A few days ago, Jerry West said the Lakers were ‘too old to play defense well.’ Many Laker fans weren’t too pleased with these comments, mainly because it came from a Laker legend.

However, not all were displeased. Phil had a few comments of his own, mainly agreeing with West’s comments.

“He’s right. We have to do a lot of things right to play defense the way we want to. Most of it is about controlling the tempo of the game. Some of it is about speed and outright speed. We’re not the fastest team on the boards. We can do it if we control things the right way.”

It’s obvious that the Lakers are aging. They have 10 players on the roster aged 30+ years. But could that be the reason they haven’t been playing championship level basketball? Are they pacing themselves, waiting for the playoffs to turn it up?

What do you think Nation? Sound off!

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  • Odom the player

    In my opinion some of it is due to age, but I think most of it is because certain players are not doing their homework on how to play each and every individual player . Example Pau Gasol will play every player he faces the same way . If a player isn’t known to have an outside shot, or has been cold the whole game, or has driven around him several times he will still come out too close to that player instead of saying hey this player hasn’t made an outside shot, so I’m going to back off a step or two and make him hit an outside shot. By him doing this makes Andrew pick up unnecessary fouls. Then you have players who will leave their guy wide open on the 3 point shot regardless of how many they make, our guys will not make adjustments and make this player drive, instead they will let him shoot 3 after 3 . I just think it’s attention to detail . Players need to do their homework and know who their opponents are. can’t play every player the same way.

    • jaydubb415

      plus are guards run like their in quiksand not to mention that at times lamar would give a free layupp just to get the ball out faster wheres the hard foul at were so damm talented on offense that some payers don’t put enough effort on defense.

  • dabοss1848

    sadly he is right – phil’s senile coaching style, accompanied w/ regression of KB, ineptness of Fish/Bill will prove to be the Laker’s downfall.

    The 3-peat should of been complete by now, but due to the debacle in 08, the title count will remain at 17.

    • daboss1848

      Can you please make me look less like a laker/Kb hater? I need everyone on this site to like me.

      • dabοss1848

        seems like there’s 2 impostors now – i’m so flattered.

        • daboss1848

          lol . .. 3 hack comments – even I cant figure out which is me anymore

          • daboss1848

            get off my name now. Your going to make me cry

          • LC09

            LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHA this ish is too funny.. but first one did sound like u boss haha

    • daboss1848

      09, to the amature eye certainly he/she did . . . but despite the attempt at using SAT words and brilliant usage of Bill, there are some issues:
      “Laker’s downfall” should read as: Lakers’ downfall.
      “should of been” should read as: should have been.
      Often imitated, never duplicated.rearview.

      • Deemac1

        Will the real Daboss 1848 please stand up! lol Gotta love ya boss, the real boss that is.

        • LC09

          LOL boss!!!! i knew ud find sumthin wrong wit it HAHAHA..but hey give him or her credit they came close lol

      • 242LakerFan

        Don’t forget, there’s no such word as “ineptness”; it is “ineptitude”.

        • juice

          Actually, 242LakerFan, there is an acceptable form of the word. If you look up “ineptness” in dictionary.com, you’ll find it. It’s below ‘ORIGIN:’ under ‘-RELATED FORMS’, you’ll find ineptly as an adverb and ineptness as a noun.

        • daboss1848

          juice defending hacker? juice, r u hacker or just defending the language?

          • juice

            hey, 242LakerFan is a die hard Lakers’ fan and also the blog site’s in house grammar scholar. I’m sure that he’ll appreciate being “enlightened” by a fellow Lakers’ fan. That doesn’t happen very often, but I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind it.

            As far as defending daboss1848 goes… man, I’m so lost on who’s real and who’s the hack and who’s the hack of the hack and so on and so forth that I’m not even gonna bother with that one!

          • daboss1848

            lol me 2

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack

    When Phil says the team need to “control things the right way”, I believe he meant not only on the defensive end but also on the offensive end. Poor offensive execution (i.e. quick 3s, bad passes, etc) leads to turnovers, faster tempo, and opposing transition offense. When this happens, Lakers defense usually collapse for much of the game. What the Lakers want to do is play to their strengths: run the offense properly, don’t turn the ball over, keep the tempo to their advantage, and this will allow them to play their best defense.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    This seem more like a plan between Phil and West to light some fire on this Lakers team. Interesting. LOL
    I guess you need to do it all to keep these guys motivate to play serious Bball.

  • jaydubb415

    The celtics have some old people on their roster it doesn’t stop them from playing defense,i think because were so talented on offense that people don’tpull all their effort into defense.Second that falls on phil instead of agreeing with west he should be pushing his players to play more defense,yea werea little long in the tooth but thats BS if we went after some faster point guards we wouldn’t be having these conversation no disrespect to fisher but he’s the one getting abused by faster point guards and stop lamar from giving up layups at least give a hard foul if you get beat.

    • jesus christ

      are you jaydub from jaydubshow?

  • kobefinalmvp2011

    it aint age it just they lazy cuz they won it twice so no motivation that all

  • awesomerob24

    good thing the celtics are old too

  • russ

    The problem with the Lakers is that no one can get a firm grasp as to their “team identity”. I grew up watching Magic, and I knew it was SHOWTIME. We’ve gone from a Phoenix type fan friendly team in 2006, to an intelligent team with the acquisition of Gasol, to a talented NBA TITLE FAVORITE in 2008, to the revenge team of 09, to the rivalry team of 2010………. I honestly was more confident going into the 08 finals than I was in 09 or 10! But that’s what makes Jacksons teams seem so cerebal, like winning validates all of the backhanded compliments (see MOTIVATIONAL MATERIAL)…. bottom line is kids, STOP TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!! Its great that we’re 2 games off the pace from last year and EVERYONE THINKS WERE DONE! Enjoy the fact that our team was being talked about from West to Van Exel! Remember to laugh at all of this hen we hoist the trophy when all is said and done this year….we’ve got more to play for thanks to phils comments in the press, and the Miami Heat circus, and the kobe BONE ON BONE retirement drama, and the…. well, GO LAKERS



  • ben

    ill take an old lakers team over any young team in the league. cuz when the pressures on they wont panic.

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