Gasol wants more looks and I completely agree with him!

NBCLA: “I don’t know why we were so out of whack and missing so many shots,” Gasol added. “Unfortunately, we lost a game that we definitely would have like to have won. Our outside shots weren’t going down, so we should have gone inside a little more.

Translation: Give him the damn ball!  Alright, that’s probably a stretch. This isn’t Shaquille O’Neal spelling out his career field goal percentage and demanding to get his 20 touches per game or else — but it is a valid point.

The Lakers have consistently gone away from Gasol during games where he’s producing, which, especially in the second half of the season, has been just about all of them. He’s made 72 of his 109 shots over the last eight games — yep, 66 percent. So why not pound it inside a little bit more, especially on an afternoon when nobody else seems to be able to get anything going?

We don’t know the answer, and it probably puzzled Phil Jackson as well. One of the downfalls of having a group that’s as talented as the Lakers is that everyone thinks that they can step up and take the game over in time to save the day. But most of the time, they can’t. Usually, it’s Kobe Bryant that fills that role, and fills it more competently than almost anyone in the league can.

During games where Kobe isn’t quite himself, however, maybe it’s time the Lakers start to rely more on Pau Gasol. Because clearly, he’s more than ready to deliver.

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  • luke sucks!

    although gasol was one of the weak link in last year final u cant just help to admire his love for the game the rest of the laker bench should take notes.

  • Laker8Nate24

    u damn right, pau produces on every touch. no matter what, if its takin it to the basket on some scrub and knockin down that crazy hook shot while he does his ostrich yell, or if hes settn ppl up with wide open shots…I know this is kobes team, but FUK, pau runs the damn show, feed the big man

  • Laker8Nate24

    also, a little off topic…but y the helllllllllllll when pau and lamar are out, do powell and mbenga look 4 their shot 90% of the time????? it seems like we force feed them the ball…they r scrubs, they shud just offensive rebound and get outta the way

  • xtro

    take note kobe! pass the damn ball if you are struggling. act as a decoy and pass it to pau.

  • kobe8

    I agree. Pau needs to be more aggressive and dunk the ball on people’s heads like he used to do in Memphis. I wanna see Pau attempt 15-20 field goals a game. I think it will only help Kobe get more good shots because they would have to double team Pau.

  • LakersFirst

    Gasol is shooting 57% from the field this year. There is no reason why the Lakers shouldn’t look for him in the post more. PAU NEEDS THE BALL MORE!!!

    In all honesty, I liken Pau’s offensive game to that of Tim Duncan. Offensively they are very similar. Defensively though, I definitely give the edge to TIMMY!