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Phil Jackson had some comments for Mark Cuban. Cuban recently talked about Phil, Artest and the Lakers. The talking pretty much ended after last night’s dominating victory by the Lakers over the Mavs. However, Phil had this to say in regards to Mark’s comments.

“I know that Mark likes to prick the skin of people,” said Jackson, pausing for extra emphasis after the second verb in the sentence. “But he’s not a player. He just sits behind the bench with his suntanned face and has to make comments like that. He’s got nothing to do with it. I know that he’s provided a great roster that’s almost as good as money can buy. But not quite.”

Phil also talked about Ron Artest’s game:

“Ron played within the context of what our offense is about,” Jackson said. “This offense used to be called the triple-post offense and all the forwards and the centers have a role in posting up in that offense. Even our guards at times. We took advantage [of Artest on Kidd] last time.”

  • Ron Artest

    Cuban should come to the floor so I can showcase my Bicep celebration on his clownass.

    • Scott Steiner

      you do it better

  • 151rummer

    HA!!! Phil just called Mark Cuban a PRICK!!!!!!!!!

    • LakerMarc


  • 242LakerFan

    HNN HNN…HNN HNNN…he said “prick”!

    • LakerMarc