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Marca: The 55-14 is of no worth to Lakers Phil Jackson. Nor has the honorary title of champions of the Pacific division. Neither the praise of rival the likes of Tim Duncan: “The Lakers are now the best team in the NBA.” The Zen is a technical challenge between eyebrow and eyebrow: “Being the first to reach 60 victories this season.” That would be a loud and clear message to the rest of the teams to the playoffs. Then, a team expected. Nowadays, his virtual rival would be the Mavericks, a team that gives him very well to the Lakers, in contrast to the Blazers and Portland that is a damn stadium since 2005.

But Jackson, the opponent gets the same. Poker face and puts smiles. “There are many that we have saved and reserved for the playoffs.” By then the Lakers expect to have recovered and Andrew Bynum is in their accounts and have ended the season with the best balance of the two conferences to make a stadium factor in a hypothetical final and must not pass the bill last year to Boston.

The challenge can be affordable as the remaining schedule that Californians are relatively simple, despite the turn out of seven games at home and some pitfalls as well as Utah, but why fight with Cleveland (56-13) and Boston (53-18), the Lakers have themselves acknowledged as its greatest rival, Pau Gasol, “We want at all costs the final factor stadium but we can not get tired and wear us down to the playoffs.”

Jackson will draw the remaining 13 games to finish adjusting machinery Laker towards the playoffs. Has already identified several elements that it wants oil and squeaking: to give a few more minutes of rest in Pau, but is complicated by the absence of Bynum, the players call “instinct murderer from the beginning of season”, to provide more alternate in attack, they are not choking an area like that sometimes arises Dallas; move the ball more and looking for the best free companion marking; raise the level of defensive intensity and better define the roles of players like Ariza and Powell, whose aid can be crucial at certain times of the matches as has been demonstrated.

Meanwhile, the coach of the Lakers will repeat them again and again to yours the same sentence: “Let’s win one more game. We must try to win every game we have left. That is what we have to focus”.

  • Chris Ekstedt

    what the hell was that all about? i am assuming that this article would read much much better in spanish? wow. i had lots of trouble with this. even my two year old daughter said “wait i get it… oh no… yeah i lost it.”


  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Yea, this might need to be translated
    it was confusing, but i gotthe overall pic…
    get more rest for pau, define the roles of role players and win a god damm championship

    AB- counting down the days until u return…..

  • TArizaFan

    Just read it in your mind with Pau’s voice

  • kobe8

    ummmm.. whats up with this article? I don’t understand it at all.

  • daboss1848

    PJ’s secret exposed: “timeout!”

  • lainok

    seriously, they speak spanish there. it’s not mandarin. there has to be a better translation than that.

  • laksjdf;la

    this is an awful translation. contact me if you would like a better one.

  • Freshh

    Big Secret – Bynum has a 3rd Knee!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    MASTER ZEN AT HIS BEST. He loves to toy with the Media. I am sure Bynum practices with the team once hes cleared. Just like last year, but this year its for real(secret). Bynamite will be back for the playoffs.

  • domz

    The article gave me a headache. damn

  • Jason

    I don’t understand, why does Phil continue to play Pau retarded minutes even against crappy teams? Way to many minutes for Pau…

  • domz

    [Comment ID #65654 Will Be Quoted Here]

    maybe phil is afraid of the bench mob blowing leads up.

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  • kisofdeath

    somebody who actually speaks spanish should translate the article

    im assuming a website was used like babel fish or whatever. those sites are horrible

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