This is VERY interesting. Pau to the Lakers!? This comes from a radio host in Memphis who was talking about the Net’s trade (Collins) before it appeared in the media yesterday. From what I’ve gathered, he is a reputable Grizzlies talk show host…

Chris Vernon – radio host in Memphis: According to the CA and, the Grizzlies and the Nets are talking about a deal that would send Stromile Swift to the Nets for Jason Collins. I believe this to be completely true. I don’t know if the deal will take place for sure, but I would think there is a really good chance. I don’t even give a crap about that deal to be honest.

What I do care about is the deal that also may come in the next few days. I don’t think that we are going to be as happy as we once thought we would be about a Pau deal. I have pontificated on the fact that a fire sale could be coming so that Heisley can save money and position the team to sell it. I think he wants to be able to sell to someone and be able to pitch that they will takeover a product with quite a bit of flexibility that they can do whatever they want with. Unfortunately I think that Wallace was hired to carry out this plan. I hope I am wrong.

There is nothing that Heisley has done in the past 2 years to indicate that he is doing anything but cutting back on all costs. Saving money is what this franchise is about now.

With that being said, look for Pau to be part of a deal that brings back a big expiring contract. If what I think may go down, goes down, people are going to be really pissed. Have you ever considered what Kwame Brown would look like in a Grizzlies uni? I am just asking.

Rumors: Grizzlies Face Tough Desicions

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  • LakerNation1

    i hate these articles. it always messes with my emotions!!!! =*(

  • airrics23

    This article doesn’t tell me anything but a guys opinion. Nothing more than that.

  • LD2k

    Here would be my offer:

    Kwame, Odom, and Sasha (picks and draft rights) for Gasol, Cardinal, and Miller. Miller gets out the way so Gay can do his thing.

  • sK

    oooooo-weeeeeee! Anything on the brighter side of last night and lamar.

  • Mr.81

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    That’d be sick but I dunno if they’d want Lamar…

  • gugy

    That’s a deal that Makes sense. Because of that probably won’t happen!

  • lalakerfan
  • lakerschamps08

    yea ld2k tats great trade but maybe they not want nets may want odom get nets going in this we get kidd,miller and gasol

  • gugy

    The problem is if anybody wants Lamar. He is been so inconsistent and afraid lately that many teams probably don’t want that burden. Kwame is worse but at least he have the expiring contract that is attractive.

    It’s hard guys, we don’t have the attractive pieces to make a good deal. If Mitch can pull this of he needs to be praised.

  • lalakerfan

    i like this better than the first one i proposed.

    they get 2 expiring contracts and odom

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    Add J.J.Reddick to that deal,Orlando is wasting great talent.

  • ab4sure

    This article is pure speculation. I don’t know why it was posted.

  • Flush Odumb

    Any deal that enables us to unload useless crapola (i.e, Odumb, Luke, Kwame, Mihm) should be given serious consideration.

    Getting rid of “Cookie” was a good start. Now we need to continue improving the team by purging the other non-keepers.

  • Phant0M

    LOVE IT.

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