How is this not a surprise to me?

ESPN: The NBA fined Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson $35,000 on Monday for publicly criticizing game officials following his team’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday.

  • Chillax

    Phil doesn't care, he's loaded.

    • Lakers 24 7

      Word. Why doesn't Phil just buy his own referees? Pahahahaha!

  • lostinla

    kobes crappin out 100.00 dollar bills,if he pays phils fine, maybe phillup will leave him out of his next book.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Kobe got fined too. He got fined $2000 for his technical foul because of their rule, when you amass more than 11 technical fouls, you get fined $2000 for each technical foul you get after the 11th technical foul and now he has 12 technical fouls.

      By the way, Phil got fined $10,000 more than usual. When people criticize the referees, they get fined $25,000 not $35,000.

      • airkobe

        where are those money goes? that's huge my monthly salary is only $1600 a month. but I'm about to order a customized kobe on nike id, when they reached finals on june, co'z I just bought hyperdunk low lakers colorway in ebay this month. lakers n kobe really gots me. nike gets cash.

  • Robert

    Good! Phil is getting ready for the playoffs. Kobe's getting ready too. Here come the technicals! I'm ready …. set … go playoffs! (forget the regular season – just one win, that's all I care about – play the scrubs – rest the starters).

  • kblaker4life

    U know what. I don’t blame Phil. When Phil criticizes the referees, usually they are true anyway. You can’t blame him for what he say is TRUE. Sometimes, these refs are just HORRIBLE, BLIND, or they purposely have hidden agendas (like betting, or envious, etc.)