second greatest of all time in my books

    • Jewill999

      They were different players, size wise and in different eras. Jordan had his team made for him and Jordan did not win rings in his first 5 years. Yet Kobe did and Shaq won the MVP’s on those teams. How can you expect a 22 year old kid to be the best player in the world? Jordan wasn’t the best in the world at 22 or even 25. Jordan’s team was coming into its own at the right time in Jordan’s career. Kobe’s was falling apart, due to the definitely worst teammate in the history of the NBA, Shaq. Pippen was not as good as Shaq but he always had Jordan’s back. Shaq only had his own back. Always. The bulls were the perfect team for Jordan and as a result he became statistically the best player. Kobe’s current team will kill for him just as Jordan’s team would do the same. One difference between the two is the overall talent level of the NBA now is 100 times greater than it was 15 yrs ago due to the increase in population and globalization of the NBA. Bottom line is they are top 3 players at their respective position but comparisons will always be unfair to more recent players in the NBA because of the increase in talent level of the NBA and therefore it will always be harder to accumulate the same stats as it was in years past.

      • J-Man

        Jordan was the best player in the world at 22…uhhh sorry but his rookie season he avg 28 ppg….Chuck Daily said he was embarrassing the league. He was the most outstanding player on a gold medal Olympic team as college sophomore.

      • Cgreen1234

        LOL you have the worst post on this page – you have 9 mistakes in your first three sentences LOL – they are the same player, they are the same size, and Jordan’s team wasnt made for him with players like Orlando Woolridge, who was an all-star, but YOU’VE never heard of him. Kobe had Shaquille Oneal his first fucking year in LA..LOL MJ avg 28 at age 22, and 37 at age 24.. and if we want to discredit Shaq on the team like youre doing, then lets take away all three rings Kobe won in the early 2000’s.. so now Kobe has two rings? and puts him not in the conversation anymore – And if the talent level is so much higher right now, name me ten new players (3 yrs experience)in the league that will be HOFers at the end of their career?

  • DCFan1911

    Sorry guys it’s not even close. Kobe Bryant is almost the scorer that Jordan was, but overall, while still one of the top 10 players of all time, Bryant is not close to Jordan’s equal. Jordan’s game was so complete and well-rounded that there was simply no way to stop him. Looking at overall stats, not only is Jordan’s career points per game average higher, but his rebounding and assists are higher as well. Having grown up watching MJ and watched Kobe Bryant over the years, there just isn’t any doubt that MJ was the best ever, and Kobe is at most a distant second.

  • Officemaxsucks

    MJ was much “smarter” and more athleticism than KB.

  • TripleM

    Hands down, Michael Jordan is the best player in the entire history of basketball! Who could deny that, but, Kobe Bryant is the closest thing to Jordan I’ve ever seen. Having watched both careers, I remember being both mad and amazed at the things Jordan was able to do to any defense in any situation every night. Presently I am just so glad I have the privilege of watching the closest thing to Jordan I have ever seen.

  • Konii

    Jordan rules

  • grace

    choose 1 and its MJ…next is MJ again….hahaha kObe?nO Way!!!!

    • Whitccc

      old guys like me remember “Mr Clutch” best (Jerry West)

  • Glashbrook1

    I would pick Bill Russell first, Magic second Bird third and Oscar fourth. For fifth player, now is the time to discuss Jordan vs Kobe

    • Cgreen1234

      Russel was 6ft 9 215 lbs.. smaller than Lebron James – He also had the benefit of playing with a record 8 Hall of Famers on his team in a league where NOBODY was over 7ft except Wilt.. and what were Wilts career stats against Russell head to head? 40pts and 28 rebounds… LOL Magic and Bird both called Jordan the best, and Oscar is arguably the least respected guard in NBA history.. but doesnt have the rings to compete

  • gagne…

    kobe doesn’t compare to jordan at all i mean it just doesn’t work that way

  • Curtvw1

    kobe couldnt carry michael jordans jock! id like to see jordans numbers if he didnt try baseball!

  • Henry

    Kobe is 34 if he continues a pace of 23 points a game for the next four years he will become the all-time most points scored in the NBA…do you understand the gravity of that. MJ was playing into his 40s. So all that shooting percentage and most dunks dont mean shit at the end of the day…The leading scorer of all time. Second only to Wilt in points in one game..Shit most of you cant score 81 points on X-box

    • Cgreen1234

      Cumulative numbers are a RETARDED argument – if you play long enough (Kareem’s 22 years) you are bound to have high cumulative stats bro. Shooting percentage doesnt make sense at the end of the day?? LOL come on Henry, or I can sit here and argue the Allen Iverson is better than Kobe because he also avg more points than Kobe.. but a worse percentage from the field.. LOL that argument wouldnt make sense right? Shooting percentage matters with guards, because its how effecient they can be scoring from the field – Look up Kobe’s effeciency rating compared to Jordan if youd like.. go ahead, Ill wait

  • Mgolf100

    I have watched both of them play. They are on the same level, both can take control of a game at any moment and dominate. Both are excellent defenders, pass well, run the floor well, assists, rebounds, Championship, Kobe is one short but still playing.

  • just an other guy

    Everybody mentions m/j kobe magic bird and nobody ever mentions the chief {karim abdul jabar} nobady has the resume thad he does for you no it all go and comper karims numbers to anybodys just go ahead and look them up to me he is second to nobody.

    • Cgreen1234

      Whose Karim? I dont remember seeing him on ANY Laker roster… go be just another guy on a different post

  • stevo

    what about wilt? i would think everybody is a distant 2nd to wilt

  • Mccallumdwayne

    they are one in the same in all things that go on in the world it always have too be someone too take the next one place so for now kobe is the best player now . just look what kobe is doing he still can get down at he ,s age .when he lives the game then the next one in line would be wade .

  • gofeedtina

    All these haters are just insecure about Jordan’s position as the best ever. The reason all of them come to a LAKER blog to argue for Jordan is because they have doubt in their mind. If it was really no comparison as they say they wouldn’t get so worked up. I don’t know whose better, personally I prefer Kobe, but I understand how great Jordan was. The fact is they were both the best players of their respective eras and are two of the greatest ever to do it.


    I’ve watched Dr. J,Magic,bird those days mj wasn’t the legend most of you guys heard about.he was a dunker and scorer,who was able to gel with his team and was not even a contender amongst the players I’ve just mentioned.when the celtics,Lakers and pistons era ended the N.B.A had a very watered down talent supply.the way it was,was mj fattening up on has-bins and low talent.I mean come on!the guy had to duel with John Starks every year to win your guys love, lol. teams didn’t assemble super teams to defeat jordan.the way they do now to defeat Kobe Bryant! mj didn’t score 81 in that watered down N.B.A. HE SAYS HE COULD HAVE.but never did.he NEVER battled a super team of celtics and won.mj himself feels threatened.he mentions this comparison himself.Phil knows it!most N.B.A. players,coaches,owners and the commissioner knows it.the main point is why would we let such a great player pass us bye and not stop to enjoy talent.In the end it would seem seem like they’re going to share that spot at #1.MJ has done things Kobe could not do.An Kobe has done things MJ could not do.but “if” you could play the school yard style game where you pick teams,most likely those two guys would be picked first and most likely both sides would feel pretty good about their pick. AS FAR AS BEST?allot a names come to mind Wilt,Kareem, for talent,Magic done the most jaw dropping things on a regular basis.

    • NoDefense

      nice read.

    • Cgreen1234

      yeah cause 81 against Jalen Rose is a comparable feat? LOL John Starks had better defense than Jalen Rose period. And in your first statement, youre comparing a 1985-1989 Jordan to which yeah he dominated in scoring with simply going to the basket. If the league was watered down then why did Jordan prevent HOFers from winning rings each year in the finals? (Magic, Drexler, Barkely, Payton, Malone and Stockton) Sure the year the Bulls went 72-10 was the first expansion year of the Grizzlies and Raptors, but its not like the Bulls played those two teams 36 times a piece! Like I always say: The players who have MJ’s stats dont have the rings (Wilt) and the players who have the rings(Russell, Horry, Havelicek) dont have the stats. And I would have loved to see MJ come into the league his rookie season with the likes of a Magic, or a Bird… both of which werent as singly dominant as Shaquille. NEXT


        prevented Magic?? Magic had won five titles by the time mj had one,learn your facts punk your talking outta your ass.need to learn your history before teaching it.. NEXT!!

        • Cgreen1234

          THATS the one thing you picked out of the whole paragraph?? LOL – YES prevented him from winning a sixth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT one single part of saying he prevented Magic from winning a ring is incorrect.. cause he did prevent it.. SIT DOWN CLOWN

  • fishnugget

    Kobe is not even remotely close to Michael. I watched Jordan as a kid during his late 80’s and 90’s tirade and Jordan was always on another level. First, Jordan took off to the basket and just glided in the air. Kobe, even in his young years, did not have the lift Jordan had. This I believe is what made it difficult for Kobe to take over games consistently.

    Secondly, when Jordan left it was predicted Shaq would be the next dominate player. Was this not the case during the Lakers first 3 championships in Shaq/Kobe run? Who was the Finals MVP, Shaq of course. Kobe was left crying in the shower room because he knew he was not the best player.

    As has been reiterated, Jordan never lost a championship, he is 6 for 6. Kobe, has lost plenty. Michael commanded respect when out in public. Everyone just stared at him in amazement because of his athletic talents. Kobe is booed upon and does not have the same effect as Jordan did with the public.

  • Jmv3977

    Look at this

  • lakeshow92

    This is total crap. A lot of these people won’t admit to it simply because Jordan being the best ever is an almost universally accepted concept like Babe Ruth being the greatest slugger people are afraid to argue with it because it is so widely accepted.

    The fact of the matter is Jordan played against the great Bird and Magic in the ’80s while they were both in their prime could he win?? No!! he couldn’t beat them he only started triumphing once these two legends started withering away into the twilight of their careers. Kobe Bryant is better there that is it period. finito.

    Kobe has had way more personnel changes than Jordan ever had to deal with he lost Shaq. The only player who has been with Kobe almost all his career is Derek Fisher and while Fisher is a solid player he isn’t the hall of fame superstar that Scottie Pippen was. Kobe has had to carry way more weight than Jordan.

    OK Jordan was a beast to the basket he could dunk like nobody else BUT Kobe is a better outside shooter than Jordan plain and simple and those who wish to argue with that can just look up the record for most 3-pt. FG made in a single game. Kobe also did not take 7 years to win a championship. He is on the verge of his sixth championship putting him at odds with Jordan. Jordan has more MVP awards (an award that to me is more of a popularity contest than an actual measure of who has been the best player in the league) I mean do you really expect me to believe Steve Nash is a better player than Kobe because he has more MVP awards. Kobe has more All-Star MVP awards than Jordan.

    Another thing is like many have reiterated no team in the ’90s that played Jordan was ever an assembled superteam specifically for the purpose of beating Jordan. Kobe from what I remember has had to deal with this at least 3 times. The Detroit Pistons in 2004, The Boston Celtics in 2008 (whom he came back to beat 2 years later), and the current Miami Heat situation, you could even argue that the NY Knicks are now an assembled superteam.

    Also the aquisitions Jordan’s bulls got were far better than the Lakers during each team’s non-championship years Bulls got Rodman and Kobe got an old and ineffective Karl Malone.

    While each player was unquestionably their team’s superstar. Kobe has had an overall weaker supporting cast with the exception of Shaq. Those that argue that Kobe couldn’t have won without Shaq can also notice that Shaq couldn’t win without Kobe he had been around since 1992 and had not won anything until signing with the Lakers and going on to 3-peat with Kobe.

    If Kobe wins this year he will have 6 equaling Jordan’s total. But what if he wins another one or two or even maybe three then who is the best of all time??

    • Gcastjr

      yup and people forget that after shaq left kobe had “no names” of bynum and odom who @ the time were no names really and became champions based off chemistry and “super stars” like the “big three’s” and stil lcouldnt beat lakers last 2 years! the current lakers were not “buying championships” but were bred into champions!

      • Cgreen1234

        Odom was a no name? LOL sit down – and you didnt mention the most important player… Pau Gasol…who was traded for…Kwame Brown… yes “buying championships”
        Name another trade in NBA history as lopsided as that… go ahead ill wait

    • Cgreen1234

      No we argue stats for Jordan, not because its widely accepted, – you put opinion downs, like Kobe is a better shooter? and your basing what someone does in ONE game as your argument as whose a better shooter? A single game? moron – Theres a reason why theres a stat called career fg percentage.. you know.. more than one game? and Jordan’s is 49.6% thats right, a guard who shot a TON of shots, ended up just slightly under 50% for his career… Kobe’s better shooting you ask? 45% for his career… thats closer to Allen Iverson career numbers.. so sit down – more personel changes? 11 players were changed between the 1986-87 Bulls team to the 1987-88 team.. so that eliminates that argument.. I seem to remember Kobe having a little something to do with the roster changes when Shaq left… You disparage the season long MVP award because its based off popularity, but turn around and credit Kobe for his allstar MVP award.. are you talking about the all star game where the players play around for 3 quarters and then get serious with 6 minutes left in the fourth? That game? 2 of the four MVP awards happened to come at Staples Center..? hmm
      And the Jordan aquisitions were better? would anyone say that Dennis Rodman at 6’9 would easily defend Bynum or Gasol? because thats the one BULLS major acquisition.. when I believe yall picked up..who was it? Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza:upgrade Steve Blake for Jordan Farmar: upgrade Matt Barnes free agency: upgrade Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown: upgrade…
      And as far as supporting cast being weaker? Shaq is better than anyone the Bulls had period- and dont say Pippen, because you wouldnt take a Pippen in his prime over Shaq in his prime.
      And Karl Malone was coming off of a 20 and 8 season in UTAH..ineffective? or product of Kobes worst statistical year excluding his first two?
      There are players with Jordan’s rings (Russell, Horry, Havelicek) but not the stats, and their are players with better stats (Wilt) and less rings
      oh and sit down with saying you could argue the fucking NY knicks are better assembled team.. ONLY YOU WOULD ARGUE THAT AFTER SEEING THEM GET SWEPT TO AN OLD ASS DOWN 0-2 TO THE HEAT, CELTICS TEAM

      • Fabs

        Each of you have argumentive points and each for what you believe in and have done extensive research for, yet there is no need for the negative and disrespectful comments such as “moron” etc. Seems like you are taking it a personal stand point than finding concrete stats to show for, just saying.

    • Tango

      You’re a dumba$$… See stats above…

    • Buckley_27

      The Detroit Pistons in 2004 were not assembled to beat the Lakers you half wit, who did they trade for, Rasheed Wallace? Thats hardly an assembly and that team was an underdog still in that series and the nation was shocked when the Pistons stomped the Lakers 4-1, come on… I love how distorted the facts become when people are absolutely fanatical about one team or player instead of being a fan of the sport as a whole. The Celtics in 2008 were assembled to get out of the east and win a championship, for the lakers fanatics it seems to be a forgone conclusion that you guys are going to make it to the championship every year, how about the rest of the west, oh I know they cant compete with you guys (Mavericks 4- Lakers 0) The Miami Heat assembled their team to be able to beat the Celtics this year, something Lebron, Wade, and Bosh would not have been able to do by themselves. The Knicks have no super team they have two superstars and a cast of nobodies, They were also built to try to challenge the Heat and the Celtics. Kobe had a much stronger cast than you give him credit for… for instance hes had Glen Rice for two years, and he averaged 17.7 ppg just lower than his career numbers in 2000 the year they a 76ers team that they were heavily favored to beat, Gary Payton and Karl Malone in 2004 when they built a super team to try and beat the piston’s so how were they “ineffective” you guys just lost that year but you dominated the west and once again were heavily favored to win the championship in 2004 the Lakers were the 2004 version of today Miami heat, Pau Gasol arguably the best power  forward in the game today…. You gotta be kidding me saying hes only had Shaq… The Bulls only aquisition was Rodman and that was 96-99 and if you remember correctly when he was released by Chicago following the 2nd 3-peat hes was signed by the Lakers and played out the rest of the lock out shortened season before retiring…

    • Mogiemoniq

      Funny how you bring up the “Jordan couldn’t win until Bird, Magic, etc…. etc…. got old/ retired” argument, because I don’t recall Kobe and Shaq winning until Jordan retired and Pippen, Malone and Stockton got too old.

      Same thing with the Big 3 in Boston (Allen, Pierce and Garnett of course). Kobe couldn’t beat them until they got too old, and they were all roughly 2 years older than the Big 3 Jordan beat in Detroit (Rodman, Dumars, and Thomas) in 1991.

  • Apl

    i would love to see a prime jordan come bax and destroy nba again…man all of you seems to forget that old ass jordan average 20 ptns and shot above 40% in your so call more talented and zone defense era…and this old jordan also drop 40ptns one at 40 years old in this supposinly better era…damn doin this at 40 yo…really wish jordan somehow could get young again and come bax and destroy this league…

  • Jamphy005

    There is no debate here MJ is the best, Kobe is responsible for 2 rings he can thank Shaq for the other 3 rings. MJ lead his team to 6 and showed up for every big game that he ever played in. MJ would never have been destroyed by Paul Pierce, or Rip Hamilton like Kobe was or quit in a playoff series like Kobe did against the Suns a few years ago. MJ playoff ppg 33.4, Kobe playoff ppg 25 big difference. Anyone who thinks Kobe is even in the same league as MJ was probably born after 1990 and has never seen MJ play. Kobe is the best player of his era but he is not even the best Laker Magic lead his team to 5 Shaq lead his team to 3 and Kobe has lead his team to 2 and it looks like it will not be three. Sorry Laker fans but your still salty that MJ destroyed Magic and the Lakers in 1991.

  • Utot

    Kobe is the most skilled offensively ever? He’s not even on par with Michael Jordan’s worst offensive stats. In what aspect of the game is Kobe more skilled than Jordan? Could you name one? Name one aspect of his game where he was more talented than MJ?

    Points? Kobe 25.3, MJ 30.1. Nope.

    Rebounds? Kobe 5.3, MJ 6.2. No again.

    Assists? Kobe 4.7, MJ 5.3. Still not better.

    Steals? Kobe 1.5, MJ 2.3. Ain’t here either.

    Blocks? Kobe .6, MJ .8. Close enough to be negligible.

    MJ: 5 MVP’s. Kobe 1 MVP

    MJ: 6 Finals MVP’s. Kobe 2 Finals MVP’s

    MJ: 10 Scoring Titles. Kobe 2 Scoring Titles

    MJ: 1 Defensive Player of the Year Award. Kobe 0

    MJ: 3 Steals titles. Kobe 0

    MJ: 10 time 1st Team All NBA. Kobe 8 time 1st Team All NBA

    MJ: 9 time 1st Team All-Defense. Kobe 8 time 1st Team All Defense

    MJ: Career Scoring Average 30.1. Kobe 25.3

    MJ: Career FG Percentage .497. Kobe 45.5

    MJ: Career Playoff Scoring Average 33.4. Kobe 25.5

    MJ: Career Playoff FG Percentage .487. Kobe .448

    MJ: Career Rebounding Average 6.2. Kobe 5.3

    MJ: Career Assists Average 5.3. Kobe 4.7

    MJ: Career Steals Average 2.3. Kobe 1.5

    Even in clutch shots, Jordan is untouchable. Jordan is the best clutch shooter ever with the highest percentage in the game. No one, even today, comes even close to reaching his clutch percentage output (33 of 58 = 56.89%). Kobe is only 29.2% at the Clutch (26 of 89).

    For two players who played the same position, all of Jordan’s stats look better. How does that make Kobe more talented or better skilled? He’s not even the most efficient. Comparing PERs, Jordan trumps Kobe embarrassingly.

    Jordan’s highest PER = 31.89 (NBA all-time record)

    Kobe’s highest PER = 28.0

    Jordan is the better player pound-for-pound and the best the NBA had ever seen.

    • tony

      when kobes career comes to a end he’ll be the best there ever was 

  • Utot

    Even in clutch shots, Jordan is untouchable. Jordan is the best clutch
    shooter ever with the highest percentage in the game. No one, even
    today, comes even close to reaching his clutch percentage output (33 of
    58 = 56.89%). Kobe is only 31.62% at the Clutch (37 of 117).

    two players who played the same position, all of Jordan’s stats look
    better. How does that make Kobe more talented or better skilled? He’s
    not even the most efficient. Comparing PERs, Jordan trumps Kobe

    Jordan’s highest PER = 31.89 (NBA all-time record)

    Kobe’s highest PER = 28.0

    Jordan is the better player pound-for-pound and the best the NBA had ever seen.

    • Cgreen1234

      Thank you! my goodness – every pro Kobe fan can only argue opinion at this point, because factual stats dont go in their favor… I cant think of a single topic where opinion ever outweighs facts

  • Utot

    Who’s the better clutch player?

    Michael Jordan (33 of 58 = 56.89%)

    Kobe Bryant (37 of 117 = 31.62%)

    Just to elaborate on this stat. MJ has about the same number of game winners as Kobe has, while attempting about half.

    Why did he only take half as many game winning shots as Kobe?

    Because the best players don’t let the games get that close in the first place. :D

    • kobe

      Are you NUT? 1st Halftime Buzzer Beater shots are not CLUTCH!!!

      • Mogiemoniq

        Those aren’t stats for buzzer beating shots, those are stats for game-winning shots.

  • Buckley_27

    Hmmmm Just thinking, did MJ ever allow one of his teams to get swept 4-0 out of the playoffs as a top seed…? Just wondering, anyone, anyone (crickets)…

    • Buckley_27

      Answer the Bulls were swept twice as an 8th seed by the Celtics in Jordan’s 2nd and 3rd year… Kobe swept as a veteran with the greatest coach on the bench and a stellar starting cast, would never have happened to MJ… Never…

      • kobe

        Gasol plays a Poor DEFENSE and LAZY offense thats a reason..kobe did his part

        • Mogiemoniq

          Kobe disappeared in the 2nd half of game 4 against the Mavs in that sweep, even the biggest Kobe fans know this.

  • Anthony Tucci

    I dont care what anyone says when bringing up comparisons to Jordan.. Why?….. ain’t nobody no jordan

  • Utot

     Jordan never got swept as a defending champion. It never happened. While Kobe has been swept by the Mavs as a defending champion.

    In Playoff close out games the Lakers have lost 3 of the 4 times in franchise history by at least 30 points under Kobe’s watch.

    • kobe

      Gasol plays a Poor DEFENSE and LAZY offense thats a reason..kobe did his part

    • alejandro “hawk eyes”

      they have lost under kobe 30 plus pts because he tried to take over the game and the team did shit, kobe goes berserk for pts when the rest of the team does shit, i support him on that cause that is how i would play too in his place ;)

  • Mogiemoniq

    Utot, I’ll do you one better. Michael Jordan has never lost a post-season series as a defending champion

  • Dj

    Kobe is without a doubt the most skilled player EVER when u talk about foot fakes, pump fakes, spinback fadeaways, left and right hand finishes etc etc. But his stats don’t show it cus HE PLAYED WITH SHAQ…duh. If Kobe came onto a team with nobody his stats would be a whole lot better career wise. With that said Jordan is the GOAT but lets not act like there comparing some scrub to Jordan we are talking about Kobe Bryant one of the all time greats. ONe more thing Jordan’s defensive stats should be better cus he played in an era where defenders could handcheck. As a one on one defender u should have great stats if ur in that era. Defensive schemes are what make defenses tough today so its a debate of whats harder to score on a physical defense or a techincal defense? That’s what decides whos the better offensive player between Kobe and Jordan.

  • aj

    even though Kobe lost during the playoff still he is better then Jordan.