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In a previous report, Lamar Odom was quote “in disbelief” and doubted he would attend the opening day of training camp today.

According to Mike Bresnahan at the LA Times. Odom has not shown at Lakers practice, yet Pau Gasol is in attendance:

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Also very interesting that the Lakers will not take legal action against the NBA.

  • Karma74146

    the lakers wont take actions, so what we just going let that bs happen, great why am i even a laker fan if my own team doesnt care.. maybe we need some real basketball ppl running our teams rather than you idiots..

  • 123kid

    I feel for Lamar on how he feels disrespected and that he gets that sense of feeling unwanted. And I gotta give it up to Pau for being so much more than a class act about this and just seems to act so professional and just heads back to work. But from the FO standpoint, this is a travesty to you. You now gotta go to plan B and I say you now pursue Dwight and you take on Hedo and you trade Bynum and LO. And as much as I love LO, but this is just not a great thing for LA to have around if you have a disrespected LO. 

  • Ryan Eusebio

    I feel really bad for Odom. No matter what, if he gets traded or not the Lakers fans will be to cheer for him, he done a lot. But I think lakers need to trade him since they disrespected Lamar. I am happy to see Pau to be professional and still go to work even tho they disrespected him.

  • Lakergirl24

    So Pau Gasol shows up to work and sucks it up like a true professional, but Lamar goes and throws a fit on Twitter and everyone feels sorry for him? Really?

    Look, I’ve been an LO supporter ever since he came back to LA. Laker fans defended him when he was playing inconsistently because we knew he was capable of more. Laker fans supported his push for Sixth Man. Good god I even remember voting to try and get him on the All-Star team last year b/c he was campaigning for it so much. But let’s be real: he’s been in the league long enough to know how this game goes. At the end of the day, your bosses are going to look at you as a commodity just like any other job and if they don’t feel that they’re getting what they need, or in this case, if they feel like they can get more by giving you up, they WILL look to get rid of you. This is the NBA, not rec league. Successful franchises are not built by keeping players because you like them. At the end of the day, if the front office feels like they could be better off, they won’t hesitate to put anyone except the franchise guy (Kobe) on the chopping block.

    Besides, you’re a professional athlete. It comes with the territory, no?

    • kobe24venom

      agree 100%…..suck it up lamar .

  • Kobe
  • Dsdjka

    The best part of the proposed trade was to send Khloe out of town. 

    • Lakergirl24

      can we ship out the rest of her family with her?

  • Johngusa1

    He is not being disrespected. He makes millions to play basketball and trades are part of the game.

  • G3spot74

    That idiot David douche bag stern is a F’N co€k blocker! Seriously he’s made this whole thing one big cluster fu€k…he’s a gutless no back bone power playing A hole!!!

  • Kmac_321

    I’m supporting Lamar all the way…this entire situation… is BULL****!

  • S Andrews_7

    LO be a professional and suck it up, I know it probably feels awkward but it’s not your team who decided to trade you, it is your bosses, it’s not the end of the world at least you still get to play ball man.. keep ur head up

  • Lakers4Ever

    Props to Pau for going despite the mess – honestly, I don’t want to give him up just yet. As for LO . . . I feel you, but Pau’s probably feeling the same thing, maybe worse, and he still sucked it up and went.

  • Jomari De jesus

    can the lakers keep GASOL???why not trade L.O. and steve blake and future draft pick rather:))))