Pau’s pinkie hurt; X-rays negative

    Who knew? Pau hurt his pinkie in last night’s game; X-Rays were taken and they were negative as he played through it.

    L.A. Times: Lakers forward/center Pau Gasol had X-rays taken of his right pinkie after he was slapped on the finger in the first quarter of Tuesday’s game. X-rays were negative and Gasol, who continued to play, is considered day to day.

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    • e-bucher

      he’s so soft

    • Makaveli3

      Pau better keep playing! PLAY HARD NOT SOFT! xD

    • Chris Manning

      Pau soft?

      I think he needs MORE touches.

    • sketch

      suck it up Pau! you’ve already been tagged with the “soft” label, you better just STFU and play! you’ve been great the last few weeks despite being “softer”! it’s the finesse, and the nice touch on your jumpers! again, just STFU and keep on playing like you’ve been!

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