Pau has a new blog over at the L.A.Times, check out his first entry…

L.A. Times: Hi everyone,

We are going to be fellow travelers for a while through this blog. I hope that we keep company with each other for a few weeks because that will mean that we are getting closer to culminating this vibrant season with a happy ending.

I just woke up in Salt Lake City. It took me a while to fall asleep. It’s always tough for me to sleep after we lose a game, and even more when it’s so tight at the end like yesterday’s and we lose our options in the last minutes of the game. This defeat means that we will have to play a fifth game in Los Angeles. Now I only have in mind one thing: winning this Saturday at the Jazz’s court because I don’t want to come back to play here this season. We need to rest, and I don’t want to make another trip during this first round.

Also, I’m already used to the weather in L.A., and here we have a pretty nasty day: cloudy and with temperatures ranging in the 50s and 60s. It’s also pretty dry. I knew it was going to be colder than L.A., so I grabbed some winter clothes in case I felt like walking this afternoon in Salt Lake City. But given the circumstances and rivalry between both teams, I think I will stay in my hotel.

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  • Vibe

    whats up with lakers players and blogging this year……dont end up like farmar stop blogging.

  • Billy Kupchak

    TLN! ◕‿◕