pausoftFox Sports: Gee, what a fluke: The Lakers spread out, run their offense through Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom and shred the Nuggets defense for countless unchallenged layups and jumpers in Games 5 and 6, many by predator Kobe Bryant who often found himself alone with just one defender to shame then slay.

Kobe is Kong, overpowering, compelling and neurotic. Gasol is L.A.’s centrifugal force minus the celebratory primal screams and beating on the chest. When utilized correctly by Kobe & Co., Pau provides unanswerable peculiarities only Dwight Howard may be able to nullify should they square off in The Finals.

Pau’s rare ’70s-like disposition and cache were the difference in strip-mining the Nuggets — so smooth on his feet ballet-dancing left or right for baby hooks or turnaround springers, so poised peering over the defense before making the proper pass, so pristine from 15 from the line after getting hammered.

Ignoramuses call Gasol soft. Why? Not violent enough? ‘Cuz he doesn’t flex and snort and ‘bo cutters and sideswipe opponents when they’re off balance and grab legs and arms like Kenyon Martin, or trip and push like Denver’s insignificant other henchman Dahntay Jones.

That ain’t hoop. What, they’re hard and Gasol’s soft? After a few games, that stuff turned me off to the Nuggets and stained what they had accomplished.

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  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    Pau is still kinda soft to me but he has improved from the houston series if is truly isnt soft then we should look for a lot from him in the final round

  • Russ Ahi

    LAKERS all the way!!!

    i think they’ll win in 6…actually, i think in 5 but i just want 6 so that they can win it in LA and we can go FLIP SOME CARS…HAHA just kidding

  • kobe8

    ^^^ LMAO

  • phil buss

    [Comment ID #73922 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Touch ME

    Gasol is soft and Dwight Howard will make sure of that.

  • Dragon

    Well this is where bynum suppose to step in which he hasn’t really done much lately but hopefully he will.

  • lakers2000

    Pau will do fine. He has a mid range shot and teammates to help defend. Gasol will probably surprise Howard with a facial. Go Lakers!!!!!

  • JohnJohn

    Pau is a soft Center, but a powerfull PowerFoward. Bynum needs to step it up so Gasol can do his thing.

  • KG

    The Magics beat my beloved Celtics, and will make short work of Lakers. Magics in 6.

  • JohnJohn

    Celtics blow KG. Blow just like your right knee that caused your sorry butt out of the playoffs.

  • p a

    Pau put in a lot of time and effort to get stronger. Saying he wasn’t soft is doing him a disservice. He was, he isn’t anymore.

  • cajun fresh

    The plays he made against Melo when he just kept his arms up and absorbed contact to the torso w/o fouling was something he would never do last year…. scared no more bebe.

  • WifelovesLuke

    D Howard has 3 shots.

    1) Dunk on yo a$$
    2) Spin right and throw a hook
    3) Spin left and lay up

    Not that complicated. If Bynum and Pau move their feet effectively and stay in front of him, they will be able to limit (not stop) his scoring without having to double. The Lakers have the advantage again with size and need to take advantage of it on both ends of the court.