Some good news on Pau Gasol!

L.A. Times: Finally some good news for the Lakers in regards to a hamstring and Pau Gasol.

“He worked pain-free today,” Coach Phil Jackson said Wednesday. “So that’s nice to know.”

It wasn’t an on-court workout, and a basketball wasn’t involved, but the Lakers’ forward-center wasn’t sore after doing abdominal and other strengthening exercises with trainers.

Gasol sat out his second consecutive game because of a strained left hamstring and said he won’t play Friday at Portland.

He’s back . . . maybe

Lamar Odom broke free of a lengthy slump by getting close to a triple-double Tuesday against Houston, but Jackson cut off a reporter’s question about it.

“Don’t start predicting things,” he said. “That’s not good.”

In other words, one game does not a trend make.

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  • Smush Walton

    Hurry back Pau! You’re our second best player and your skills are badly missed!

    • B Holland

      What are you his Lover? “Hurry back Pau” “I miss you”. Seriously Dude man up. Lakers need to play well with or without Pau. Don’t be a wimp Smuck Wilton.

      • Smush Walton

        Man up, ha – “man”, you don’t know what the word means you PUSS!

      • Smush Walton

        Yeah, the team didn’t miss him in the Clipper game you Douche Bag. (Ask Anna to explain it to you numb nuts).

        • Smush Walton

          Hey B HollyAndDick here is something you might understand, you 2 inch

  • showtimelakes

    how can someone sit out when a guy on your team is playing through broken fingers, hyper extended knees, elbow problems………Imagine if Paul had these issues he would be out for 8 weeks! No Carazon del Español!