Good move by Pau and his doctors.

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol says he will not help Spain defend its title at the world basketball championships because doctors say he needs a rest.

Gasol says “present circumstances advise against my participation” in the championship in Turkey from Aug. 29-Sept. 12.

Gasol and the Lakers face the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals. Game 1 is Thursday night in Los Angeles.

In a statement on his website on Tuesday, Gasol says that in a grueling NBA season in which he’s sustained the first two major muscle injuries of his career, “my body is calling for a temporary relief.”

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    Good! The sucka started the season off on the bench with a hamstring injury playing International Ball over the Summer last year. Hopefully he’ll just rest up, work on his game, conditioning, and add a little bulk!

    I hope Kobe will do the same, but knowing The Mamba, he won’t. He’ll continue to push himself and challenge himself and play through whatever he needs to.

    All of his accomplishments this past season… he was doing it basically on one good knee, one good hand, and one good ankle! Imagine what his stat line could have been had he been healthy?

    LeBooWhoo had hit his funny bone and failed to show up for a series and a half. The reason that he had a summit with the 3 stooges was so that he would have someone else to count on in case he was “hurt” again and this way, he wouldn’t need to be the man anymore! He ain’t NO KING! He’s like the QUEEN in England. Just a figurehead, but the power lies with Parliament!

    This season, Kobe is showing all the haters and doubters that they are way too premature in pushing Kobe aside and in dubbing LeBronze the BEST! Some people thrive when all’s well in the regular season and very few thrive when all the pressure is on during the playoffs. ESPN and the rest of the media and the ignorant fans now know which one is which!


    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Always been a big fan of your takes, TM. I couldn’t have said it better myself lol. LeChump gets overhyped while the Black Mamba gets all the rings. Uuuhhh I’ll take door number two!

  • 242LakerFan

    All I want is for him to EARN his rest over the next couple of weeks by helping the Lakers to BEAT BOSTON!!!! Then he can go on a nice vacation in the Canary Islands of Ibiza with his sexy new chica and come back fresh in the fall to do it all again, baby!!!

    • 242LakerFan

      *OR Ibiza*

  • lakers0828

    Thats Good Kobe Should Do the Same


    Finally! Now please could someone pass this notion along to KB24! He’s not 21 anymore and many of us here who have played sports know that the body takes longer to heal as you get older. I know he takes care of his body like it’s his temple but you can’t out run Father Time.