Paul Pierce: We’re the underdogs

    Well it’s evident through the media; most of them believe that the Lakers will win. However, Peirce came out today and claims his Celtics are the underdogs (what a difference a trade and season makes eh)?

    L.A. Times: They are in the NBA Finals — where destiny and determination paired together in restoring the long-dormant green mystique and materialized a glamour matchup against the Lakers.

    “We are up against, right now, the best team in the NBA, playing the best basketball,” Pierce matter-of-factly said of the Lakers on Monday.

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    • True Lakers Fan

      he knows watsup!

    • LD2k

      Paul’s mind games won’t match the Zen Master’s mind games.


      Please,Lakers are the underdog,EXPERIENCE over YOUTH everytime,I don’t care how short of a time they’ve been together.

      Whenever you have 3 allstars on one team,the other team(Lakers)will always be looked at as the possible loser………..but Lakers win in a SHOCKER,4-1!

    • xtro

      The Truth is just pummping himself up cuz he scared and he will not admit it. They got homecourt advantage, so I think he should be confident. Looks like his is shaken a tad bit.

    • LakersFirst

      I think the Lakers are the underdogs.

      At the beginning of the year, ESPN, FoxSports, and all other sports media outlets, were all saying that with the addition of KG and Ray Allen to the Celtics with Paul Pierce (i.e. “the big 3″), they were the hands on favorites to win the championship, and they still are. Anytime you put 3 All-Star players on a team, that team is going to be the favorites.

      Furthermore, the Celtics went 66-16 in the regular season (i.e. the Best record in the league), which means they are the hands on favorite to win, especially when they have home court advantage.

      Pierce is trying to motivate himself and his teammates by calling the Celtics the underdogs, but he knows the pressure is all on them. Pierce knows that if they don’t win a championship this year, the Celtics will have been a failure like the New England Patriots. With the big 3 all over the age of 30, the door to a championship is closing. The Lakers are on the other hand are all relatively young and will be competing for years to come.

    • Lorenzo

      damn right

    • Sopi

      a team with best record reaches to the final as a underdog?
      i guess their opponent must be damn good lol~

    • ab4sure

      He is fooling u guys…. he says that because it is much easier to play as underdogs than favorites.. Don’t buy it!!!!

    • RD

      WTF? Are you kidding me? How are Boston the underdogs, when they were the most hyped about team in the NBA for a long time. Now all of a sudden they’re “underdogs”? Gimme a break! This is just a plot by Paul Pierce, to have more fans siding with the Celts, even though its NOT happening!

    • lak4lif

      Its a shame that paul is from l.a., if he were to be traded he would play for the clippers

    • Luis24

      that idiot just says that cuz he knows he’ll lose. He thinks he’s all that when NoW he has a good team, he didnt have to worry about the double teams like Kobe, he also couldn’t carry a crappy team like Kobe never the less having Kwamba and Smush and fluke, Underdog my ass