This is pretty cool…

RealGM: Blazers And Lakers Teaming Up? Only In Dunk Contest. Rudy Fernandez said the Lakers’ Pau Gasol will help him during the slam dunk contest Saturday night at All-Star Weekend.

  • domz


    Maybe Rudy will jump over gasol. That’s interesting.

  • vibe

    LOL…go pau i guess.

  • ko8e_f@n

    LOL! I gasp at the title.. Gasol’s dunks are Duncan-like… ’nuff said :P

  • jose

    maybe gasol can start at halfcourt dribble behind his legs twice and throw a no look pass into the air fallowed by rudys dunk

  • Salty

    I guarantee you that at some point Saturday night Magic Johnson is going to say “The dunk contest is BACK!”


    as long as gasol doesn’t get hurt while doing this i’m fine with it. Knock on wood :]

  • JC

    NICE! – I think there should be a REAL OG Dunkcontest with Dwight Howard, Kobe, LeBron, Dwayne Wade, and Vince Carter..

  • BJ (Yes that BJ)

    [Comment ID #61851 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LMAO, i bet your right.

    Oh and i gotta co-sign what “JC” said, that would be ill

  • Pinky

    Don’t know if someone linked this already, but this blog has a link to a funny Kobe interview:

  • edgar1724