I guess Phil won’t back down to anyone.

ESPN: “There’s a certain gamesmanship that goes on that obviously he feels cheapens the game,” Jackson continued. “It never was explained to us until it suddenly came down in this last week that arbitrarily they were going to do this. I missed the coaches meeting last September. Maybe they explained it in the coaches meeting last year because they said there was a couple instances last year when I think it was [Stan] Van Gundy and [Rick] Adelman were fined during the playoffs for statements that led to manipulating the press, I guess is the best way I can say it.

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    Phil is carrying on Tupac’s legacy, straight livin’ that THUG LIFE, son! P-Jax don’t give a rats ass about no warnings from David Stern.

  • justdogm1

    phil talks the talk, his players DONT walk the walk…

  • hoops44

    As a lifelong NBA fan, it is disturbing to watch Commissioner Stern’s dictator like tactics. It is clear he is trying to control the damage from Tim Donaghy’s admission of referee bias in his book, Personal Foul. Instead of owning the problems described in Donaghy’s book, the NBA has denied the issue and tried to discredit their former referee. By stifling criticism, Commissioner Stern is mistakenly trying to control an uncontrollable message. It is not just the coaches he is trying to control; it is the players the announcers and anyone else that is employed by the NBA. Everyone can see the refereeing is subjective. Good officiating should be able to stand up to criticism. The more he tries to stifle criticism with authoritarian tactics, the more people will see the subjectivity as a negative and interpret their own bias. It is human nature. Commissioner Stern is a fool for thinking this tactic will work. I just hope his Orwellian tactics don’t ruin the credibility of the NBA.