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Andrew Goudelock drops 31 points in Summer League Victory!

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The Mini Mamba, Andrew Goudelock, signed a one-year contract with UNICS Kazan of Russia the team on Friday. (Via Live5news)

Goudelock had been hoping to secure a contract with an NBA team, especially after a solid week in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas earlier this month, but the LA Daily News reports that the offer from Russia was worth “Considerably more” than any offer he got in the states.

Goudelock was named Development League MVP last year with averages of 21.1 points, 5.2 assists and 3.9 rebounds in 52 games for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and the Sioux Falls Skyforce. He played in only one regular season game this past season and started in game three of the playoffs scoring 20 points.

The Lakers decided not to take up Goudelock’s $1.1 million qualifying offer and make him a restricted free agent. He was extended an invitation to play for the Lakers’ summer league team however he believed playing elsewhere, the Chicago Bulls ultimately, would display his skill set and earn him a contract.

While Goudelock was one of the top performers within the Summer League he was not given a serious contract offer.

Here is to Mini Mamba and his time for the Lakers. Hopefully he will return to the NBA and find a stable home within another franchise next year.

Do you believe the Lakers should have retained Goudelock? Tell us your thoughts below!

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski | USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

You read it right.

Steve Nash is not 100% healthy as of yet but that will not stop him from achieving a childhood dream of his. On Tuesday Nash will be trying out for one of the best soccer, or fútbol, franchises in the world in Inter Milan. Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press was first to break the story.

”It’s a dream come true to get a chance to try out, not just to try out but to take the field with Inter Milan, one of the great, storied franchises in professional sports,” Nash said in an interview with The Associated Press. ”I feel like a little kid.”

Nash has always been a huge soccer fan and occasionally jokes about how he would be a great soccer player if he didn’t become as good as he is in basketball. Tuesday he will have the opportunity to show the world the type of player he could be. First, he’ll have to get over his big case of nerves.

”It’s going to be a lot higher than it is playing basketball, for sure,” Nash said. ”I still get nervous for basketball games from time to time. When I get out on the court, I don’t get nervous, but before. To go out there with guys that I look up to and watch play, it’s definitely going to raise the nerves. I’ll be really nervous and really excited.”

As far as his day job goes he still is working to get to 100% health. Everyone knows how injury riddled the Lakers were last season and Nash missed a significant amount of time on the court. Despite that, he has been training hard this off-season and believes that he will have a good year.

”I’ve had a really good summer of training and rehabilitating,” Nash said. ”I’m not 100 percent, but I’m pretty close. Good enough to go out there Tuesday. I’m thrilled I’ve had this time to build myself back up, and I believe I’ll have a great year.”

”We’re all just excited for another opportunity,” Nash said. ”We’ve got some terrific players coming off of difficult seasons. I know Pau Gasol after his injuries, Kobe’s coming off a difficult injury, I was injured for the better part of the season. The three of us are eager to get back out there and there’s other guys, Jordan Hill, Steve Blake, who missed a lot of time last year.

Nash did not stop there as his excitement for next season continued to dominate the conversation.

”We’re excited to see what we can make of ourselves. We really are going to try for the second consecutive year to find chemistry and identity, but we’re excited for it, so we’ll see.”

With Nash already coming of an injury plagued year it would be best for him to continue to work out for basketball activities and rest his body. However you cannot blame the guy for wanting to try something that he has always wanted to do and been good at. As long as he makes it through this experience and remains healthy then the fans should have nothing to worry about. If he does happen to succumb to injury, then he will have risked a lot of Lakers hopes for this upcoming season.

Do you believe Nash should tryout for Inter Milan? Why or why not? Would you if you were in his shoes? Let me know below!


Steve Nash and others show off their soccer skills!

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Elias Harris Highlights via Fox Sports

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The Los Angeles Lakers signed undrafted rookie forward Elias Harris to a two year contract worth the minimum salary on Friday. (Via LA Times Eric Pincus)

Harris is a former Gonzaga forward who also played for the Lakers summer league team with averages of 10.2 points and 5.6 rebounds a game.

“I tried to show what I’m capable of,” Harris recently told The Times. “I’m a guy who is willing to work. I’m not just a guy who is going to sit around and think everything’s going to fall into my lap. That’s just not me. I hope I get the opportunity and I can reward the guys with playing hard.”

Harris, just a few days ago, spoke to Pincus about hoping for his dream to come true to play for the Lakers. Now with this contract, he will get his wish and a prime opportunity.

“I really hope so.  I really hope I get an opportunity with the Lakers or whoever wants to give me a shot — primarily with the Lakers,” said Harris. “Once I get 100% comfortable and know my role 100%, I think I can help a team out.  I really believe that.”

“I hope [I’m going to] the Lakers.  If it doesn’t work out for me, then I’ll have to change my plan and try to take a different kind of tour to reach my dream … just go over to Europe and come back next year.”

Elias’ tough play and basketball IQ seemed to have left a mark with the Lakers staff. Player development coach Mark Madsen spoke highly of Harris when asked about the promising players from the summer league roster,

“Elias had a great career up at Gonzaga,” Madsen told The Times. “I think the word that comes to my mind with Elias is ‘versatility.’ At times we asked him to guard two men.

“His ability to guard men, and with the ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket, is a tremendous skill set,” continued Madsen.

While Harris may not have the highest of expectations placed upon him he certainly can develop into a valuable prospect. While at Gonzaga, Harris was known for his fundamentals, defensive and rebounding abilities. All aspects the Lakers will sorely need moving forward.

Do you believe Harris was a good signing for the Lakers? Or should they have gone after another free agent? Sound off below!


According to Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) of the Sun Sentinel, the Lakers will be hosting the back to back champion Miami HEAT at STAPLES on Christmas Day 2013.

All this means is that even with the departure of Dwight Howard to Houston, the NBA still sees the Lakers as one of the top two national draws.

Although Kobe is planning to return for the beginning of the season, most expect him to return around November/December.

The final regular season schedule is still being finalized, and should be released sometime next week or so.




Image: Mark J. Terrill | AP

Kobe Bryant is now three months into his rehabilitation process for the torn Achilles tendon he suffered on April 12th.

In the YouTube video above, Heeluxe‘s Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray provides an in-depth look at Bryant’s injury, and the strenuous rehabilitation process required to get Bryant back into playing form.

Bryant’s initial timetable for his recovery was listed at six-to-nine months, but he may be ahead of schedule.

While vacationing in Italy on Saturday, Bryant had this to say about his rehabilitation:

“I’m here on vacation but I still have to work and improve on recovering from my injury,” said Bryant. “It is difficult because I can’t do much, but I am getting stronger every day and I am hoping to return by November or December.”

Contrary to Bryant’s cautious prediction, Lakers’ executive vice president of player personnel, Jim Buss, recently predicted an even earlier return for the Lakers’ star:

“I would bet a lot of money on him coming back in preseason,” Buss said during a recent broadcast of a Lakers’ Las Vegas Summer League game.

“He’s going to come back when he is right. I see him coming back at the beginning of this season.”

Whatever the case may be, Heeluxe’s Dr. Gray predicts that Bryant could certainly return in time for the start of next season:

“We know from the research that over 92% of all athletes will return to their sports within about six months,” Dr. Gray said. “Is it possible that Kobe Bryant could return in time for the start of the NBA season?”

“Certainly. So if there is ever an athlete that can rehab from a torn Achilles in time for the NBA season start, it’s going to be Kobe Bryant.”


* Video created by Heeluxe: masters of foot and shoe science. Follow them on the Web, Facebook and YouTube.


According to TMZ, Kobe Bryant’s mom hit a home run on selling some of Bryant’s old gear.  Kobe had sued his mom earlier in the year for attempting to sell his old gear and the two have since come to an agreement allowing Bryant’s mom to sell about 10% of his old stuff.  Well, that auction ended last night and it earned quite the healthy sum.

— 2000 NBA L.A. Lakers Championship ring:  $165,889.80
— 2000 All Star ring:  $52,854
— Kobe’s used H.S. Uniform: $48,048.15
— Kobe’s used Lakers jersey: $7,938.45
— Kobe American Flag Adidas Sneakers: $7,216.25

More gear was also auctioned off and the total amount earned was $450,000

Do you think Kobe’s mom had the right to sell his old gear?



According to’s Ramona Shelburne and’s Brian Windhorst, the Lakers are focusing on rebuilding around the two biggest free agents for 2014 – Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony.

Image: Harry How | Getty Images
Image: Harry How | Getty Images

In accordance with’s Marc Stein’s prediction of a $62.1 million salary cap for the 2014-15 season, the Lakers will theoretically have about $51.5 million in cap space next summer.

Although the reality of pairing James and Anthony together is still a long-shot at this point, the Lakers have made it clear that they plan to try.

The Lakers have positioned themselves into making a realistic run at not just one superstar next summer, but possibly two in the same off-season.

By refusing to commit to any contracts past this upcoming season, the Lakers have maintained maximum flexibility to cash-in on the 2014 free agency frenzy.

A league source with knowledge of the situation told ESPN:

“It’s all wishful thinking at this point,” a league source said. “Teams are doing more wishing than LeBron is wanting right now.

“It’s not about where LeBron wants to go [to win]. He already has two rings. If LeBron moved to Reno, teams would come to him.”

James, who has an opt-out clause for next season, has not made it clear as to whether he plans to exercise his opt-out or not.

It seems that James has learned from his previous “decision” by refusing to discuss his future plans until the time comes.

Image: Jeff Gross | Getty Images
Image: Jeff Gross | Getty Images

In addition to James, Anthony also has an early termination option in his contract after this next season.

One source close to Anthony’s situation told ESPN:

“It would make sense for him to exercise the early termination option on his contract after next season to become a free agent and secure either a four- or five-year extension.”

Although the Lakers have tons of cap space next season, there is nothing concrete to sell potential free agents on.

As it currently stands, the Lakers do not even have any current marquee players, like they would have had had Dwight Howard re-signed this off-season.

Not even Kobe Bryant, who is in the final year of his contract, is guaranteed to be in the fold after next year.

Bryant has said recently that he plans to play another two or three more seasons, but would need to take a major pay-cut for the Lakers to maintain enough room to purse two max-level free agents.

Bryant, however, recently told’s Dave McMenamin that he intends to be involved in the Lakers’ recruiting efforts for 2014:

“It’s an open conversation, via text and also meeting in person and just picking up the phone and calling,” Bryant said of his involvement. “[The Lakers] have kept me in the loop pretty well.”

With Bryant at the head of the recruiting process, it could bode well for the Lakers’ pursuit of Anthony, in particular.

Image: Phil Walter | Getty Images
Image: Phil Walter | Getty Images

Bryant and Anthony developed a close relationship during their time together in the recent Summer Olympics, and have remained friends since.

The two superstars have also discussed potentially playing together in the past.

It should be interesting to see if the Lakers can in fact lure two max-level free agents next summer, in addition to re-signing Bryant at an affordable price.

The Lakers remain poised to do so, however, with Steve Nash ($9.7 million) and Robert Sacre ($915,243) the only players on the books for 2014-15.

According to the’s report, the new collective bargaining agreement would allow the Lakers to waive the final year of Nash’s contract, so they could potentially “stretch” his $9.7 million out over three years.

This would mean that only $3.2 million would count against the 2014-15 salary cap, giving the Lakers even more cap flexibility.

As a result of this cap rule, the Lakers could then grant Bryant’s wish and extend his contract for another few seasons at between $10-15 million per season.

Even with Bryant making about $10-15 million per season, the Lakers would still theoretically have enough room to pursue two max-level players.

In addition to Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, the 2014 free agency class potentially includes Dwyane Wade, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Luol Deng, Danny Granger, Andrew Bogut, Dirk Nowitzki, and current Lakers Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, among others.


According to Mike Bresnahan (@Mike_Bresnahan), the Lakers have agreed to terms with SF Wesley Johnson for a 1 year deal at the vet minimum.

Johnson is a 6’7″ forward who was the 4th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. Last year for the Suns, Johnson averaged 8 points per game in 50 games.

Johnson has underachieved since being drafted, however, he brings youth, length and athleticism to an older Lakers roster.

Sometimes it can take a couple years for young players to get settled in the NBA, and at the vet minimum for one season, Johnson is a good gamble.

A couple years ago when Johnson was drafted by the Timberwolves, Kobe was his mentor. Johnson stated: “It’s great, it’s a blessing,” Johnson smiled. “He really was one of my favorite players to watch growing up and he’s the best player, so I can’t even put in words how it speaks volume to him just looking after me, just giving me his advice and his own opinion of stuff I need to work on, and just him watching me. I just really appreciate it.” 

Kobe also gave a quote about Johnson at the 2011 All Star practice: “Wes is a very talented young player and you know I spent a little bit of time with him after he got drafted and also over in London, and I think he has a lot of potential.”


Clippers Lakers Basketball

When the Lakers signed Ron Artest in the summer of 2009, there were many reasons not to like him.

The Malice in the Palice.

The altercation with Kobe Bryant, just a few months earlier.

Don’t you know you’re hitting Ron Artest?” Ron laughed, after tussling with Kobe during the 2009 playoffs.

Before Ron joined the Lakers, every time LA played Ron’s teams in Sacramento, and Houston, I was terrified. Afraid he could injure a Laker player and end our season. Or start a fight that drew a suspension for one of our boys. Ron was unpredictable, and a physical force of nature.

To make matters more confusing, when the Lakers signed Ron Artest, he was replacing a fan favorite, Trevor Ariza, an emerging young talent who just shot 48% from 3 point range in the playoffs en route to an NBA Championship.

Ariza not only played well, but he had two game saving steals in the conference finals, a series in which he stymied Carmelo Anthony.

Trevor was young. Athletic. Exciting. Unproven.

Then Trevor asked for too much money, and the Lakers turned and gave that money to big bad Ron Artest.

I was excited about what Ron might bring to the defensive end of the floor, and relieved that he was no longer an injury risk to our players during games, but worried about his combustible nature, and how LA might amplify his vices.

Ron had singlehandedly demolished a contender in a moment of weakness when he charged the stands in the Palace of Auburn Hills. His Pacer teams never recovered from the aftermath of that night.

I was worried about the effect he would have on our defending champion Lakers.

I wasn’t the only one.

Ron was worried too. Yet he responded positively. He embraced the challenge. From day one, he said, if the Lakers don’t win a championship in his first year, to blame it on him. Blame it on the new guy. The replacement for Ariza. The unstable one. Right away he accepted that he needed to fit in with the champs, not the other way around.

Then Ron delivered. With his brawn and instincts, he helped the Lakers vanquish their demons, the Boston Celtics.

Unlike 2008, when the Celtics pushed the Laker team into the dirt, and the Lakers stayed down, this time, the Lakers hit first. Ron showed the Celtics that HE was the bully, and they had to worry about him.

The first time Laker Ron Artest visited Boston, he tussled with Pierce BEFORE the opening tip, sending a message that the Lakers weren’t pushovers anymore.

When they met in the finals, Ron harassed the 2008 finals MVP, wrestling Pierce to the floor, bodying him up, and letting Pierce know that he could no longer run amok at Staples Center.

Then game 7 came along. By this point, these two teams knew each other so well, and were so evenly matched, that it became a war more than a game. Schemes and systems went out the window, and instincts took over. In that moment of chaos and brutality, Ron Artest was the best player on the floor.

Game 7 was tailor made for Ron Artest. He is at his best when finesse goes out the window, and toughness rules the day. He kept the Lakers in the game when noone else was playing well, and put the finishing touches on the battle in crunch time. After he hit a game clinching 3 and blew a kiss to the rafters, he was immortalized in Laker lore.

Ron won me over in that series, and ever since then, I’ve loved him. But Ron’s next move was even more heroic.

In his post-championship interview, Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist. His elated reaction to winning his first (and until now, only) championship ring began his journey to become a mental health advocate. The unstable Ron Artest  was on his way to becoming the eccentric Metta World Peace.

He didn’t stop with a simple thank you after the celebration. Ron auctioned off his championship ring to raise money – and awareness for mental health, and has done great work helping troubled youths have access to mental health care. He has used his influence to help others, and shine a light on an issue very often swept under the rug, and dismissed.

Many people feel ashamed for seeking help for mental troubles. They worry that others may think they are weak, or not tough enough to deal with life’s challenges. Try calling Ron Artest weak. Ron showed people that its ok to ask for help, and that doing so doesn’t diminish your toughness.

Ron became a spokesperson for mental health, without sacrificing his unpredictable, humorous personality – or his ferocity on the court. He always entertained, always played hard and was a model citizen for the Lakers, winning the NBA’s citizenship award.

Photo by Noel Vasquez | Getty Images
Photo by Noel Vasquez | Getty Images

Metta was a warrior. He played months with a slipped disc injury in his back, never complaining even as critics jumped on him for diminished play. He played his heart out every night for his teammates, and for the city of L.A., and enjoyed the perks of being a champion Laker off the court.

Ron really understood the opportunity and  privilege he had as a Laker.

Metta made rap albums, wrote children’s books, starred in a lifetime movie, and invited fans to impromptu touch football games on the beach. He made a difference as a mental health advocate.

He partied hard and played even harder.

He was a great champion.

Most of all, he was a great Laker.


The Los Angeles Lakers have  agreed to terms with Free Agent Nick Young, with a deal for 1 year worth the veterans minimum, to be worth 1.2 million dollars.

Nick is a Los Angeles Native who went to Cleveland High School in Reseda, he will be reunited with Jordan Farmar who went to Taft High School, a rival school. Nick then took his talents to the University Of Southern California. He was drafted by the Wizards and bounced around from the Clippers to the 76ers, now he’s home, The Los Angeles Lakers. This was a steal for the Lakers organization and it’s fans.

It was extremly suprising to see Nick Young last this long during free agency with a player of his talent. His best seasons were with Washington Wizards averaging 17 and 16 points per game in back to back seasons. Laker Nation is excited and so is he,

Nick Young Finally comes home,

Nick is a tremendous offensive weapon, he can shoot and more importantly attack the rim. Coach Mike D’ Antoni will find a way to utilize his athleticism by slashing and coming off screens. More importantly, I could see Nick coming off the bench for Kobe and giving him that much needed rest.

Playing behind Kobe Brant will most definitely help Nick out in his 8th season in the NBA.  Laker fans, Laker Nation get ready for highlight plays and electrifying dunks from MR. Nick “Swaggy P” Young.


Now that Howard has chosen the Houston Rockets over the Lakers reports are coming out with details of his meetings and what Howard’s representatives were saying.  According to sources speaking with Howard was looking for a quick end to Bryant’s reign as the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers.  It was said that Howard would have a difficult time re-signing with the Lakers if Kobe Bryant were to remain there beyond the 13-14 season, his contract year.

Bryant, while recovering from his Achilles’ tear, has found a new fire in his heart to play another three or four seasons in the NBA and this goes directly against Howard’s wanting to become the face of LA, so he bolted.

“How can it be Kobe’s team and Dwight’s team?” one source said. “It was about the passing of the torch.”

Here’s the part where it gets gutsy.  Howard’s camp reportedly asked the Lakers if they were considering using their amnesty provision on Kobe Bryant, seeing that his return to basketball was up in the air due to his devastating injury.  It seems quite audacious to ask such a question, in other words, are you willing to throw out Bryant, arguably the best Laker ever, for Howard who hasn’t really proven his worth up until this point.  Of course the Lakers said this wasn’t up for discussion and the end of Bryant’s tenure with the Lakers would be up to Bryant himself, you don’t just

PhotoCredit:AP/Sue Ogrocki
PhotoCredit:AP/Sue Ogrocki

throw in the towel on someone of his caliber.

It had even been discussed that Howard, when in talks with Chris Paul about teaming up, said that they both could play in LA for either the Lakers or the Clippers.  This would mean however, trading Nash and Gasol to make room for both their salaries, oh and they’d still be amnestying Bryant. Immediately this plan was off the table for the Lakers as they don’t see this as a viable option going forward.

Howard wanted the transfer of power sooner rather than later, and Kobe, now wanting to play three more seasons, was the biggest obstacle in his way.  Here’s what Howard had to say regarding his latest decision in free agency.

“I just really think the timing in L.A., it wasn’t right for me,” Howard told’s Dave McMenamin on Friday. “Maybe two years ago, or 2-3 years from now, it would have been the right time. But I just think right now the timing was off for me. That’s not saying that L.A. is a bad place, but I just think it’s all about timing and fit when you’re talking about basketball. You can put anybody together on the court and expect them to win, but the pieces have to really fit in order for a team to be successful and it was very, very tough, man. It’s probably one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life.”

This actually makes a whole lot of sense when you look at it from Howard’s perspective, should this have happened a couple years ago or a few years into the future Howard may have re-signed with LA as the timing would have been more appropriate.  With Bryant still leading the team for three more seasons likely and Howard wanting to be the franchise player now, the puzzle pieces just didn’t fit into place.

Howard also wants it to be known that D’Antoni wasn’t the sole reason for his departure.

“I think that we had our moments, but I think that his style was a little bit different than what I was accustomed to,” Howard told of D’Antoni. “But I don’t want to blame any of that on the coach as the reason why I’m leaving.”

Overall Howard wanted the Lakers to be his own, he wanted to call the shots, have the offense run through him, and be the face of LA.  Kobe Bryant still being there however, impeded that vision of Howards, ultimately leading him to sign with a Rockets team that was much more amenable to his needs.  I find it interesting that his camp actually was thinking the Lakers would amnesty Kobe Bryant for Howard to take the reigns in the least organic way possible.  You can’t force things like this, they just happen with time and that’s how championship teams are built. Dwight Howard’s time in Los Angeles was running out from the second he stepped foot into Staples’ Center, and it clearly just wasn’t meant to be.

How do you feel about Howard’s camp asking if the Lakers would amnesty Kobe Bryant, audacious? Acceptable? Rude? Let’s hear it Nation!


Credit: Getty Images

The city of Los Angeles, home of beautiful weather, women and glamour. Home of the greatest organization in sports, The Los Angeles Lakers, but more importantly, the greatest fans. What makes the Lakers and their fans so unique is they mirror one another. They represent L.A., in many ways. The streets of Los Angeles are rough. It’s about taking care of business and being loyal to one another. The fans represent a ride or die mentality for the Lakers organization, and the players of L.A. do the same.

Being a Laker comes with many great advantages, things like playing for an amazing organization that has a history of winning, and playing alongside one of the (if not the) best to do it in Kobe Bryant and of course the fame of Hollywood. More importantly when you put on that Purple and Gold Armor as Kobe would say, you represent this city. As a Laker you represent toughness and feistiness, you are professional and always hungry just like the city. Our players and fans take on personalities of Ice Cube, Jack Nicholson and many more. Ice Cube represents the West Coast and living in hard times earlier in his life, he’s tough and always wants the Lakers to win. Jack on the other hand is calm cool man, but when a play goes wrong or the referee misses a call he loses it, ready to throw a tantrum, and Laker fans out here, we just love it.

Credit: Getty Images

I say these things to remind us, who we are and what we represent as fans. We look at the past and current players starting off with Shaq. Shaq jokes around and always smiles but when it came to his play on the court he was dominant and just unstoppable, putting up 40 pts and 20 rebound playoff performances.

We look at Derek Fisher not the biggest or fastest but has the heart of a lion and the nuts of an elephant, I’m pretty sure everyone remembers the play between him and Luis Scola, were he just lit him up and dropped on the floor.

We look at Ron Artest A.K.A Metta World Peace, if their was ever a rumble on the court he was there for his teammates and helped us in game 7 with great Defense and clutch shooting. Todays players, Kobe Bean Bryant, one of the most professional, passionate leaders in Lakers history that never backs down from a challenge.

Los Angeles Lakers Victory Parade
Credit: Getty Images

L.A citizens wake up, work the 9 to 5, grind everyday and when all hope seems lost, they still keep working hard and find a way to get the job done. If the Lakers were down 8 with two minutes left, Kobe and his teammates will find a way to bring us back to win the game. L.A fans and L.A players mirror each other, they are one.

Dwight Howard did not represent LA and who we are. He is extremely talented and is arguably the best center in the league. He is NOT an L.A player, Dwight did not represent this city and our characteristics. He lacked the grittiness, toughness and hunger of the city. Like Tupac said “ To Live and Die in LA it’s the place to be,” We never needed Dwight or needed to beg him, it should have been an honor for him to come back and play. Los Angeles Lakers fans and organization, do not forget who we are, where we come from and what we represent. This is Los Angeles, it doesn’t get better than this. We must remain strong and stay true to ourselves.


– Just One Of Many Hardworking Los Angeles Citizens and Die Hard Laker Fan. Go Lakers.



The Lakers have come to terms on a one year deal with former Laker point guard Jordan Farmar.

Farmar averaged a high of 9 points a game with the Lakers in 2008, and won two championships with LA in 2009, and 2010. Now he returns.

Farmar is currently under contract with a Turkish basketball team, and will need to be bought out of his contract before officially joining the Lakers.

Will Lamar Odom follow him back to L.A.? Sasha Vujacic? We’ll just have to see.

What do you think of the signing, Laker Nation? How about the prospect of bringing back more former Laker champions?

Image: Jared Wickerham | Getty Images
Image: Jared Wickerham | Getty Images
Image: Jared Wickerham | Getty Images

According to the OC Register’s Kevin Ding, the Lakers plan on using their one-time amnesty provision on small forward Metta World Peace:

This comes as little surprise, considering the Lakers’ current financial situation for next season.

With the new “repeater luxury tax” penalizing tax-paying teams, the Lakers’ decision to amnesty World Peace is purely financial.

Even with Dwight Howard bolting to Houston and the inevitable use of the amnesty clause, saving the Lakers about $14.355 million in payroll, the Lakers will still be over the 2013-14 NBA salary cap.

As reported today, the Lakers have agreed to use their taxpayer’s mid-level exception in signing free agent center Chris Kaman, which leaves them with only veteran minimum contracts to fill out the rest of the roster.

One option in filling World Peace’s void is simply moving Kobe Bryant to the small forward position.

The Lakers, however, have also been rumored as having interest in a few free agent wing players.

Stay tuned for official word on the Lakers using their amnesty provision, as the NBA amnesty period runs from July 11 through July 17 of this year.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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