Phil talks about Ariza.

Daily News: The Lakers essentially switched out Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest and they have been impressed with his level of play, particularly on defense.

Opponents are shooting only 31.8% from beyond the arc against the Lakers, which gives them the best percentage in the NBA.

“Trevor was a late bloomer for us last year,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “A lot of people remember him as a starter, but he came off the bench (until late in the season). (Vladimir) Radmanovic started and Luke (Walton) started.

“We moved a lot of people around. (Ariza) was a late guy who came on (strong at the end of the season). We liked his defense, but he wasn’t a 35-minute a night man, and Ron is.

“I think (the Lakers’ defense) has gotten better because of the way we play.”

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  • Marwan Marzina

    Thank you Phil. He makes good points, points that I already said but were ignored.
    Artest > Ariza

    • Traitor Ariza

      You hurt my feelings.

  • Robert

    Our D had definitely improved, and that’s most important in the playoffs. Our “O” is ok, but we know at least 5 games (or so) in which we won in the last minute or two (thanks to Kobe).
    Phil did mention earlier that this is a ‘slower’ team. Ariza was one of the speediest players in the NBA. So, what we might be missing in the “O” is the fast break after turnover. We don’t have as much of that this year.
    However, I have always thought that Artest would be ideal for the Lakers. He’s still learning “O”, and so I would say give it another year before it becomes very efficient. In the meantime, his “D” is fabulous, and recall that he is still playing with plantar fasciitis. If and when it heals during summer, he should be 100%.

  • Pac Div

    I wished the Lakers could of kept Ariza plus the addition of Artest. Those two dudes would have been the modern day Big Game James & Michael Coop. Imagine a lineup of Artest, Ariza, LO, Mamba, & Brown/Farmar, sh!t that would be deadly. I like Artest’s play and once playoffs come around he is going to be a big factor. Go Lakers! Fuk Shaq!

    • Luke makes me Puke

      What a shame when we finally get a talented young player that could help us for many years – we had no money to resign him because we pissed away so much money on players like Luke, Sasha, and Bynum. It would have been great if we could have flushed some of our garbage and kept Trevor, but unfortunately that is not how it works.

  • lilkobe24


  • slimehead

    yeah ariza was more like a stealer i mean hes going after the ball.. but artest is more like a look down defender which is more important because its more frustrating when you are being defended by someone like artest..
    our D is better this year but most of the guys lack hustle plays that could hype your teamates.. something that ariza have, he is like a sparkplug to the team

  • wayne

    Everyone appricated arizas game but ron is here for one reason and thats to guard lebron and melo and ray allen and perice…not full time but in spell along with odom and kobe …kobe was using to much energy guarding these guys and the only person kobe trusted to do his job was ron . now the team should figure out how to get travis outlaw from the clippers

  • Marwan Marzina

    For those worried about Ron having trouble (early) in the season guarding LeBron with his plantar fasciitis, take that into account. He was hurt.
    Wait for a healthy Ron to guard them but I really think he will do better in the playoffs like he did last season, he helped the Rockets go to 7 games against the Lakers, who else did that?