Well we could use a rested Pau now that we clinched the #1 seed in the west.

O.C. Register: Pau Gasol told Phil Jackson he doesn’t need a stay at the Kobe Bryant Rest and Relaxation Spa.

Bryant has spent the past two games recharging his legs and watching the games on TV back in the team’s locker room, getting treatment and kicking back in sweats instead of in dress clothes that would be mandated for him to wear if he sat on the bench with the team. Gasol has put up monster numbers both in Denver and Minnesota as the team’s primary option, and he feels strong enough that he doesn’t want to sit out to prepare for the postseason.

Gasol did get some time off earlier this season with two hamstring injuries, and now he wants to stay in rhythm.

“It’s just the way I feel better going into the playoffs,” Gasol said Friday night.

He also noted the Lakers will probably have a day of total rest after the regular season ends Wednesday and then more days without games before the postseason opener.

“That’s plenty of rest for me,” Gasol said.

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    doesn't won't

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    Let's keep some not drunk people writing these headlines eh?

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      I was sober enough to like your comment.

      Sorry though, I was tossing up between 2 headlines “Pau won't sit the last 3 games of season” and the end result “Pau doesn't want to sit rest of the season”.

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