If you think Perkins doesn’t make a difference for the Celtics, just find out how many combined rebounds Gasol and Odom had… Yeah, 24! Oh, and Odom had only 4 blocks.

Boston Herald: … Perkins faced the real possibility that he had played in his last NBA Finals game.

“I would say that would probably be doubtful,” coach Doc Rivers said before the game of Perkins returning to the floor for Game 6 at the Garden. “But I don’t know.”

“It’s a good question,” Perkins said of whether he could play the rest of the series. “I couldn’t tell you. I can raise my arm, but there’s just a lot of pain right now. I don’t know if I can take a hard hit on it. When we get back to Boston I’m supposed to get an MRI on it, and then we’ll know more about it.”

  • lakerschamps08

    that would be soooo helpful if perkins is not payin.. but he prolly gonna play and try and fuk up everything but we gonna play hard and with heart for 458 minutes to force a game7…
    go lakers

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD

    GOOD! keep him on the bench! no bynum, no perkins [even though bynum is a waaaaaay much of a difference than perkins], NO EXCUSES!

  • LakersFirst

    I think he’ll suit up. He may not play, but he could suit up.

  • LakersFirst24

    I think he’ll suit up. He may not play, but he could suit up.

  • True Lakers Fan

    good im tired of the big ugly nose dude lol

  • Lakerboi

    Looks like Lamar and Gasol will hit the basket hard tonight…GO LAKERS!!