Phil: I couldn’t work for Cuban

    The Press Enterprise: The arrival of Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks on Sunday evoked the question of whether Jackson could envision working for such a hands-on owner who’s unafraid to publicly critique his players and coaches.

    “I don’t think I could work under those conditions. I just don’t,” Jackson said. Then turning to the assembled reporters, he added, “You guys are bad enough.”

    Jackson said he imagines it’s a tough transition for players as well.

    “I think it’s something they have to definitely get used to,” Jackson said. “He’s going to be a rooter, a supporter and probably critique it too. It’s very difficult for players to get used to, but once they’re in the mix, I think they get thick skin and they’re OK.”

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    • YellowPurpleFever

      I could not either, even if he pays me $12mil a year.