Looks like Pau might need more time to return to the Lakers lineup.

epicgasolL.A. Times: Day by day, Pau Gasol has made improvements from a hamstring injury to the point where he has been cleared to resume basketball-related activities.

But his return for a basketball game with the Lakers remains uncertain.

Gasol took an MRI exam Monday that revealed he had a strained right hamstring and not a slight tear that showed up on the sonogram he also took. The MRI is a more sophisticated examination.

The Lakers also sent the MRI results to Gasol’s personal physician in Spain.

“The results of the MRI were promising and positive,” Gasol said Wednesday night. “So that gives me a little bit of hope that I’ll be back soon. I just hope that I can increase the level of work that I’m doing right now until I feel good about it and my hamstring responds well.”

Gasol said he hopes to practice today.

But as far as playing Friday night when the Lakers host the Memphis Grizzlies at Staples Center, Gasol shot that down.

“I’m far from playing on Friday,” he said.

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  • lakers0828

    Oh Come LA the Guy Has been Cleared if doesnt start now then he Might never Get to Gell with the rest of His team mates and what better opertunity to do it then on the day his old team and brother show UP so YOU have TO play him. Gasol Not Playing and Resting even More can Hurt the lakers so Put him in the Starting Line Up tomarrows Game

    • desecrator93

      Let him rest as much as possible so you dont have him get injured even worse. Common sense 0828, come on now

      • WifelovesLuke

        Completely agree with Desecrator. Take an extra week or two if you need to. Put pressure on the rest of the team to step it up.

        Oh…and Bynum needs to tape up that elbow, rub some dirt on it and get his arse out there and grab some rebounds.

        • desecrator93


          • Short Dog

            This is not the movie Ghost.
            Get out of here
            with that ditto gay shit.

          • desecrator93

            I’ll say whatever the f*ck I feel like sayin son.

  • shannon4mvp

    god damn it, i thought he was comin bak this friday against his brother, i think he doesn’t feel confident yet but we need him so bad, bynum got a lil boo boo now too like wtf, wat if he don’t play then who do we got, then we might start congo cash. But phil said he hopes pau will play and pau said hes no way near close. This is a mess we need everyone healthy man.

  • desecrator93

    WTF your problem Short Dog?

    • Short Dog

      Yeah I’ll take a bullet for Kobe. Remember that comment. Don’t post bull shit on me or you’ll get it right back. It’s Laker Nation sonny all the way.
      Don’t hate cause I’m a hardcore Laker/Kobe fan and it shows. Some of you tried to gang up on me but it didn’t work son. Still rocking the Purple and Gold.
      Short Dog-What’s up Nation

      • desecrator93

        Gang up on you?? WTF? I never said shyt bout you cept for the Bullet thing and I was being dead serious bout that too. I was actually surprised you said No. But Im good with you man, havent said no bullshyt bout you so I dunno what you talking about man.

  • Short Dog

    It sounded like clowning to me. And, I said maybe for kobe, no for you. Keep this shit Lakers. I’m cool with any and all Laker fans. Not cool with people trying to clown, celtics, and shit talkers. This might be a computer, but you don’t know me. So if you give respect I’ll give respect right back. I can take a joke-but clowning I take personal.
    Laker Nation
    Fuck the celtics

    • desecrator93

      Yeah thats cool, I wasnt tryin to personally diss or clown you man. Just a joke that you kinda took the wrong way which happens alot. Anyway, f*ck the Celdiks and lets get this team back to championship form again! (and get healthy). PEACE!

      • Short Dog

        I’m down with that.
        Props for being a man about this shit.
        Hell yeah fuck the celtics and all the other nba teams.
        Laker Nation
        Kobe MVP