He redeemed his poor performance from a few weeks ago.

L.A. Times: Pau Gasol returned again to Tennessee’s largest city, the scene of so many images from his past.

Some of them haven’t been pretty — booing from fans a few years ago after he requested a trade from the Memphis Grizzlies, a 10-point effort in a loss here three weeks ago with the Lakers — but he’ll want to remember Tuesday’s game.

Gasol clearly outplayed his younger brother, Marc, and provided solid defense on the game’s final play, getting a hand in the face of O.J. Mayo as the Grizzlies’ guard shot long on a 20-footer as time expired.

Gasol had 22 points, 13 rebounds and five assists in the Lakers’ 99-98 victory. Marc Gasol had eight points, 11 rebounds and no assists.

“What I wanted to do is just contribute to help my team to win, just like what I usually try to do . . . but especially here,” the elder Gasol said. “I felt really bad when we lost last time. I’m glad that we got a nice win tonight.”

Gasol had only 10 points in the Lakers’ 95-93 loss on Feb. 1 and also said his teammates didn’t look inside enough.

He had no such criticism after their victory Tuesday.

“A lot better tonight,” he said. “I think our balance was good.”

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  • Ruin818

    Pau needs to take a page out of his younger brothers book and learn a lesson that he needs to cut that hair and clean up that beard.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    he should have said
    i am glad kobe got us a nice win tonite after i choked 2 more ft like fisher
    i am glad i took a lot of shots finally even though i missed more than 50%

    • daboss1848

      wow i dont remember u being so critical of ur namesake.

      • 007

        but he was being critical of pau

        • daboss1848

          james, i was subtle, but let me spell it out for you.
          “i am glad i took a lot of shots finally even though i missed more than 50%” frequently applies to the person he names on his SN and yet i dont recall him having the same criticisms of the person he names on his SN.

          • kobe-wan kenobi

            yes of course
            but the person i name is a proved winner and is not soft
            did not like pau criticizing kobe
            this is kobe team
            and yesterday clearly pau showed us why

  • ckay

    There was nothing “solid” about Pau’s performance last night. Weakest 20/10 game I’ve ever seen. The guy needs to man up if we want to repeat. Period.

  • 007

    pau had a solid game up until the last 5 min of the game. when pau learns to man up to help kobe close a game we’ll be unstoppable