This was disrespect to the players he mentioned.

OC Register: Did the Lakers have an influence on LeBron James heading to the Miami Heat to join forces with free agent signees Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh?

Who knows? Many believe it was a fait accompli, that it was a plot hatched years ago by the three former Team USA teammates to reunite when they became free agents.

But Miami Heat president Pat Riley, a former Lakers coach known for his powers of persuasion, mentioned past and present Lakers superstars during his sales pitch to LeBron.

“LeBron would be Magic (Johnson), Dwyane would be Kobe (Bryant) and Chris would be (Kevin) Garnett,” Riley said in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, repeating what he told King James during Miami’s three-hour presentation in downtown Cleveland on July 2.

“He actually liked that conversation. He lit up and he said that would be great if ‘I didn’t have to score’ (a lot), that he could be maybe the first guy since Oscar Robertson to be a (consistent) triple-double guy.”

SI also reported that Riley’s strategy involved tossing a bag of his seven championship rings on a table — one as a Lakers player (1972), one as a Lakers assistant (1980), four as Lakers coach (1982, 1985, 1987 and 1988), one as Miami coach (2006) — so LeBron could check them out.

“Hey, try one on,” Riley said, perhaps tempting, perhaps teasing LeBron.

Riley later conceded he used the rings as a “weapon.”

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  • drei

    WTF boo miami heat! they’re just insecure hahaha LOL. LAKERS = BEST TEAM EVER! accept it haters !

  • drei

    WTFFF. boo you miami heat! you’re just insecure wtf pat riley is talking ’bout? ohhhh ghad.

    LAKERS = BEST TEAM EVER! just accept it haters

  • Shawn

    What has kevin garnett got to do with the lakers? Fuck you pat! Lakers will be the champion!

  • KM

    It took him 3 hours to tell him that? all kidding aside, I think it took 3 hours for them to break down the legalities about who in lebron’s camp would get what job within the heat organization or to get the wording through because from what I understand LBJ + Bosh + Wade was a DONE deal 2 weeks before he met with anybody. Stephen A Smith famously said it was a done deal 2 weeks before. All other teams giving their pitches were a cover to rouse storylines that would lead up to his “decision”. Because he needed them to make everything believable . The more people kiss up to the heat, the more they are setting themselves up for failure. Still laughable. Pat Riley was so desperate he compared him to past greats and contemporaries. Kob could be political about it and say “im flattered” but we all know wade is not no Kobe.. LAKERS ARE THE BEST !! Artest, Kobe, Gasol are still pretty young and getting stronger and more mentally ready for the next season, we aren’t afraid of these “best friends” team. Lil punk asses

    • ricky

      hahahaha “best friends” team.

  • laker_way

    Perfect, ’cause Lebron is a wannabe!!

  • LakerFan2437

    Bosh compared to Garnett thats a f**king joke, Bosh is the p*ssy and soft version of Garnett.

    Wade compared to Kobe hell no , Wade ain’t even in the same breathe as Kobe.

    Kobe – 1 Season MVP, 2 Finals MVP , 5 Time NBA Champion, 3 Time All Star MVP.

    Wade – 1 Finals MVP, 1 NBA Championship, 1 All Star MVP
    LeChoke being Magic my *ss, Magic is Top 3 Greatest Players of All Time. (Jordan,Magic,Bird)

    LeChoke will known as one of the Greatest side kicks ever. Thats good but as great the man he would be winning it in Cleveland because he will known as “The Man” but know he took the easy way out and has no loyalty to Cleveland, And that management tried everything in there power to build a Championship team around LeChoke.

    F*ck Heat. Lakers 3 peat next year. Mark My Words.

    • Josh Herrington

      sorry but i can’t agree that larry is a top three all time. (jordan magic kobe) not in that order but theyre the best three.

      • lakerman34

        LOVE that nobody EVER gives Oscar Robertson any love.

    • PRLaker

      hey, this is lebron, the king, why is every body hating on me, i just want to win, i want to be like kobe, like jordan magic and bird, stop callin me a princess, im a king, i really am, you’re hurting my feelings waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa, you see i’ll show you sniff, sniff, im not a pussy, sniff, sniff, i just want to be as great as the lakers are, can’t you understand stop this waaaa, waaaa.

  • Str8 Ballin

    F.U Pat Riley, hope ur dead!! i don’t care if u a former Lakers Coach..

    • RonRonGq

      dawg relax

  • JD

    and how is that “disrespect”?

    • imfasterthanur

      I was wondering the same thing?

      If anything, he illustrated how great the Lakers organization is. Maybe I missed something?

      • Josh Herrington

        I’m not disrespected at all. That just re-solidifies the idea that everyone wants to be a Laker!

        • imfasterthanur


    • Marwan Marzina

      The reason I said it was “disrespect” is because he is comparing some (great) players, to 3 of the best players of all time that achieved more than Bosh, Wade and James did respectively. To compare them to the legends is like comparing a comparing the Timberwolves to the Lakers, it can’t happen because the Lakers achieved more, it would be disrespect to the Lakers to say the Timberwolves would be like the Lakers.

  • #1lakersfan

    I’m gonna be honest, who cares what miami do? I don’t. The lakers are gonna play miami 2 times and ofcourse its gonna be a televise game but those games won’t mean shit. The lakers should have no problem making it to the 4th straight championship game and miami won’t make it out of the east since boston is still there to remind them that they also have a so call big 3, and let’s not forget bout orlando who can spot miami also. All it tells me at this point is that on paper miami looks great but in the court it won’t work…. lakers are gonna win a 3peat guarantee it.

    • 3 Peat Time

      Waiting to see Boston knock them out 2nd round in playoff, wait …. maybe in 1st round ?

      • KM

        This is not really talked about much but Lebron had a team that was tailor made for him in cleveland.. he had all these wishy washy guards who had high % 3pt shots and thats who the miami heat have..They agreed to terms with Mike Miller and james jones? their problem was their lack of defense.. somebody remind me who the heat have that can lock down anybody.. Which of the top contending teams can they match really well against..People can make the argument that a healthy utah jazz team from last year is sorta like that miami squad. Person for person almost same position wise.. its like if Carlos Boozer played in bosh’s place in toronto- you dont think he would have his same averages against weak front lines like bosh did in the east? at best the heat are a utah jazz on steroids minus a beast point guard

  • lakers4life372417

    LOL at throwing a bag of rings at lebron. hahahaha.

  • Leo

    Lol, that’s a great presentation. I’ll admit, Pat Riley is a boss. By the way, I think it’s pretty funny that he had to compare Wade to Kobe instead of just comparing Wade to Wade.

    Bosh like Garnett is completely LAUGHABLE. As much as I hate Garnett, I respect his toughness, skill and passion. Bosh is a cupcake.

  • Robert.

    What we’re ALL forgetting is that the new Miami team is weak defensively. Sure, LeBron occasionally breaks up fast breaks by some interesting shot blocking. Sure DWade is one the top stealers in the league. But that’s it! Neither are ‘lock down’ defenders. I don’t even think Bosh defends at all – I have never heard of any ‘top defense related’ statistic relating to Bosh
    Also, they are ‘primarily’ offensive weapons. Teams do NOT make it all the way with just great offense (see: Phoenix Suns).
    Their ‘best’ defender might be Mike Miller, and all that it would take is a few elbows from Kobe, and that will put things in perspective.
    Also, the new Miami team does NOT have an inner presence. No ‘real’ post up player (does Bosh count?). No ‘real’ post up center (Ilgauskas is more of a ‘mid range’ to ‘perimeter’ type center). The Lakers handled Ilgauskas fine in the head-to-head games — Shaq gave the Lakers (Bynum) a little trouble, because he is a true post up center. But he shouldn’t be going to the heat.
    All in all, the new Miami team will ‘never’ be a tour-de-force defensively for years to come. There would have to be an All Star Center coming into the league, or here already (Oden? ha! … DHoward? … will never leave Orlando). If the Heat get a ‘high end’ center, then I would say they are favored. Otherwise, NOT. The team will be built for an exciting season, and some interesting playoffs, but NEVER the big cookie as long as the Lakers are around.
    The Lakers have ‘length’, too much for Miami, and as we see, Kobe wants more ‘defensive’ players on the team. That will ‘definitely’ happen, if not this summer then some time over the next few years.
    Let’s not worry yet. No matter what happens during the regular season (who cares how many wins Miami has), or even 2-3 levels into the playoffs, it will be fine. The Lakers only have to concentrate on Finals for the next few years ….. (ain’t we spoiled here in LA :)

    • Anonymous2313

      I’m shocked ESPN doesnt cover this. But i would go as far to say LeBron can be a lockdown defender.

    • Robert.

      Perhaps he ‘can be’ a lockdown defender, but it is very difficult to be a lockdown defender AND a fast break dunker within the same play (or game, even). Defense takes a lot more energy than offense.
      Recall that when Kobe was primarily defending (since the Lakers didn’t have Artest, etc.), it was more difficult for him to provide offense. When Artest came, it freed up Kobe to concentrate on offense.
      Anyway, I do agree – not sure why espn or others are not treating this issue.

      • KM

        you put artest on lebron and kobe on wade you stop tthe flow of their offense all the lakers need to do is continue to move the ball and force lebron to become a 3pt shooter like the celtics could do. and if all kobe does is get fed picks and he draws the fouls, he can get anyone of those guys into easy foul trouble and that’s the end – I think nobody talks about this much but the Magic have essentially replaced Hedu Turk by having quentin rich so expect them to make a nice splash next season. I think its going to be magic-celtics in the ECF and the bulls are gonna shock people in the eastern conf playoffs smoking the hawks or whomever… essentially we are re-living the 2009 Finals all over again.

        • docregi

          What’s funny is, Wade played you guys tough last year with not help. Riley helped make the Lakers what they are as it pertains to championships. The Lakers were dead until he brought “Show-Time” to LA. You won the championship because Boston gave you 3-4 shots at the basket, not happening this year. Check your stats, the 1st year LeBron won MVP, Wade led he and KOBE in every category (scoring, rebounding, steals, blocked shots, etc.). Kobe had help for the past several seasons, now Wade has help and everyone is pissed. You guys even recruited Matt Barnes, show that shows you’re not as confident as you would like everyone to believe. I was once a Laker fan, but couldn’t stand the Shaq/Kobe drama. If Wade competed against you guys with no help, this coming season will be interesting…

    • docregi

      Are you kidding me? Weak defensively? Wade is one of the best defenders in the NBA. Joel Anthony is a shot blocker and rebounder, LeBron can defend, Haslem is a tremendous defender, Dexter Pittman is a big body who can rebound and so is Juwan Howard. Miami’s defense was in the top 5 in the NBA last season and just got better. They had no offensive help which is why Boston beat them in 5 games. That rag-tag team Wade played with last season, came down to the final seconds everytime we played the Lakers last season. You guys really don’t have a great post player either, you won most of your games by out rebounding your opponents. Other than Kobe, you have no other person who draws a double team, we have two and a point guard who was second in the NBA with the lowest number of turnovers and Mike Miller coming off the bench who is a 48% 3 pont shooter. You simply out rebounded your opponent last season. Different story for the next several years!


        your team still has not done shit! so get the fuck outta here!

  • PauLAsol

    I think Pat was sublimanily saying legone go to the lakers, it didnt work.

  • anon

    wow so many idiots on TLN. Pat did his job as a GM and people hatin on him? lmao please. You guys expect everything to go your way. I’m grateful for Pat building up an army dedicated to taking down the Lakers. Just makes it all the more better once we beat them in the Finals.

  • Robert.

    I don’t think Pat Riley really did anything. The 3 amigos did their own talking. Pat just said, “Sorry guys, you have to take a pay cut to play here; enjoy the beach!”.
    Riles is/was a great coach. He just happens to be in a desired destination (fun & sun Miami) and players from other teams (Shaq & LeBron) simply decide to go there. His GM skills were more apparent in the Shaq trade, since he wasn’t a free agent at that time.

  • yash

    lmao ahahhaha.
    “Here try one on”

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    If it takes ”pat”riley comparing them 2 ”us”then were already ”in their head”i have never in my life seen a team get so much ”Hype”with out playing ”A game”yet oh yes i have ”The 2010,2011, Ny Jets”i mean damm.What kills me is how ”fat ass”david stern sits on his hands why ”lebron n wade”just runs his ”league”stern you a pussy,you give more ”hype”2 a new team who hadn’t 1 ”’shit”fuck ”the yet”he can’t say shit next time someone jumps out of line,cuzz we all know how far his ”face”is up in ”lebron’s ass”

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    IF you want 2 follow me on ”twitter”look me up at ”J3_Libra_files”

  • Robert.

    jdubb – I’m still trying to decode your messages. You might be the kwisatz haderach, or reincarnation of anubis. So anyway, do you have any ‘serious’ predictions about the path/fate of the Lakers, and the Heat as well? How many more championships will the Lakers have? (for example).

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    everyone is interested to see if miami can beat the bulls 72 win season……the L.A kobes never came close.

    • KM

      stfu heat fan. mr 1 title.

    • 242LakerFan

      There’s a team in LA named after Kobe? WOW! What league are they in? What an honour for Kobe!

      • letsGOlakers!

        hahahaha good one!

    • Showtime4eva

      Sounds like all of the other wishful thinking you’ve had and NONE of them came true. You’ve gotta be the biggest idiot I’ve ever encountered. Total loser. Nothing but!like I said all your talking is like good fortune to the lakers! If you keep talking lebra might even get sent back to the d-league lol!!

  • Robert.

    well, we all know regular season means spit. Look at Cavs, Mavs, Magic, etc. In fact, the more wins the merrier!
    playoffs are the 2nd season of basketball. What matters is winning 16 there. Lakers are Champs at doing that.

  • Showtime4eva

    He went from being the franchise to being a third or fourth option!

    • KM

      100% true

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    well has he been on a podium lickin his lips confessing his cheating on the woman he loves?i guess LEbronze still has that to look forward girls forget without shaq kobes just another smush.

    • Showtime4eva

      Cheating on the woman he loves??? Oh shit are you saying Lebra is cheating on his mom with delonte west?!


    This is why he really left the cavs

  • docregi

    Should also add, you haven’t passed Boston regarding number of titles. Miami is a much younger team who will win their share.

  • docregi

    By the way, Bill Russell won 11 Championships with most of them against the Lakers!

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