Pau Gasol is an amazing teammate, the best PF in the league, and shows amazing selflessness.

L.A. Times: The contract numbers have arrived: Gasol will officially make $57 million over his three-year extension, saying he took less money so the Lakers could allocate more toward other players over that time. Gasol, 29, could have earned an additional $7 million on his extension, which kicks in after next season.

“I’m thankful for this franchise,” Gasol said. “I’m thankful that I got traded here for whatever reason. It’s a privilege to be part of this team so I don’t mind compromising for the benefit of the team and the franchise and still get paid very, very well.”

Bryant said he was “excited” for Gasol but declined to tie Gasol’s extension to his own. Bryant, 31, is negotiating an extension that would also keep him under contract to 2013-14.

“What does his thing have anything to do with me playing five years?” Bryant said flatly. “But, no, I’m happy for him.”

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    good thing gasoft took a pay-cut….you know selfish,me first bryant never ever would sacrfice for the TEAM.

    • Anthony

      You’re right. Then again can you blame the best player on the planet? Can this current roster can stay together with Kobe signing a maximum extension?

    • kid24

      i reallllly but really dont know what you are doing on lakers nation** i ll say it again : lakers nation* gett the**** out… the only time you should be thinking bout us is when we’re killing you’re team whatever it is

  • Trem

    Don’t even pay attention to this fag, he just comes into our forum trying to talk shit but doesnt know how. Just another jealous fan of some other team

  • BigSal

    I hope Kobe takes a pay cut. He couldn’t get close to even 25 million on another team. If he is a team player he will do so.

  • thanhttrinh

    @ Warman the tard: you fcuk !



    Pau took less because he knows if he gets hurt or if his game goes down there is no way he would make close to 20 million. He is not a marqee player so I doubt he could get that on the open market in 2 years. This was a Kobe power play. He won’t sign unless his teammates sign. Pau had leverage because Kobe gave it to him. Hopefully Pau lives up to his contract. He didn’t take less because he was unselfish. He actually got more than he would have otherwise. Now Artest is one who truly took less.