N.Y. Post: WAY I hear it, Phil Jackson banned Kobe Bryant from being around the Lakers Tuesday when his petulant VIP – offended that owner Jerry Buss alerted the Los Angeles media he was available in an equitable trade – informed him he wouldn’t be practicing, for the third straight day, because he wanted to rest his legs, knee, bruised ego, whatever.

“I don’t want you riding the exercise bike in front of the team,” Jackson hipped Bryant, according to a source. “There’s nothing wrong with your legs. I need you to be part of the team. I need to come to practice and work hard. And I need you to come to games and play defense.”

Last season, Inaction Jackson felt Bryant had gotten a little lazy on the sidelines and at practice. In his considered opinion, he and his coaching staff were too easy, too soft on the players, especially Mr. Big Stuff.

Jackson demanded that change this season. He notified his assistants he wanted them to be considerably more proactive and expected them to be in the players’ faces whenever there was an conspicuous lack of discipline, effort and respect regarding team goals.

Jackson proved he wasn’t spewing idle chatter by manning his battle station and confronting Bryant concerning his sit-down. Far better to crack down now before the hostage-of-services-situation became unmanageable, before the season starts for real. Far better to set the ground rules, establish limitations while Bryant’s merely testing his teacher. Better to find how far Bryant’s willing to push the envelope. Is he intent on leveraging his way out of Los Angeles or will he cooperate and play nice with the other kids?

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Lakers put the psycho in psychoanalysis

  • klao

    why would you post an article written by peter vecsey, this guys is a LIAR, you heard about the time he stole a bloggers entry and wrote them as facts right?

    even T.J simmers that HATES kobe outed peter’s article

    so please be more selective in what you post, at the moment the times are very sensitive.

  • kobefan2408

    yeah i agree he is a liar klao it makes no sense even IF it was true phil jackson is to smart to tell kobe to get out with reporters around he would do it in private but I have no idea why people cant believe kobe knees were sore he iceing them all summer every time he went on the bench in the usa tornement he iced his knees peter vescey just needs to write about his own teams and keep the lakers out his mouth peter vescey was on nbatv daily talking about this crap and I said what new york reporter would have a source across the country just another kobe hater

  • foxxy


  • Left

    Don’t ever quote Peter Vecsey again. He is the epitome of a hack.