He needs to sit this game out so he has 5 days rest and prevent aggravating the injury.

L.A. Times: The hope, Pau Gasol said after practice Thursday, is that with rest and treatment on his strained left hamstring he’ll be able to play Friday night against the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center.

Gasol will test his injury Friday at the team’s shootaround and then make a decision on whether to play or sit out.

“We’re short-handed already,” Gasol said. “So I just try to be out there as much as I can and do as much as I can without obviously wanting anything to happen that would put you out. I’ve got to toughen up right now…”

  • Yep

    If Pau sits this game then who will play center? This is crazy.
    We just have Odom taller than 6’9
    and the only other two plays who realistically can play PF/C are Caracater and Artest
    Maybe Barnes
    This is crazy

    It gets even worse. Sasha will probably get minutes and shoot us out of the game again! FFS

  • Green Ranger

    Like it matters if Gasoft plays or not. Cousins will own him!!!

    • lakers2000

      So boogar rangler, are you Laffs@ u trying to make a comeback or just another retard? We will be fine. I will not worry unless we suck in February. We will be o k flying in under the radar.
      Watching Lebron and his antics reminded me how good it is to be a fan of a team that carries itself with class. Go Lakers!!!!!!

      • LakerNationCitizen


        I’d rather Pau sit this one out. If Lakers win, great. If Lakers lose – oh well. Just another subpar team trying to win a battle against the champs. Just coz you win ONE battle doesn’t mean you ‘ll win the way.

        Let’s go Lakers!!

        • More Cookies 4 Kob

          Agreed. I’d rather have Pau sit this out and not further his injury. Let Caracter get more involved and develop in the system and Kobe will have to go for another 40pt game.

    • LakersFirst

      You mean Cousins who the Queens are actively trying to trade. LOL. He sucks. Caracter can take Cousins – too easy. Now show some respect for your Back to Back NBA World Champions you little faggity b*tch.

  • oh boy..

    without Gasol = 5th loss

    • boy oh

      with Gasoft = 5th loss