Could this be the reason for his recent slump?

O.C. Register: Pau Gasol is not every woman’s dream date, but Silvia (no apparent last name) finds the Lakers forward to her liking.

The Spanish cheerleader, referred in one Spanish newspaper as his “fiancee“, was seen with Gasol at the All-Star Game in Dallas and reportedly at the L.A. Sports Council awards, where he was named Sportsman of the Year. Her appearance at these functions is somewhat surprising considering how guarded Gasol is about his private life.

But then again, they are a cute couple.

  • drive-for-16th


  • Josh in Da 310

    Pau got a fine bitch

  • expo

    Pau better rekindle his love with kobe and get us another ring!!!

  • person

    shes only 21!

  • atomicpunk

    After that music video he put out I seriously was thinking he was gay. Might be a publicity stunt lol.If not,then nice catch Pau!

  • Anthony

    I wonder if she ever think Pau is too soft…..Get it?

  • lakeb

    pau and luke have the hottest girls on the time. kobe comes in a close third with vanessa

  • lakeb


  • Leor_77

    Late story…This was during All-Star Weekend. Kind of a while ago.

  • Justin M.

    as long as he doesn’t have sex before the game its good

  • Marwan Marzina

    Her full name is Silvia Lopez Castro.

  • lakers2000

    If you want to keep her Pau, you need to start showering and shaving. Just saying.

  • http://yahoo bonnie parrish

    i agreee groom your hair and beard try different clothes pay attention the court show more agreesviness towards your oppents