Pau Gasol will be in the dunk contest… sort of

    This is pretty cool…

    RealGM: Blazers And Lakers Teaming Up? Only In Dunk Contest. Rudy Fernandez said the Lakers’ Pau Gasol will help him during the slam dunk contest Saturday night at All-Star Weekend.

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    • domz


      Maybe Rudy will jump over gasol. That’s interesting.

    • vibe

      LOL…go pau i guess.

    • ko8e_f@n

      LOL! I gasp at the title.. Gasol’s dunks are Duncan-like… ’nuff said :P

    • jose

      maybe gasol can start at halfcourt dribble behind his legs twice and throw a no look pass into the air fallowed by rudys dunk

    • Salty

      I guarantee you that at some point Saturday night Magic Johnson is going to say “The dunk contest is BACK!”

    • FLUKEE

      as long as gasol doesn’t get hurt while doing this i’m fine with it. Knock on wood :]

    • JC

      NICE! – I think there should be a REAL OG Dunkcontest with Dwight Howard, Kobe, LeBron, Dwayne Wade, and Vince Carter..

    • BJ (Yes that BJ)

      [Comment ID #61851 Will Be Quoted Here]

      LMAO, i bet your right.

      Oh and i gotta co-sign what “JC” said, that would be ill

    • Pinky

      Don’t know if someone linked this already, but this blog has a link to a funny Kobe interview:

    • edgar1724