Pau Gasol donates $20,000 to Haiti relief tonight

UPDATE: Pau dropped 20 points against the Knicks!

Twitter: Since Gasol finished with 20 points, that’s $20,000 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

This is a very cool thing Pau is doing tonight. Thanks to Kevin Ding’s twitter…

Twitter: Pau Gasol donating $1,000 to Haiti relief for every point he scores tonight vs. Knicks.

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  • lakeb


    • KOBE THA MVP 10′

      what if he suffered an injury scored cored nothing, hahhaahha

  • ScorpyDoo2

    DROP 100 points pau! ^^

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I understand that every bit helps and at least Pau is doing something, but $1k a point when you make almost $200k a game isnt story worthy.

    • lakeb

      true, but atleast hes doing something, i dont see any other laker doing that, or player in the nba

      • The Kobester

        dwyane wade donated a game salary

        • LakerLoverCelticsHater

          Wade: 200k
          CP3: 62k
          Dalembert: 100k
          Durant: 100k
          KingJames: 100k (Only time I will call him king, after this it will be back to Queen)
          Tiger Woods: 3M (Lets be honest, hes only doing it to try to clean his image)

          • NBAmazingKB24

            T_T I Dont see Kobe in that list! :/
            Just sign some basketballs, Picture, Jerseys
            and do a charity Fund Kobe!!
            Wade and Mourning Haiti fund raised: $800,000

  • Justin M.

    8 points at half time, keep it up Pau!!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    gasoft is tanking foul shots,a buck is a buck .

  • NBAmazingKB24

    that’s really nice of him to do that!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    kobe should of donated $1000.00 per miss. they could turn haiti into some island paradise….forgot he`s hurt right?..he sure shoots like it…

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Or, LeBron couldve donated $1 everytime his ego got the best of him in the game… DAMN, EARTHQUAKES IN HAITI? NOT WHEN LEBRON DONATES $1 FOR EVERY SONG OR DANCE!

      Paradise? Dude that would make Haiti>Hawaii if LeBron did that.

    • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

      or lebron could pay $1,000 for every fucken ring he has… wait… he has no rings? fuck, i guess haiti wont recover from the fucken earthquake thanks to lebrons lack of fucken rings…

      wait to fucken go lebron

  • Jack Y.

    Good job Pau. However, I am disappointed at how much these NBA superstars/all-stars are donating because they make way more than that. Superstars like Lebron or Wade (or even Kobe for that matter) should be donating a mil each.

    • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

      dude, lebron be usin that mil to pay the refs to call fouls for him and fucken rig the game for him.
      he pays another mill to the camera man to have him keep the camera on him at all time.
      he be payin another mill to the announcer table to play the songs he know so he can do karaoke and make a fool of himself.
      he be payin another mil to nike to confiscate any videos of him being dunked on or videos he dont like.
      he be payin a mil to the nba and david stern so that he can win the nba awards.
      he be payin the last mil to the fans to cheer for him and cheer MVP for him.

    • NBAmazingKB24

      rich or not/ famous or not…
      if everyone in the world donated $10 to Haiti
      That would be… alot of money.

    • Jack Y.

      PWNED: I am quite tired of Lebron’s cockiness right now. He was attempted to rap “Forever – by Drake) during that last game vs. the Lakers. He had no fouls called on him in the first half. Everything about him is so fake, immature and rigged. As much as I want the Lakers to beat the crap out of Cavs in the Finals, I don’t want to see the Lakers lose because the NBA refs decided to protect Lebron.

      NBAAmazingKB24: Indeed.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    should buy some good herion down there….

  • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

    if lebron went to haiti to help, watch how all the cameras would follow him like a dog following its owner. the meida will be on his dick harder than it is already. that nigga is wack. heck, they will cut the games broadcast just to show lebron singing and dancing in haiti.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    stop talking about the mamba..he`ll colorado you!!

    • http://TheLakersNation laffs atu

      he’ll colorado you like lebron colorado’s me every night. but i give him permission to do so… it feels sooooo good…mmmmmmmm……..

  • http://57.amklac KOBES LITTLE PENE

    wonder if the ,mamba injuried himself while commiting that crime in colorado..kobe gets hurt easily.