Photo by Joe Klamara | Getty Images

The lockout activities for the Lakers’ starting five this year appears to be set. Derek Fisher will be negotiating, Kobe will stay stateside, Artest-World Peace will be dancing, Bynum will be boxing and Pau Gasol, it appears, may be playing in Spain, at least according to the Spanish press:

If there is evidence of a lockout for a year, I wont go back to Europe. Barcelona would be my first choice, but for now, everything is in the air,” Gasol said to the XL ‘Weekly’, which goes on sale this weekend and that includes Europe Press.

Gasol is a regular visitor of his native Spain, as he currently is competing in the European Championships alongside his brother Marc Gasol.

Having been born and raised in Barcelona, and having played his first three years professionally for FC Barcelona, the hometown hero Gasol has spent much of his time during the NBA offseasons competing for Spain in the European Championships, winning four medals over the last 10 years.

We’ll post an update if anything changes with Gasol in regard to this recent news.