Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register has a fascinating column detailing the connection between Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, specifically regarding the design of Bryant’s winning shot in Milwaukee on Wednesday night and its similarity to a certain game-winner Michael Jordan once hit in 1991…

O.C. Register: Jackson started drawing the diagram on his board, designing a play from the backcourt, and Kobe Bryant was baffled. He interrupted with a furrowed brow and started to point toward the scoreboard to remind his longtime coach that only 5.4 seconds remained in overtime, and the Lakers were losing by one.

“Huh?” Bryant actually said in the huddle.

Bryant turned to appeal to co-star Pau Gasol to bring Jackson to his senses. Jackson stopped drawing and just gave Bryant a dead-eyed look that basically said: “Are you going to let me do what I do or what?”

Jackson resumed drawing in the backcourt, and with that, Bryant ceased being surprised.

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  • The Mamba24

    The largest crowd of the season in Milwaukee dragged away, and one Bucks fan could be heard saying: “What a buzzkill! What a buzzkill! Unbelievable.”


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    REALLY…A buzzer beater in overtime to beat the bucks?REALLY?

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      REALLY…a buzzer beater in overtime to beat the Knicks> REALLY?

  • gugy

    There is a reason PJ has 10 rings.
    The guy is a master, the zen master.

    Bryant also is a superb athlete like Jordan. The combination of these two thing means just one thing: rings and more rings!

  • Robert

    hmm … here’s the plan … let Kobe have the last shot … genius!! … well, yes, PJ could have drawn up another plan to cause the Bucks to double team Kobe, and then he passes out to an open player – but, we’re talking about 5 seconds.
    No other choice – Kobe is the only choice.
    I think what’s key here, is that Phil (yes, he is a genius) is actually, ALSO, coming around to realize that Kobe may be on the level of MJ’s greatness, or even better than that (that has yet to be shown, but I’m sure it will).
    But, PJ will never concede that a team other than the 90s decade Bulls were the best team ever (he mentioned which year is his favorite team, on Phil-osophy 101) .

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      He mentioned that because so far that is the best team ever
      mj, pip (best perimeter defender ever and one of the best all around player ever, rodman best rebounder ever, harper, kerr one of the best pure shooters ever, kukoc great 6th man,
      difficult to do better than that

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Kobe: Ok Phil, we are down by 1, 5 seconds left, whats the plan?
    Phil: We give the ball to you and you make the game winning shot.
    Kobe: I LOVE IT!
    Pau: I love that plan too!
    Odom: I vote for that plan!

    • WifelovesLuke


  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    This is so funny. It takes a shot at Lebron.

    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah, Marwan, that was funny!
      But did you watch the lame one with Pau as a Mexican? Somebody had an epic FAIL in geography class!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Yeah I saw it. It wasnt as funny as the Lebron one. Im not being bias here either cause Im a Laker fan, it just wasnt as funny as making Lebron look like crap. They shouldve done something else for the Lakers rather than the meetup at Pau’s house, that was VERY lame.