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A surprising statement came out in Wednesday’s exit interview with Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson was asked if he has a stronger sense of attachment with the Lakers front office (other then Jeanie Buss), then he did with the Bulls:

“There are people in the organization that I have an attachment to. But, I haven’t spoken to Jimmy Buss this year. Jerry, I see occasionally and we confer, Mitch and I have our chances to be together, and have a good relationship. Those are people in that department that I have a relationship. But, as far as management, if you want to call it, there’s really not a relationship in that aspect of that.”

Jerry Buss said in August of last year that 80% of Lakers basketball decisions are in the hands of his son, Jim Buss. Jerry claimed that he will simply throw in his two cents here and there.

It seems very odd that the head coach of the Lakers, did not speak once to Jim Buss who is the majority head of all Lakers basketball decisions.  You wonder if that working relationship, or lack there of, was one of the reasons Jackson has decided to retire.

  • Jeramie

    wow this a news story all summmer long to keep up with.

  • Scott Asai

    Jim Buss is an idiot. He shouldn’t be handed the reigns just because he has the same last name as his dad.

  • alex daron

    does this also mean anything about not giving Brian Shaw the head coaching job; since Brian was pretty much a Phil replica lol.


    The LAKERS are DOOMED if that Freakin’ idiot Jim Buss is in control!!  All these years Jerry Buss kept out of the day to days and let his GM Jerry West do his job, and it worked out awesome. Now jr. thinks he knows basketball just cause his last name is Buss.  This wreaks of the Cowboys, they will suck as long as Jerry Jones feels the need to keep his giant ego going. If he would would hire a GM and stay out of the decisions they probably would have won more Super Bowls by now!!! Jim Buss shouldn’t have a say in anything, not even what kind of bottled water the team drinks!!! PLEASE for GOD’S SAKE, leave ALL basketball decisions to Kupchak!!!  If not, kiss GREAT or even GOOD Laker basketball goodbye for a long time!  Or until, Jerry fires his son FOREVER!!!!!